Walker Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Partners and Third Wheels

Family drama, sibling rivalry, and not having your voice heard. Almost everyone can relate to these issues.

Both Micki and Liam have been struggling with feeling like they’re not being heard, and in Walker Season 2 Episode 5, it all came to a head.

The sibling rivalry between Liam and Cordell has built up all season, and the distance between Micki and Trey kept growing distant too.

Liam felt betrayed after Cordell didn’t believe him about the surveillance cameras, so the Walker brothers’ relationship was strained.

When one of his idol’s Mac Libbey’s dead body was found at the construction site, they needed to close the case.

I’m going to need to see this through for my office, so I’m going to need you to listen to me more than you have lately.


The tension between the brothers was so thick. After they chased a bystander at the crime scene in Liam’s car, Liam began questioning suspects with Micki instead.

First, he complained to her about working with Cordell.  Like many younger siblings, Liam has always lived in his older brother’s shadow and longed for someone to notice him.

He often felt his opinions were ignored, especially by Denice and Cordell. This seems to be a running issue, returning to when they were teenagers, and he felt left out.

Micki reminded Liam that Denice inherited a mess taking over the ADA position right after Stan’s corruption and wondered if he wanted to deal with that.

That’s part of the problem. Liam wasn’t sure what he wanted to do next, but he always strived to be as good a lawyer as Mac, so solving his murder was important.

Watching Micki and Liam work together was such a treat. We don’t see them interact one-on-one much, but they understand each other and Cordell’s quirks so well.

Liam and Micki both realized how much their case mirrored their own lives. When they interviewed Mac’s younger brother Remi, he insisted that Mac would never leave his family.

Remi spoke very similar words that Liam felt, such as feeling in the shadow of his older brother and how he had to take responsibility for his niece when Mac passed.

While Liam may have related to Remi, something felt off, and it wasn’t until they met Mac’s daughter Willa that they suspected she was afraid of Remi.

When they caught Willa holding a gun on Remi, Micki was the only one who could talk her down.

Micki told her of her own experience working undercover and her story with Garrison. She pleaded with the girl to think of herself and not commit murder.

When Liam saw how far apart the Lippey brothers grew that one killed the other, it affected him. Cordell told him how proud he was for solving Mac’s murder and said they couldn’t keep fighting.

Liam admitted he just wanted his opinion to be valued more but admitted he enjoyed working with his brother.

Hopefully, the two of them will keep the peace the next time they see the Davidsons.

Micki and Trey have started communicating through Post-its. That is not a hopeful sign for their relationship if they can’t speak in person.

Micki was still coping with PTSD from the undercover assignment, and she felt pressure from all sides. Walker wanted his partner back, and he seemed excited that she was leading this murder investigation.

However, she still hadn’t gone inside any crime scenes, which was a massive jump for her. Cordell and Micki’s partnership is such a special thing, and their heart-to-heart was so sweet when he admitted her grief was different.

Unfortunately, Micki still had to deal with Trey, and he had just learned about Garrison, and he was confused and upset by that Post–It.

Bonham and Abby were trying to decide what home meant to them and ended up inviting Trey along on their fishing trip.

Bonham tried to give Trey relationship advice, but he slipped when he mentioned that Micki needed to grieve Garrison.

Trey tried to ease Walker’s mind about who to leave the Ranch by pointing out how responsible Stella and August had become.

The teens blew that idea out of the water by throwing a party, and their grandparents got them red-handed.

Talk about awkward. Seeing your on-again/off-again girlfriend with a date at your bar. Cordell soon learned that Drew was a friend from the grief group, and Geri struggled to lose both Emily and Hoyt.

Are Geri and Cordell dating a little bit too incestuous since before they were with each other’s best friends? As Geri said, they watched their best friends die.

It hurts to see your best friend die.


Maybe it’s a little too close to home, or Geri is jealous. She turned awful red when she brought up Denice and thought Cordell protested too much.

Is it time for Cordell to enter the dating waters again, and should it be someone new?

Over to you, Walker Fanatics. Will Liam be able to keep his word and be civil to the Davidsons next time he sees them?

Where are Cordell and Geri headed? Are Micki and Trey over? Chime in below in the comments.

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