The 5 favorite networks to find sponsored post opportunities for bloggers and social media influencers:


Clever is one of my all-time favorite influencer networks.

It has a lot of projects available at any time, both for blogging and social media.

The social media promotions are usually for Twitter and Facebook, so you might be required to post to both platforms.

Each campaign will have a specific set of instructions depending on the brand, its products or services, etc.

Follow the directions, including any messaging and imagery required for completion, and you’ll get paid within a month or two from Clever.

Most of these campaigns pay anywhere from $25 to $75, just for some social media posting.


Massive Sway comes from Sway Group, a network of digital influencer companies in the United States and Canada.

This one is very active, too, with several campaigns going on at once.

Many of them are for bloggers, but there are also some that are only for social media promotions, usually noted as “Amplifications.”

Most of these campaigns might also request for an Instagram or Twitter post in addition to Facebook and pay anywhere from $50 to $100.


IZEA has been around a while and usually has several social media sponsored posts available at any time.

This one requires you to bid on available campaigns, so you may not get top dollar for your work.

However, you never have to settle for any campaigns that are below your desired rate either.

Clients can also send you direct offers if they want, which you can accept or deny via your dashboard.


Activate is a super active influencer network that does a lot of food-related campaigns, but there are others too.

Campaigns will designate whether they’re meant for sponsored blog posts or social media posts.

Some campaigns will have a set payment, while others will ask you to quote your desired price for the work described.

Be sure to also write a note for each campaign that tells the client why you’re the best influencer for the job to help you get approved.


Tomoson is the network I’ve used the longest.

It used to be only about free products in exchange for blog reviews or social media posts, but the platform now allows influencers to get paid for their work too.

This network focuses on specific products that you’ll promote to your audience.

Be sure to look for campaigns that give both a free product and compensation for your time.


Last but not least, you can always consider writing a Facebook eBook using your expertise of everything you’ve learned about the network!

The ironic thing is that your Facebook profile or page can also work to promote the book!

Kindle Direct Publishing is probably the easiest way to go about publishing your own book.

It’s a service provided by Amazon that makes eBook creation, selling, and marketing about as simple as possible.

Your book will be in front of all Amazon customers, plus you can create whatever sales price you want and you get to retain all rights to your book.

It’s free to publish and you can make up to 70% of your sales after Amazon takes its cut of the sales price.

The best part is that it only takes a few minutes to get your book published on the platform, and you can typically see it up for sale within 48 hours!


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