How do you get abs fast?

If you want to blitz your core quickly, use the instructions below – however, we remind you once again that to achieve cubes, you must genuinely love doing abdominal exercises and train the press at least 3-4 times a week:

1. Reduce belly fat

The body’s fat level for drawing the press is individual – for someone, it’s 7%, and for someone, the press is noticeable even at 15% fat. Depending on this, strategies for losing weight also differ.

2. Correct your posture

A sedentary lifestyle provokes changes in posture. As a result – abdominal muscles relax.

Of course, it won’t help to get abs and probably lead to pain in the neck, spine, and lower back. To correct such violations, do workouts to improve your posture.

3. Strengthen your core muscles

It is a mistake to perceive the press exclusively in the form of a rectus muscle located on the front surface of the abdomen. In addition to it, there are oblique abdominal muscles. For women, side turns are suitable for pumping them.

4. Build your inner abs

Most ab workouts develop the outer layer of abs with little or no involvement of the inner abs. However, these muscles form a toned stomach.

The best exercises for pumping the internal press are the plank and the abdominal vacuum breathing exercise.

5. Get your abs right

Pumping cubes requires training for hypertrophy – exercises in a multi-repetition mode (for example, one hundred twists) will not bring any result.

The acceptable limit will be 10-12 repetitions, subject to the correct technique.

6. Develop the connection between muscles and the brain

To get rock-hard abs, you must learn to control your abdominal muscles and use them when doing workouts. If you can keep your abs consciously tense during crunches, this will greatly increase the effectiveness of this exercise.


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