Analysis Of No Coffin No Grave By Jared Angira

The Summary This poem is about the shameful murder of a tyrant.  He was stabbed and shut in front of a night club; the poet sarcastically compared his murder shut to a gunshot representing a last respect to a warrior.  Instead of the poem being a pure elegy, the poet created a sarcastic elegy which […]

Themes of Let Me Die Alone by John Kolosa Kargbo

Themes Few of the themes are Colonial Oppression, Quest for Leadership Position, Betrayal and Greed, Gender Inequality. 1. Theme of Colonial Oppression: the theme of colonialism is the main motivation for the existence of the drama. The drama takes us back to the period where Africa still under the bondage of invaders. The drama portrayed […]

Analysis Of Young Africa’s Plea By Dennis Osadebay

Are you thinking of having a clearer idea of the poem “Young Africa’s Plea” by Dennis Osadebay? Here is review regarding to the poem. The poet:- Dennis Osadebay is a Nigerian author, poet, and lawyer. He received his university education in the United Kingdom, where he was called to Bar. At a certain point, Osadebay was […]

Agricultural Science Keypoints

SECTION A: BASIC CONCEPTS 1.0 WHAT IS AGRICULTURE? Agriculture can be defined as the art and science of cultivating the soil, producing livestock, preparing livestock feeds, processing crops and livestock products for man; and the process of selling excess crops and livestock. OR Agriculture may also mean the production of crops, rearing of animals and […]

Commerce Keypoints

INTRODUCTION TO COMMERCE Meaning of Commerce: Commerce is the study of production, distribution and exchange of goods and services aimed at satisfying human wants and in order to earn a living. These production, distribution and exchange of goods and services are aided by such commercial activities like trade, transport, insurance, warehousing, advertising and banking and […]

Literature-In-English Keypoints 2

SECTION C: LITERARY TERMS Definition: Literary terms are technical devices used both in Prose and Poetry by an author or by the poet when appreciating works of art in order to communicate their thoughts and feelings to the reader, so as to enhance the readers understanding of the theme arid form of a piece of […]

Literature-In-English Keypoints

GENERAL LITERARY PRINCIPLES SECTION A: LITERATURE What Is Literature?: The word ‘literature is an offshoot of the word ‘literate’ which means ‘able to read and write’. In this sense, literature can be used to describe all printed materials which give instruction, information, etc.   Distinction between Written and Oral Literature The beginning of literature itself […]