Poet; this is generally known as a writer or composer of a poem. This subject can be explained in diverse ways as inspiration directs. From the African perspective (Yoruba people) precisely, were originally oral composers referred to as Akewi (or Alagbe which seems derogatory). Most professional ones were found in the palaces amusing the king and serving as a first hand informant to the king as to which visitor approaches the palace; some people call the Akoda-Oba and their early morning poetic chants are referred to as Rara.
Enough of the Yoruba ideology of poet, in the western world, according to Wikipedia, poets were found working for the royals. As time goes on being a poet became a part-time thing.

“The Renaissance period saw a continuation of patronage of poets by royalty. Many poets, however, had other sources of income, including Italians like Dante Aligheri, Giovanni Boccaccio and Petrarch’s works in a pharmacist’s guild and William Shakespeare’s work in the theater.

In the Romantic period and onwards, many poets were independent writers who made their living through their work, often supplemented by income from other occupations or from family. This included poets such as William Wordsworth and Robert Burns.” says Wikipedia.

Author: It is not a crime to call an author a creator. An author is the writer of literature whether poetry, prose or drama. Author can further get their works published even then, not all authors get their work published and not all published works are pioneered by the written author.
Being an author can be very lucrative; in terms of reward, royalty and acceptance. Eras affect the reward rate of being an author. This period of ours, pedagogical authors, internet-famous authors and religious authors reap higher reward of publishing. Some heads have channeled the blame of dwindling profitability of being an author to claim that readership has drastically declined but I’m of the believe that the decline only affect the reading of paper publications while the online or perhaps the internet publications keep witnessing higher and higher readership as days come by.

Critic: Critiques are written by critics; in other words, a person who appraises the works of others or a specialist in judging works of art is referred to as a critic. They do go through a work of art carefully and create a review about such work. Though critics are found in all aspects of art but let’s concentrate a bit on literature which can be divided into prose, drama, poetry. Today on the internet, there are many platforms devoted towards reviewing literary works (anthologies, novels, dramatic books, not excluding movies and TV drama series).
Here few list according to specialization:-
(1) enotes; a general literature analysis website.
(2) shmoop; a general literature analysis website.
(3) poemanalysis; a poetry analysis website.
(4) naijapoets; a non-african and african analysis website.
(5) genius; a poetry and lyric analysis website.
(6) rottentomatoes; a movie analysis website.
(7) yahoo movies; a movie analysis website.
(8) tvline; a tv drama series analysis website.
(9) variety; a tv drama series analysis website.
(10) tvfanatic; a tv drama series analysis website.

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