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The cast of Mayans M.C. is putting the motorcycles and the leather jackets away for a stint on an upcoming episode of Celebrity Family Feud.

Michael Irby (Bishop) shared a photo that showed him and some of his fellow cast members posing before their appearance.

Clayton Cardenas (Angel), JD Pardo (EZ), Emilio Rivera (Marcus Alvarez), and Richard Cabral (Coco) are in the photo.

"Getting ready to take the stage with these madmen," Irby wrote in the caption of an Instagram post, which went down well with their fans and co-stars.

Vincent Vargas (Gilly) compared the group to the "Backstreet Boys," and we're inclined to agree. They look great!

Sarah Bolger (Emily) said, "Whoa!!!" while Raoul Max Trujillo added, "Omg."

The picture also gave fans their first look at a new hairstyle for Cardenas.

As expected, fans are being left in the lurch about who the Mayans are going up against.

We think this would be a good time for Sons of Anarchy vs. Mayans M.C., and given the way Mayans M.C. Season 3 is playing out, we might get that on the FX hit very soon.

If you watch Mayans M.C. online, you know the series is getting progressively darker, and the simmering tension has resulted in the best season to date.

The series was placed on an extended hiatus due to COVID-19, but it truly has returned firing from all cylinders.

As for Celebrity Family Feud, the series returns with Steve Harvey as its host on June 6, but there's no telling which episode will feature the Mayans cast.

All we can do is hope that it will be earlier into the season because it's going to be a good one.

The series continues Tuesday with Mayans M.C. Season 3 Episode 6, titled "You Can't Pray a Lie."

We're delving into spoiler territory here, so if you're not up to date, you may want to hit back.

Mayans M.C. Season 3 Episode 5 wrapped with EZ getting shot, likely setting the stage for a huge turn of events.

The logline for tomorrow's episode reads:

"The club seeks retribution for a recent affront."

Yep, it's short and sweet.

What are your thoughts on the cast competing on Celebrity Family Feud?

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Netflix has (finally!) announced when Elite fans can check back into Las Encinas.

The long-delayed fourth season of the private-school drama will land on the streaming service Friday, June 18.

An episode order has not been revealed, but it is expected to be in line with the previous three seasons, which spanned eight episodes apiece.

The premiere date means fans will have been waiting 15 months between seasons, but the long delay is due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Elite Season 4 production was forced to shut down, but it resumed a few months ago, and with work on the season has now been completed, production on Elite Season 5 has already commenced.

Yes, fans have a lot of Elite to look forward to, but this won't be the same Elite we know and love.

Andrés Velencoso (Velvet Colección, Edha), Manu Rios (El Chiringuito de Pepe), Carla Díaz (El Príncipe), Martina Cariddi (Mientras dure la guerra), Pol Granch, and Diego Martín (Velvet, Familia) are all new cast members for the fourth season.

Their characters will cross paths with Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau), Samuel (Itzan Escamilla), Ander (Arón Piper), Omar (Omar Ayuso), Rebeca (Claudia Salas), and Cayetana (Georgina Amorós).

Álvaro Rico exited as Leopoldo "Polo" Benavent Villada after the events of Season 3, which followed killing that resulted in his character being, well, dead.

Mina El Hammani played Nadia Shanaa in the first three seasons, but her character exited alongside Danna Paola as Lucrecia "Lu" Montesinos Hendrich to attend university in New York at the close of Season 3.

Ester Expósito, unfortunately,  will also not be back as Carla Rosón Caleruega. She quit town in the season three finale, leaving Samuel heartbroken.

Finally, Jorge López previously revealed that he didn't think he would be playing Valerio Montesinos Rojas during the fourth season, and he's nowhere to be seen in any of the news about the fourth season.

Elite Season 5 will welcome Argentinian actress Valentina Zenere (Cable Girls) and Brazilian actor André Lamoglia (Juacas) into the mix.

What are your thoughts on the premiere date?

Hit the comments below.

Watch the Season 4 Teaser:

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Charlie might be dead, but love certainly isn't.

