Overview Of We Shall Not Sleep By Chirikure Chirikure

The Poet Chirikure Chirikure is a Zimbabwean poet, songwriter, and writer born in the year 1962. The poet’s name is relevant in African poetry circle and in 1990, Chirikure’s book “Rukuvhute” received Honorable Mention in the Noma Award for Publishing in Africa. The Style and Structure The style adopted in crafting the poem is similar to […]

Analysis Of The World Is Too Much With Us By William Wordsworth

The Overview In William Wordsworth poem “The World Is Too Much With Us”, he tells of his dislike towards humans’ ingratitude and lack of reverence for nature and its elements. With the sonnet nature of the poem, Wordsworth professionally arranged his views in two parts; the first part being his complaint, the second part being […]

Analysis Of Monsters By Godspower Oboido

Monsters by Godspower Oboido is a poem about the bloody politics in Nigeria both in the period of elections and after elections. The politicians are so heartless and their heartlessness led to the poet symbolised them as “Monsters”. Their desperate act of taking the seat of power by force lead to sleepless night in the […]