Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 15 Review: Things Meant To Be Bent Not Broken

When did senior doctors bullying their colleagues become a trend?

On Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 15, Archer and Morris felt a need to be obnoxious to doctors they felt were beneath them.

Morris got physically violent, while Archer kept his behavior to unnecessary snide remarks, but will either of these men suffer any consequences for their actions?

Sharon seemed to be squarely on Archer’s side.

She told Will that Gretchen was Archer’s patient and that he should keep his opinion to himself. Later, she informed Will that his personal feelings about needing the settlement money were interfering with his judgment.

Although Will blew up at Sharon for putting extra pressure on him to give away his settlement when he needed the money, it didn’t seem like that had anything to do with why he butted heads with Archer over Gretchen’s care.

And even if it did, Archer’s behavior shouldn’t have been acceptable either, and Sharon made no effort to address that.

Archer seemed to resent Will getting money for his whistleblower activities. Maybe it’s because he comes from a Navy background, where people undoubtedly had no use for snitches.

Or maybe he was afraid he’d be the next to get in trouble. Goodness knows Archer’s engaged in shady behavior to impose his will on patients before.

Either way, why should he be allowed to constantly make snide remarks every time he saw Will? He was being a bully, which shouldn’t be allowed in any professional environment.

Plus, his behavior came dangerously close to retaliating against a colleague for whistleblowing, which should be against hospital policy as well as illegal.

It wasn’t like Sharon to get only one side of the story, but the resolution was even more disappointing.

After Will’s alternative treatment turned out to be a mistake and Gretchen had to be rushed into surgery, she realized her fiance’s loyalty to his superficial family wasn’t for her.

Archer: Waiting for your turn in the spotlight?
Will: No. I decided to keep the money. Most of it, anyway. I donated some of it, but not enough to be worth being recognized.
Archer: You finally made a smart decision.

Not only was she glad she had the surgery, but her decision about her former fiance inspired Will to take back 90 percent of his donation, and then Archer was pleased that Will made a good decision.

So it all worked out, and everybody walked away happy. Blah.

I have nothing against happy endings, but that one wasn’t earned.

Archer wasn’t Scrubs‘ Dr. Cox needling JD to make him a better doctor. He was this obnoxious guy who had a ton of resentments against Will, only to act in the end as if he were messing with him to make him rethink a poor decision.

Not cool, Chicago Med.

Marcel’s conflict with Morris wasn’t much better.

Morris: Don’t ever touch my repairs.
Marcel: You weren’t there. I had no choice.
Morris: I’m filing a disciplinary complaint against you, you arrogant prick.
Marcel: You know, I’m not gonna apologize for stepping in. Andre’s life was on the line, okay?
Morris: You just had to play hero.
Marcel: No, I just had to fix your mistake.

At least Blake was in Marcel’s corner, though the whole obnoxious story seemed to be mostly a vehicle to get the two to kiss again.

But Morris came out of nowhere, had a bad attitude toward Marcel for no apparent reason, and got physically violent because he resented Marcel pointing out that he’d made a mistake.

Morris likely isn’t on staff at Chicago Med, but still. The hospital can and should suspend his privileges to practice there after the way he behaved.

Marcel didn’t care. As far as he was concerned, the patient lived, and his minor injury was a good excuse for getting close with Blake again.

But allowing Morris to treat patients at Med is asking for a lawsuit.

The same board that was so eager to get Will to donate his settlement so that they could get extra PR out of this mess should be concerned about that.

Scott’s case was bizarre. For a second, I forgot that Chicago Med doesn’t take place in the same city as Law & Order: Organized Crime and thought we were setting things up for a crossover.

Instead, Scott again found himself stuck between his cop instincts and his role as a doctor.

Maggie: By law, you shouldn’t have gone digging through the contents of this bag once we had her ID.
Scott: I can’t just ignore this.
Maggie: I don’t know, Dylan, sometimes I think you’re all mixed up about what uniform you’re wearing.

The question of when to turn a patient over to the police was an interesting one that I wish had been explored more fully. Maggie told Scott she thought he was wrong, and that was all there was about that.

Scott quickly decided not to listen to her after Mr. Serbian Mobster disappeared with the drugs. But that led only to the reveal that his patient was some sort of undercover cop.

I wasn’t sure if she was a genuine UC or a confidential informant.

Either way, Scott’s loyalties will surely be tested even more severely now that he’s guessed her secret.

I’m not sure yet how I feel about this development.

It’s a different type of story than Scott usually gets and a welcome break from the Carment/Tyrell situation. But getting involved with a UC is going to drag him back into the world he broke ties with in favor of medicine.

We already had one season-long arc involving undercover intrigue when Will was pressured into helping catch some other mob bosses. We don’t need another.

Chicago Med may be a bit of a soap opera, but it’s not a crime drama, and we don’t need stories that would fit better on Law & Order: Organized Crime.

Finally, did Dr. Charles make the right decision in trying to treat Abby’s delusions?

It seemed like he did. Abby had made it clear early on that she wasn’t interested in talking to anyone who thought she was crazy. If Charles had either revealed himself to be a psychiatrist right away or tried to have Abby involuntarily committed, she would have resisted treatment.

The coincidence of Dr. Richardson working for the same therapy group as Abby’s former therapist was a bit much, but ultimately, Charles used that connection to get Abby help. So I won’t complain.

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