Astrid & Lilly Save the World Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Toenail

Talk about getting a big head!

Astrid & Lilly Save the World Season 1 Episode 6 saw Principal Varshidi possessed by a monster that causes people’s egos to grow until their head explodes.

The girls were forced to perform an exorcism to get the monster out of its host body, their principal.

Of course, the exorcism wasn’t your typical bible and cross exorcism — it aptly ended up being monster-themed.

Brutus also went through some interesting developments: he has a major organizational problem.

This posed issues not just for him but for Astrid and Lilly’s monster hunting abilities.

Lilly got out of control when it came to slow down her classmates’ head exploding process.

“Toenail” brought a lot of interesting topics to the forefront, specifically about bullying.

The only way to slow down the ego-boosting curse was to belittle and bully the person “infected.”

This brought up an interesting and conflicting dilemma for the girls: is getting revenge worth sacrificing your morals?

Lilly grappled with this the most, as she got a little too into being mean to her classmates.

Astrid: Stop Lilly! You’re way too into this!
Lilly: Well, what about all the times people were jerks to us?
Astrid: Bullies aren’t exactly role models.

But that kind of reaction is understandable after being treated like shit for so long by them!

Luckily, the girls have a moment together to agree that bullies are not role models they should follow.

This show always sparks a good conversation about bullying, and this topic proves to be one of the most important ones they’ve discussed.

This episode managed to keep our attention more than previous ones but was not such an easy watch.

The cheesiness has not calmed down, and that would be okay in some situations, but they use the same stuff over and over.

One change this hour proved to be quite sad yet beautiful: Val couldn’t be affected by the monster.

After all the previous monsters traumatizing her, her not getting Juliet, and overall feeling down about her career, she could not be infected by possessed Varshidi.

It was nice to see Val’s different (non-traumatized by a monster) side, even if it did mean seeing a much sadder, more real side.

It also provided the funniest part of the episode (and possibly the funniest joke of the season so far).

As Astrid and Lilly perform the exorcism, they realize they need to insult the monster to release it from the host.

Lilly decides to insult the monster for not getting to Val, and we laughed out loud at the semi-meta joke.

You are so pathetic you couldn’t even get Val? Every monster gets Val.


Before they get his toenail, the monster lets things slip about a mysterious monster he called “The guardian.”

We can only assume that the “guardian” is the same monster as Christine’s “angel.”

Even the ego monster seemed to be slightly afraid of the “guardian,” which really speaks to his true power.

Christine still worked very closely with the monster and provided him with a victim: her fellow church-goer Tom.

She sent Tom to the basement to his death, proving how deep Christine got herself with this creature.

There are only four monsters left, so we think.

The girls implied that any monster called “the guardian” or anything similar couldn’t be worse, but we know that they’re very wrong.

That line made us wonder if there will be more monsters than the girls (and more than we) are expecting.

It also raises questions that we’ve already asked:

How did the “Guardian” get through without a rift in the portal? Why doesn’t Brutus know about it?

There are a lot of hints for the girls now, but they’re unable to solve anything with the information they have.

Hopefully, now that they have the semi-official name, Brutus will know at least SOME kind of information.

Brutus got shoved to the background this episode which hurt the quality.

They introduced things about him (his organizational problems, his fear of exorcisms), but they did not actually expand on the new info (or the old info).

At least the ego monster made up for a lot of the quality: it truly was a brilliant monster.

Even though the body part needed wasn’t technically the monsters (but Varshidi’s), and I can get nitpicky about that, I won’t.

The concept of boosting someone’s ego until they literally exploded from having too big of a head? Perfect for this show.

It got executed wonderfully, and he did end up claiming a life.

Once again, the loss of life got glossed over and never discussed.

I hope they discuss the loss of the student’s life in the future, but I’m not holding my breath.

That’s one of the biggest downfalls in Astrid and Lilly Save the World.

The stakes are real: people are dying. But no one talks about it!

We hear nothing on the news and nothing from the school’s administration.

In some cases, it’s ignored completely and never discussed again.

These are children (teens, but still) dying! No matter how campy and cheesy you’re trying to be, avoiding that topic seems sloppy.

I haven’t praised the performers in a while, but they seriously deserve a massive amount of praise.

Jana Morrison and Samantha Aucoin put their hearts and souls into their roles (as does Oliver Renaud as Brutus).

I love seeing the pair’s chemistry on-screen (and even their chemistry with Renaud is incredible).

Aucoin and Morrison are really the heart and soul of the show, and they prove it week after week.

So fanatics, what did you think of the episode?

Were you as grossed out as Lilly with all of the brains everywhere?

Let us know in the comments below, and remember you can watch Astrid & Lilly Save the World online on TV Fanatic!


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