On Days of Our Lives during the week of 4-12-21, a ton of new romances--and a few old ones--are heating up!

Who do you ship? Read on to find out if your favorite couple is going to hook up!

The spoiler video suggests that characters are going to start over again with brand-new love stories, but that's not true for everyone.

Chloe FINALLY tells Brady how she feels about him, suggesting that they should give love another try.

With Kristen still on the loose, things are about to get interesting, to say the least.

But I'm glad it's out in the open so Brady can make a decision one way or the other!

Brady and Chloe aren't the only former couple considering reconciliation.

Theo appears to have reawakened feelings for Ciara, and Lucas and Sami have gone a lot further than kissing!

Sadly, Sami appears to have had second thoughts as she wakes up wondering what she and Lucas have done. (Slept with the person you're supposed to be with, that's what!)

I knew Lumi was probably not end game, but I wish Days of Our Lives would at least give us time to enjoy them before shoehorning Sami into any kind of EJ reunion story.

If these relationships aren't your cup of tea, don't worry! There's a lot more going on in Salem. Scroll down for spoiler photos!

Sami fears she made a huge mistake.

I can understand Sami feeling guilty even though I hate the idea of her with EJ.

After all, she's married to the guy, and he's recovering from a coma and is frail and in a lot of pain.

I'd prefer her mistake being that she didn't wait until she was free of EJ to get started with Lucas, but her anguish and difficulty deciding which man to be with should make for some strong drama.

Nicole plays cupid for Brady and Chloe.

Ugh. Why, Nicole?

This Chloe/Brady thing feels so forced.

Yes, they were an item once upon a time, but that was years ago.

And most, if not all, of Chloe's interest, seems to have come from Kristen putting ideas in her head just so that she can get her for it.

Paulina and Eli are stunned by Chanel's big news.

According to the spoiler video, Chanel is going to announce that she and Xander got married while he was drunk.

Jackee Harry and Lamon Archey (Paulina and Eli) are two of Days of Our Lives' strongest actors, and newcomer Precious Way (Chanel) is good too.

So why are they all being wasted in this silly story?

Chloe admits her feelings to Brady.

At least this isn't yet another spoiler about Chloe TRYING to admit her feelings.

I don't buy these two as a couple for one second, and this whole thing is just an excuse for Kristen to be over-the-top crazy.

But if we have to do this, at least we're getting on with it.

Theo admits to Chad he still has feelings for Ciara.

Chad is not exactly in a position to be giving love advice, considering that he was manipulated into betraying Abigail TWICE.

Still, though, any Chad/Theo time is a welcome addition to the week. It's nice that Theo is still close with his uncle.

Now can the writers please remember Theo is Autistic?

Philip asks Gabi out on a date.

We all knew this was coming.

I don't know about this matchup. Gabi is generally obnoxious, and Philip isn't much better lately.

But maybe they'll be tolerable together.

And at least it's a new pairing instead of recycling the same old couples that didn't work before.

Ben prepares to take drastic action to trigger Ciara's memory.

Ben is going to try to inject Ciara with the memory-restoring drug.

Not only is this a silly plot device, but it's wrong for anyone to be given drugs without their consent.

It wasn't cool when Gabi tried to do it to Jake (wasn't she arrested for it?) or when Abigail tried to inject a kidnapped Gwen with the world's strongest hallucinogen.

So what makes anyone think it's okay for Ben to do it to Ciara now? Stop with these forced injection storylines!

Sami warns Lucas they have a problem.

Kristen is going to blackmail Sami, so most likely, she'll threaten to tell EJ that Sami and Lucas slept together if Sami doesn't do her bidding.

Sami is supposed to be a strong, take-no-prisoners type of character. So it's ridiculous and out-of-character for her to give in to something like this.

Sami and Lucas teaming up to defeat Kristen might be fun, though...especially if it leads to a deeper connection than the one-night-stand they just had.

Rafe stumbles upon a new murder suspect.

This seems to be the case every week.

