College is the time that we find ourselves.

So many young people analyze the question of nature versus nurture and what parts factored into their development and identity more.

I’m not surprised that Damon struggled with a class assignment analyzing the two in All American: Homecoming Season 1 Episode 7.

A Triggering Assignment - All American: Homecoming Season 1 Episode 7

Unless it was an open adoption, adoptees are often left with questions about their birth parents and identity.

These questions and insecurities often surface during high school and college, and like Damon, adoptees want to know where they inherited certain skill sets or health issues.

These questions are often heightened if they’re an only child since adoptees crave a sense of belonging. Like Damon, they want to know where they came from and if they have any siblings.

Usually, your best friend doesn’t become your brother, and Damon and JR were already experiencing tension.

At the Tennis Tournmament - All American: Homecoming Season 1 Episode 7

Damon wanted the DNA test results back, but JR kept avoiding Damon. JR considered Damon his best friend but didn’t want to compete with him for his family’s affection.

JR: You don’t even know if we are brothers yet. Stop trying to carve a spot in my family.
Damon: It was you who started this I think we’re brothers campaign. If you didn’t want a brother, you shouldn’t have come looking for one.

JR always felt like his dad only showed affection toward him when he excelled in baseball, and he saw the praise his dad showered on Damon.

After dealing with Coach Shaw again, JR decided he loved baseball too and missed his teammates.

It also seemed like Damon and JR wanted to be brothers, but that would be too easy for Damon’s adoption mystery.

Since Simone suggested Damon interview their friends, it was interesting what qualities each attributed to nature vs. nature.

Keisha and her mentor - All American: Homecoming Season 1 Episode 7

Thea recognized that she inherited her tennis skills from her parents but admitted that she was still learning who she was off the court.

Thea has softened around the others now that she has vulnerable layers, and I hope this version of her continues.

Cam struggled because football was his entire life, and he doesn’t know who he is without it. Hopefully, he’ll recognize there are many other qualities to him besides that.

Keisha realized so much about her, including losing her mom and trying to keep her mom’s legacy alive. That was a heavy burden, so she had to try dancing again, something the two of them shared.

First college tournament - All American: Homecoming Season 1 Episode 7

I’m relieved the series did not drop Simone’s anxiety issues. Simone has always been an overachiever, wanting to prove herself.

After Simone’s panic attack in All American: Homecoming Season 1 Episode 2, Simon was convinced she was okay.

When the other team started ridiculing her, Simone lost it on the court. Thea was right that those players liked to get in her head, and Simone needed to learn to control it.

It was very telling when Simone mentioned she didn’t recognize herself after that tennis tournament.

Tips from Thea - All American: Homecoming Season 1 Episode 7

The mothership series has always portrayed realistic mental health storylines, so thankfully, they didn’t make her panic attack a one-time thing.

Simone seemed to struggle with performance anxiety. As Thea said, Simone needed to face her issues in order to survive on the court.

Having anxiety doesn’t make you weak, Simone. The weakness comes from refusing to work with the anxiety.


A few weeks ago, who would have guessed that Thea would have recognized Simone having a panic attack and rescued her? I  love how they both can speak their mind to push each other to be better.

They have an exciting friendship where they’re finally genuinely happy for each other, instead of only rivals.

Amazing Aunt Amara - All American: Homecoming Season 1 Episode 7

Amara faced issues as she was inspiring young minds. Simone found a new location after the president attempted to cancel her journalism summit.

Amara and other black female journalists discussed how difficult it was to speak the truth. This was paralleled by Coach Shaw bragging about what he did for his team and how those reporters wrecked it.

I wonder if the president and Coach Shaw were in cahoots. The president was quick to lecture Amara again for not keeping a low profile.

After Coach Shaw announced that JR quit, the president warned Coach Marcus about the team needing to win yet again.

Remembering Keisha's mom - All American: Homecoming Season 1 Episode 7

The president isn’t winning any fans, let alone his daughter, Keisha. Poor Keisha was always depressed about her mom’s birthday coming up and not talking to her dad. Then, she saw what he did to Amara.

Keisha, I’m really sorry, but you’re not alone. You got us.


Keisha was heartbroken since, in Filipino culture, they also celebrated the dead on their birthday. Of course, her newfound family wouldn’t let her down and arranged a birthday party at Amara’s.

The best part about this Bringston University group of friends was how they treated each other like family and came together in good times and bad.

Amara even put her feelings aside for Keisha’s dad, knowing his daughter would need him there to comfort each other.

That was quite a cliffhanger. Both Damon and JR looked crushed. They weren’t brothers after all that drama. What’s next for them?

Disturbing News - All American: Homecoming Season 1 Episode 7

Over to you, All American: Homecoming Fanatics. Who do you think Damon’s parents are? What will happen to Amara for speaking out at the journalism summit?

Was that the last we’ve seen of Coach Shaw? Let us know in the comments below.

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