Why Poets Fear Open Mic

Poetry of this Era

In recent time, Poetry Open Mic is one sure way for poets to gain and maintain huge exposure. Permit me to put it this way; if poetry contests are Royal Rumble then the Open Mic has knocked other forms of poetry contests off the ring.

Poetry Open Mic

Should in case you wonder what is Poetry Open Mic? It is the contemporary form of oral poetry rendition. It takes away the boring act of reading and replaces it with the joy of listening.

The good news is Open Mic events are more lucrative and less cost intensive. All that is required is to a hall and recording devices. Such event can then be monetized by selling its CD or DVD or YouTube or podcast subscription or virtual pass.

Now that you have a knowledge of what this article is talking about, let’s look at the common reasons why most poets shy away from this goldmine.

The Actual Sources of Fear

Most poets have the fear that their voices are unappealing. The truth is that most audience or listeners don’t even notice whether any voice sounds horrible or not_ they’re interested in the message of your poetry and the drama that come with it.

Most poets fear the the ability to control their voice from cracking or fainting onstage. The audience are human as well and they will sure understand you’re probably a first-timer.

Most poets lack creativity. It is said that when you set yourself on fire, people will love to watch you burn. Exploring new grounds is quite adventure. You have always stick to writing poetry, maybe its time for you to start thinking of voicing your poetry as well.

Other flimsy reasons are regular use of alibis, excuses, negativeness, nervousness, dutch courage (narcotics or alcohol), etc.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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