A new suspect is constantly built up to be "the one," and then it turns out they simply went to Charlie's apartment and left either before or after he was killed.

I don't know why Rafe hasn't considered obvious evidence like buttons found at the scene or what time Sami's flight got in before this point, but let's hope he has better luck with this case soon.

Tripp and Allie agree to start anew.

I knew it wouldn't be too long before Tripp and Allie crossed the line from friendship to something else.

Allie now knows that Tripp is neither a rapist nor a murderer, so hopefully, they can establish some sort of trust with each other now.

Sami was nice to Tripp when she last saw him, but will she be so accommodating when she finds out he and Allie are dating?

Claire gives Jan a piece of her mind.

Claire, just stay away from Jan!

Chewing her out will be super dramatic, but Claire is so naive and gullible. Jan should be able to manipulate her again easily.

The only questions here are what lies Jan will tell and what she'll try to get Claire to do for her this time.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics! Hit that big, blue SHOW COMMENTS button and let us know what you're most looking forward to and which ships you support!

Looking to chat about already-aired episodes of Days of Our Lives? Check out our latest Days of Our Lives reviews and Days of Our Lives Round Table discussions.

Days of Our Lives airs on NBC on weekday afternoons. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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It's been hours since Shameless ended its 11-season run on Showtime.

Shameless Season 11 Episode 12 didn't feature the finality you would expect from a series finale, but it did feature a shocking death.

Frank survived his overdose and found himself in the hospital as it was revealed he had COVID-19 and subsequently died.

Fans held out hope that Fiona would arrive at the hospital in time as he slipped away, but while the character was mentioned, she was ominously missing from the final scene in which Frank read out his suicide letter.

Here is the letter we're talking about.

I'm not gonna ask your forgiveness because you bunch didn't do s--- for me, so let's just call it a draw. I know some of ya think ya hate my guts, and truth be told I never liked any of you much either. But we're all Gallaghers. My only advice is to stop worrying so damn much. You're supposed to ask people on their death bed if they wish they'd worked more or spent more time with their family. [Laughs] Me, hell, I wish I'd partied more. Nobody ever said our neighborhood was the Garden of Eden but it's been a good home to us, to me, and you kids. I'm proud of all of you, because every single one of you reminds me a little bit of me, Lip, you're smart as a whip, you just can't seem to get out of your own way. You'll figure it out. Ian, industrious, incredible work ethic, not a clue where you got that from — got the mental illness from your mother. The only way I can understand how you ended up marrying a Milkovich. Carl, I never could figure you out. Can't believe you betrayed the family and became a cop. I'm hoping you're already on the take. Debbie, you remind me of your mother, and not in a good way. Good luck in life, you're gonna need it. Liam, you're the apple of my eye, you handsome devil. Everybody says you look just like me. Oh, Kev, Veronica, you're overrated as friends, always sticking your noses in my family's business where they don't belong. You're moving, I say good riddance. And me, Frank Gallagher, father, teacher, mentor, captain of our little ship. People say you can't drink your troubles away, I say you're just not drinking enough. I guess that's it. Not much left to say really. Except, time's precious, don't f---ing waste it. Have a good time. I sure as hell did.


Shameless boss, John Wells, opened up to Entertainment Weekly about the lack of Emmy Rossum in the series finale, and it seems the hurdle surrounding a return was COVID-19.

"Emmy and I had a lot of conversations about it, trying to make it work. She's been in New York with [husband] Sam [Esmail], where they live, and right about the time where we were talking about putting it all together was when the additional lockdowns kind of hit again, and it just didn't feel safe or practical for her to come back," Wells explained, adding:

"So I think it's with a great deal of regret that we couldn't do it but it's just more minor casualty of our year of COVID."

Many fans questioned why there was a lack of updates about Fiona ever since her exit, and EW asked Wells why the character essentially disappeared in the end.

Wells explained to the outlet that there were conversations about writing about what Fiona was up to in Florida, but ultimately it came down to how the story was told.

