6 Analyzed Homecoming Poems

Homecoming is not just a common theme in literature but a very common title among many classic poets_ African and globally. It shouldn’t be a thing of surprise because it’s commonly said that home is where the heart is. Naijapoets  has seen few reasons to make a list of analyzed classic poems titled “Homecoming” . 

  • Analysis of Homecoming by Simon Armitage

Homecoming is a clever title for this poem as it references the narrator returning home having got their jacket dirty and later coming home from a late nig. Read Full Analysis>>>

  • An analysis of homecoming by bruce dawe

Homecoming, poet Bruce Dawe uses vivid visual and aural poetic techniques to construct his an analysis of the novel the client by john … Read Full Analysis>>>

  • Homecoming By Lenrie Peters

One among the many is “Homecoming”, a poem written with gentle tone of self-regret to reveal the theme of certainty of change. The poet … Read Full Analysis>>>

  • Analysis of Poetry ‘Homecoming’ by Langston Hughes …

Analysis of Poetry ‘Homecoming’ by Langston Hughes Homecoming (1959, by Langston Hughes (1902-1967)) I went back in the alley And I opened up my Read Full Analysis>>>

  • Poetry Analysis: R. Parthasarathy’s “Homecoming” 

R. Parthsarthy’s poem “Homecoming” portrays a picture of his native state, Tamil Nadu as he returns from his sojourn abroad. He … Read Full Analysis>>>

  • Analysis of Homecoming By Sly Cheney-Coker

“I came home with the ashes of she who was my wife,..” is the first line of the poem Homecoming by Sly Cheney-Coker to indicate that the poet’s motive was less of reminiscence rather of mourning.  Read Full Analysis >>>

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