The Novel

Aliya has to constantly remind her father that she is not a child but a “young adult”. He does not always agree with her. But now that she turning sixteen, he is sitting up and taking notice. The expected birthday card from him is replaced by a present and no holds barred letter_ a page for each year she had lived. It chronicles the lessons and the wisdom he has attempted to pass to her, and unburdens the burning questions she has about life. Aliya questions who she is and why she is; with her father as a guide on the journey. An engaging coming of age guide on life and loving for the teenage girl.

The Author

Bolaji Abdullahi was Commissioner of Education in Kwara state and Minister of Youth Development and Sports in Nigeria. He obtained a Bachelors of Science Degree in Mass Communication from University of Lagos. He also holds a Distinction Masters of Arts Degree in Governance and Development from University of Sussex in UK which he attended as a Chevening Scholar. A former Editor with Thisday Newspaper, Abdullahi has written extensively over the years a politics, policy and development. “Sweet Sixteen” is his first book.

The Chapter Summary

Summary of Chapter 1: The Letter
Summary of Chapter 2: The Drive
Summary of Chapter 3: Work
Summary of Chapter 4: The Gandhi Test
Summary of Chapter 5: Dating
Summary of Chapter 6: Stereotype
Summary of Chapter 7: Beauty

The Structure

The novel is a simple to understand one. The author employed an omniscient narrative technique. He also added beauty with the use of dialect, brief story telling, letter, flashback, etc.

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