"And when an actor leaves, and Emmy was so wonderful on the show and we were really happy to have her here and really sad when she reasonably decided to leave and pursue some other things, it's kind of done."

"A lot of times for the actors and the writers you go through a huge tearful goodbye and then you write them back and it's probably a little anti-climactic; it feels a little too beholden to what fans may want."

Wells stated that they didn't want Fiona to send a postcard or a letter because the writers felt it would be too cheesy.

The finale as a whole lacked the excitement of a series finale, thanks to the lack of closure. Beyond Frank's death, the future for the other characters was left up in the air.

It wasn't the best way to end things, but possibly it's leaving the book opened for a revival down the line.

Showtime has a thing for reviving some of its most popular shows.

What are your thoughts on the lack of Fiona?

Hit the comments.

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Did plant-based burgers prove to be the new big craze in Springfield?

Burns decided to get into the fast food business on The Simpsons Season 32 Episode 18, and there were some big surprises for everyone involved. 

Lisa refused to believe he was up to no good, so she assembled a team to get closer to the operation. 

How did the rest of The Simpsons feel about the big shift in character?

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Stranger danger!

On Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 9, the sisters were shocked to the core by a mysterious arrival. 

The person wanted answers about a recent event regarding the witches, but what did the sisters reveal to buy some time?

Meanwhile, Macy tried to help Jordan come to terms with his past after another supernatural event forced his hand. 

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Did Andrew get through to everyone?

On 90 Day Fiance Season 8 Episode 18, he wanted to let everyone know who Amira really was. 

Meanwhile, Rebecca was put on the spot for the way she treated Zied. 

What did she have to say?

Elsewhere, Jovi and Yara confronted another couple who said somethings about them. 

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Did Officers Harper and Nolan help a thief?

On The Rookie Season 3 Episode 10, the pair realized the thief's motives ran much deeper than just needing money. 

Meanwhile, Officers Jackson and Chen's first day riding without training officers made them yearn for the easier days of the past. 

Who helped them as they adjusted to the new way of life?

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Did Zoey lose access to her powers?

On Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Season 2 Episode 9, she turned to a medium for some clarity following strange developments. 

To Zoey's surprise, however, the powers started to glitch, which made her question whether she was losing her abilities. 

Elsewhere, Simon found himself at an impasse after recent events put his career in question. 

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Was it the end of the line for Beth and her band of crooks?

The Secret Service arrived on Good Girls Season 4 Episode 5 with a stunning request as the unexpected happend. 

Meanwhile, Ruby caught Stan in a lie and questioned his faithfulness. 

Elsewhere, Annie volunteered to babysit for Nancy and found help from a surprising source. 

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Did Batwoman have to get closer to Black Mask?

On Batwoman Season 2 Episode 10, tensions mounted as more details about the new villain emerged, leading to an event that changed Gotham City forever. 

Meanwhile, Jacob went down a dangerous path after realizing there was more to his past than he realized. 

Elsewhere, Alice and Julia set out on a fact-finding mission to allow them some answers about the new threat. 

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Who caused the drama between Drew and LaToya?

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 13 Episode 14, the feud continued to gather steam, but a big development revealed what caused it. 

Meanwhile, Marlo set out to try to repair her friendship with Porsha, but the latter did not want anything to do with her former friend. 

Which of the ladies stepped in to help?

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Did June manage to save John?

On Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 8, a rescue operation kicked off after Morgan and Dakota got into some trouble. 

John wanted to end his life, but everyone else desperately tried to make him realize there was more to live for. 

Meanwhile, Ginny's plan to find Morgan continued to cause a lot of problems for those closest to her. 

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Was there hope for the Brown family to stop fighting?

On Sister Wives Season 15 Episode 9, Janelle set out to make everything right with the family. 

After some thinking, everyone realized there were some things the family couldn't fix. 

Meanwhile, Robyn opened up to Kody about her concerns following all of the changes for the family.

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Officers Chen and West moved up to P2 status and shed their rookie roles on The Rookie Season 3 Episode 10, leaving Officer Nolan behind. 

