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Comrade (by Kole Ade-Odutola)

Thanks comrade, the chain is getting stronger as our
fate towards the
river bed of hope draws closer as our chain of the
past calls the river
bird by name not by the color of its plume, not by
what it lacks or the
sack that the hunter will weave
We are bound to fate
by the blood of our faith
that tomorrow CAN be better

I must go now, my thoughts are setting a path for me
let me go before the moon divorces the sky
and birds begin to beckon to one another
and fishes become the prey of hooks
and soon children will clutch their books
but I, the writer of these words will find
solace by the brook of dreams
and dreams that eat dreams
will find a home on the lips
storytellers parade
I'm the eyes of my world
the womb of my story
I must weave you a yarn
someday, I say some other day
when the moon promises a longer

Kole Ade-Odutola wrote the poem, it was extracted from one of the University of Ibadan's magazine. Kole Ade-Odutola is a Nigerian writer. He authored "The Poet Bled". He's a lecturer and a teacher.
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