The Overview

As a poem of nature, it’s no surprise that field, farm and forest are its setting_ in term of date, it also related more to the era of monarchs wearing robes unlike this era of suit-and-tie leaders.

The poem is a rhythmic rhyming verse which enabled it to form a hymn.

A 16-line hymn composed by Reginald Heber (1783 – 1826), a poet and hymn writer. He was born in Shropshire and wikipedia noted that he was consecrated Bishop of Calcutta in October, 1823; a position he maintained till death.

The Devices

The few recipes of beauty in the poem are the diction which seems archaic_ “Lo” “morrow” “provideth”

“By the blessed birds of heaven” found in line 4 is an alliteration.

“Every bush and tufted tree/ Warbles sweet philosophy” found in line 5-6 is a personification.

“Mortal” found in line 7 is a metonym.

“Mortal, fly from doubt and sorrow/ God provideth for the morrow” found in line 7-8 and 15-16 are refrain.

“Say, with richer crimson glows/ The kingly mantle than the rose?” found in line 9-10 is a rhetorical question.

“…citizens of air” found in line 12 is an imagery for the flying birds in the sky.

The Line Summary

Lets look at the line-by-line of the poem “Consider Lilies of the Field” by M Heber.

Line 1-2; Take a good look at the lilies of the field and see how they continually yield more leaves.

Line 3-4; Listen and learn how greatly blessed the birds in the sky are.

Line 5-6; The trees in the forest sing sweet songs of God’s greatness.

Line 7-8; Human beings, desist from your doubts and worries_ God will surely provide for tomorrow.

Line 9-10; Do you argue that the robes of kings richly shine than the red roses?

Line 11-12; Do you argue that the rich possess a lot of foods and provisions than we poor dwellers?

Line 13-14; We do not have barns and hoarded grains yet we sing joyfully.

Line 15-16; Human being, desist from your doubts and worries_ God will surely provide for tomorrow.
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