Will the show have to change its name once Nolan finally kicks his rookie status? Unlikely, but does someone always need to be the designated rookie to have the title make sense?

Thanks to Nolan's extra 30-day punishment, there's still time to ponder that conundrum, and in the meantime, it's onwards and upwards for Jackson and Lucy.

And while Jackson's entire family took him out for a celebratory dinner to praise his accomplishments, Lucy's mom showed up to share her disappointment and attempt to bully Lucy into changing careers.

Lucy, your father and I will always love you, but you are risking your life on a thankless job, and we can not be supportive of it any longer.

Vanessa Chen

This was a big day for Lucy and her mother ruined it. 

It was both infuriating and heartbreaking to watch Lucy stand there and listen to her mother's litany of ways that she hasn't lived up to her parents' expectations. 

It was clear that Vanessa was more concerned about how the world sees her daughter than how her daughter feels about herself. I'm not even sure learning her daughter received a commendation for saving a child's life would change Vanessa's point of view. 

Sadly, Lucy's parents have no idea what a strong, powerful, amazing woman she is and how much good she brings to the world. Lucy will likely have to accept her parents' criticism without letting it crush her.

I was proud of Jackson for standing up for Lucy and then showing her that she has people in her life that do see her, care about her, and are proud of her. She needed to know that. 

Vanessa wasn't the only parent having a problem accepting their child's choices. Nolan was shocked to hear that Henry was quitting college, and I can understand why. 

Nolan felt he had to bail on getting his degree when his ex became pregnant with Henry. Nolan spent the next 20 years working a job he didn't love to provide for his family. 

As happy as I was to see Currie Graham back as Ben, I could understand why Nolan wasn't pleased that his friend was a big part of the reason Henry was dropping out of school. 

But it did seem that Ben had no idea Henry hadn't spoken to his father about this. Ben was right; a college degree isn't the golden ticket it used to be. Not to mention that a six-figure salary and world travel would be hard for anyone to turn down, never mind a 20-year-old. 

Still, it was hard for Nolan to swallow that not only was his son ditching school when he would have loved to have gotten his degree, but Henry was also about to make more money than Nolan ever had.

Thankfully, Nolan was better at accepting Henry's choices than Vanessa was of Lucy's. Of course, I don't think Nolan could have reacted worse than Vanessa, even if he tried. 

Nolan is a good guy at heart, which was evident when he didn't hesitate to let Nyla borrow all of his camping gear. 

You get to go to my house to pick up camping gear so you can spend the night in the great outdoors with a bunch of second graders and a man who may or may not hate you because you blew him off.


I wish we could have seen Harper interacting more with Lilah and her friends on the camping trip, but I'm sure that the amount of kids they can have on set is probably limited, thanks to Covid. 

That Harper and Alonzo both had to cancel their previous dates and then each interpreted that as the other didn't care wasn't surprising, and I'm glad they were able to sort that out. 

I'm not sure what to think of Alonzo.

We haven't seen enough of him to really determine if he's the right guy for Nyla, but since he's the first person she's dated since her divorce, he's probably more of a transitional relationship than a long-term one. 

And I was a little taken aback that he snuck beer along on a camping trip where he was supposed to be chaperoning a group of second graders, although Nyla appeared to take it in stride.

Finally, we get to the best pairing of this installment and perhaps the entire season! 

Tim: You text me 911 on my day off to ask me if that dress makes you look fat.
Angela: Does it?
Tim: Yes, because you’re pregnant. Are you ashamed of your baby?
Angela: Of course not.
Tim: Okay, then who cares what your stupid friends think. Show off that baby belly!

That Angela chose Tim to help her pick out her wedding gown was a charming and unexpected twist made all the better by how thoroughly Bradford threw himself into the role. 

Tim never questioned, he never balked, he just dove headfirst into planning the perfect wedding for his friend. 

He even agreed to fire Gretchen, Angela's Maid of Honor. Not even hearing Gretchen's horror stories of dealing with Patrice could deter Tim from his assigned task, further proving that Angela had chosen the right man for the job. 

