Theme of Raider of the Treasure Trove by Lade Wosornu

It’s time to view some of the themes in Raider of the Treasure Trove by Lade Wosornu. Few of the themes are Rage, Peace, Happiness, Distraction, Destruction, Nature, Change, Love, etc. Theme of rage is embodied between line 11-14 to portray how it negative effects dent human image and psychological pose. The poet took time […]

Analysis Of Raider Of The Treasure Trove By Lade Wosornu

Title: Raider of the Treasure Trove Poet: Lade Wosornu Other poem: The M aster Brewer. Gene: Poetry Category: Lif e and living Denotation: A poem prea ching goodness of attitudes above the embrace of violence. Point of view: 3rd person Flow: Climactic Theme: Rage, p eace, happiness, etc. Structure: Three stanza poem Poetic device: Enjambment, […]

Act To Act Summary of Let Me Die Alone by John Kolosa Kargbo

Summary Act 1 is about the death of king Gbanya. Act 2 is about the plot against Queen Yoko. Act 3 is about the suicidal end of Yoko. Act 1 Scene 1 is where Gbanya reveals the visit of Governor Rowe is dangerous and Yoko advised him to ambush them but the king believed such […]

Analysis of Let Me Die Alone by John Kolosa Kargbo

TITLE: Let Me Die Alone AUTHOR: John Kolosa Kargbo GENRE: Drama CATEGORY: Tragedy ABOUT: A tragic drama about a female ruler under colonial reign in Africa who committed suicide as a result of unbearable colonial oppression. CHARACTERS: Yoko, Gbanya, Musa, Lamboi, Jeneba, etc. SETTINGS: Mende, Senehum, Mayamba, Taiama, etc. DRAMATIC ELEMENT: Dialogue FLOW: Climactic THEMES: Coloni […]

Themes of the Leader and the Led by Niyi Osundare

THEMES: There are many themes in the poem, such as (a) the theme of leadership (b) the theme of nature (c) the theme of imperfection (d) the theme of balance. In the theme of leadership, the title and the context of the poem are fully about leadership. The title of the poem “the Leader and […]

Analysis of the Leader and the Led by Niyi Osundare

TITLE: The Leader and the Led POET: Niyi Osundare OTHER POEMS: They Too Are the Earth GENRE: Poetry CATEGORY: Fable DENOTATION: Quest for leadership in the animal kingdom. POINT OF VIEW: Third person FLOW: Climactic THEMES: Leadership, Nature, Imperfection, Balance, etc STRUCTURE: Twelve (12) Stanzas POETIC DEVICES: Antithesis, Simile, Alliteration, FLOW: Climactic DICTION: Simple TONE […]

Analysis Of I Think It Rains By Wole Soyinka

About The Poem I Think It Rains by Wole Soyinka is a poem of difference; it differs in every form both structure, diction and message. The poem looks into the practice of smoking though one cannot predict the author’s stand (whether of likeness or dislike). About The Poet The poet was born 13th of July […]

Analysis Of Agbor Dancer By John Pepper Clark

Let’s together look at this great poem of John Pepper Clark titled: AGBOR DANCER. Summary The poem holds a description of Agbor girl doing a traditional dance, moving in response to rhythm of the drums in a very dazzling and magestic way.The poem speaker made known his own interest in the values represented by this […]