Persona’s View of Aging In Panic of Growing Older


Examine The Persona’s View Of Aging In The Panic Of Growing Older.


Lenrie Peters is one of the big names in West African poetry. His contributions have promoted West African poetic styles.

In his poem “The Panic of Growing Older”, he concerned himself with the expected achievement associated with each stage of human life. The poem is a bit similar to William Shakespeare’s Ten Stages of Man; where Shakespeare portrayed the sequences of life from cradle to old age.

Unlike Shakespeare, Lenrie Peters focused his concerns on the earthly achievement associated with each stage of human growth.

The issue of hope is paramount in this poem. Lenrie Peters pointed that a person begins adulthood with beautiful hopes:
“at twenty
stilled by hope
of gigantic success
and exploration”

Down the line of growing older, such hope began to wane due to underachievement. One becomes unnecessarily busy in domesticity that won’t give room of seeing the moon, one begins to suffer emotional pains due to inability to achieve expected goals.

“hope is not a grain of sand” death comes at anytime to anyone therefore relying on scientific maxims is baseless.

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