Act To Act Summary of Let Me Die Alone by John Kolosa Kargbo


Act 1 is about the death of king Gbanya. Act 2 is about the plot against Queen Yoko. Act 3 is about the suicidal end of Yoko.

Act 1 Scene 1 is where Gbanya reveals the visit of Governor Rowe is dangerous and Yoko advised him to ambush them but the king believed such was impossible. Act 1 Scene 2 is where Lamboi visits Musa with the plan to kill King Gbanya to avoid him passing his throne to a woman all in the name of love. Act 1 Scene 3 is where Rowe visits Gbanya and flogged him. While trying to calm the king’s pain, Musa and Lamboi harnessed the opportunity to poison Gbanya but pronounced Yoko the new ruler before giving up the ghost.

Act 2 Scene 1 is where Lansana and Jilo practice infidelity. The next thing is Lavalie and Ndapi complaining about Queen Yoko’s motives for waging war. Then Ndapi beats Jilo for not making her meals. Act 2 Scene 2 is where Yoko in her new palace in Moyamba, converses feeling of loneliness with her maids and requested for Jeneba to keep her company. Then Ndapi came to report Jilo and Lansana’s infidelity. Jilo was held in queen custody while they search to apprehend Lansana. Then Lamboi planned to blackmail Yoko. Act 2 Scene 3 is where Rowe messenger brought the message of tax to Yoko who agrees to obey tax imposition. The governor also sent Yoko to go crown two chiefs in Taiama. Then Lansana was dragged to Yoko’s palace. Then Jeneba was declared missing.

Act 3 Scene 1 is where Yoko returned to her palace to meet a message that large part of her kingdom has been taken away from her by Rowe as if that is not enough, the whole chiefdom humiliates her for using Jeneba for ritual. But the women later found the dead body in the bush. She was so disappointed with betrayal surrounded her so she committed suicide.

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