5 Analysis of Poem by T. S. Eliot

(1) Analysis of The Waste Land by T. S. Eliot The Waste Land is a poem recollecting the experience of war. “Eliot’s poem draws on…

6 Analysis of Poem by Wallace Stevens

Below are few of the interesting poems of Wallace Stevens which most have been analyzed for ease of understanding:Analyzed Stevens Wallace Poem: Of Mere Being …

Analysis Of My Grandmother By Elizabeth Jennings

Introduction to the Analysis From the third person point of view, Jennings painted a clear image of an aged person’s way-of-life (her grandmother).  The poem opened with comparison; comparing the abode of the grandmother to an “antique shop”. From the poem, naijapoets.com is of the opinion that old age has some stages (initial frailty, intense […]

Analysis Of Report To Wordsworth By Kim Boey Cheng

About the Poem This post will explain the figures of speech and the themes in Report To Wordsworth by Kim Boey Cheng.Report To Wordsworth is a poem believed to be addressed to William Wordsworth, the poet, whose poetic messages show affection for nature. Cheng wasn’t glad with the deplorable states of natural things like rivers, […]

Analysis of In Memory of Anyone Unknown to Me by Elizabeth Jennings

About the Poet We seem elated to be analyzing another elegy_ a mild elegy for that matter. What could be more delighting than meeting poets in their genius dens.The poem “In Memory of Anyone Unknown to Me” proved Elizabeth Jennings’ creativity was inelastic during her lifetime.Elizabeth Jennings was an English poet born 18th July, 1926 […]

Analysis of A Poem of Changgan by Li Po

The Poet and Summary Li Po is a Chinese poet born 19th of May, 701 AD. Some people also refer to him as LI Bai, Li Bo and so on. His poetic contribution keeps adding strength to Chinese poetry decades in decades out. other interesting poems “Exile’s Letter”, “Goodfellowship”, “The Long War”.Li Po died 30th of […]