Below Is How It Works

We run an Affordable Banner Showcase that gives exposure to your business; To Get Started fill your request in the Contact Us page.

Miniboard 468 x 60, top banner display on all pages on both mobile devices and PC (Cost  ₦500 per day)

Medium Rectangle 300 x 250 sidebar banner display on all pages on PC and bottom pages on mobile devices(Cost  ₦200 per day)

Wide Skyscraper 160 x 600 left side banner display on all pages only on PC
(Cost  ₦200 per day)

Text Link Ads on top of headlines on homepage (Cost  ₦500 per day and  ₦13,000 per month)

For Sponsored post publication that sticks to front page for 15 days. (Cost ₦5,000


The minimum ad placement is ₦5,000.

If top banner, minimum placement is 10 days = ₦5,000

If sidebar banner, minimum placement is 25 days = ₦5,000

We look forward to doing business with you!

The Team.