Tim ditched the binder and the phone, but I look forward to having him come face to face with Patrice before the end of the season. 

And if all of that wasn't enough to make us fall further in love with Tim Bradford, we also got to see him playing with his dog in the park. 

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics...

  • Were you happy with Ben's return?
  • Should Nolan try to talk Henry out of quitting school?
  • Did Angela pick out the right wedding gown?
  • Should Lucy have done a better job of standing up to her mother?
  • And did anyone else wish we hadn't lost Capt. Zoe Anderson after watching that video?

Hit that big, blue, SHOW COMMENTS button down below to tell us what you think, and then check back in for our next review of The Rookie. And don't forget, you can watch The Rookie online here at TV Fanatic.

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It's almost overwhelming how many potential plot twists are introduced on Batwoman Season 2 Episode 10.

The fact that Enigma is working with Black Mask now when she is also a key member of Safiyah's Many Arms of Death is, in itself, a sinister snarl in this most tangled of webs.

Furthermore, her understanding of Snakebite feels like they might be reconning the original introduction of the drug where they described it as being based heavily on Scarecrow's fear toxin.

One thing this offering did well was explain why Jacob's storyline has been spiraling into unfathomable depths since the season began.

Jacob Kane has been a hard-line black-and-white pain-in-the-butt since the start.

That's not to say that he hasn't suffered horrendous loss but instead of learning to cope in healthy matters, his strategy has been to close himself off more with each tragedy.

To do the math, he had one wife die in a car accident and the second murdered by the daughter he failed to rescue from captivity.

Of his two biological daughters and one step-daughter, only Mary is really in his life, and their relationship is teetering on the brink.

Yes, technically, all three daughters are still alive, but he's buried both Beth and Kate despite not having their bodies at the time.

For Snakebite to provide, however briefly, the feeling of fixing his mistake with Beth -- a mistake which stole Kate's youth and, later, Katherine's life -- it's no wonder that he's unable to resist another fix.

Meanwhile, because I can't resist trying to apply logic to this show, how many times are Crows going to be ambushed in their cars? Do none of them lock their doors or check the back seat before getting in?

Off the top of my head, Sophie's been surprised at least three times, and Julia even references the time Alice showed up in her car.

Julia: Guess Gotham's not much of a playground without a playmate.
Alice: I don't need a playmate. I need a partner.
Julia: Well, your last overture at partners ended with a knife in my gut so...
Alice: I really need to work on my negotiating skills.

It was also entertaining to watch Julia and Alice spar about how they're the same/totally different when the actresses resemble each other so closely.

Throw in Wallis Day from her Krypton days, and we have a nearly interchangeable trio of pale blondes with patrician features.

(Of course, I expect Kate 2.0 to look somewhat more like her predecessor despite being played by a different person.)

As it stands, I am hoping that Julia's Enigma-planted Berlin transfer gets shelved as she has been a very likable, if under-utilized, member of the cast.

I'd even be okay with her and Sophie getting back together.

Comic canon fans should correct me if I'm wrong, but it appears that the Evelyn Rhyme/Enigma character is a wholly new villainous element as her powers and personality bear no resemblance to Riddler's daughter or the Quizmaster.

As such, we have no crib sheet on her motivations or endgame.

So far, we know for certain that she is part of Safiyah's organization. Whether she is working for Sionis/Black Mask under Safiyah's orders or as a side-gig is anyone's guess.

Her cover as a consulting psychiatrist is an effective way to insinuate herself into the Crow's Snakebite investigation.

In fact, this is the only parallel I could draw between the A and B plotlines here.

In the guise of their public identities, Black Mask and Enigma hold great sway over the resources and conduct of The Crows and Jacob Kane, in particular.

This echoes Ellis O'Brien's puppet mastering the plan to bring down community youth programs.

His vested interest in seeing his for-profit prisons thrive on the exploitation of at-risk young people combined with his roles as Edgewater CEO and Gazette Board member to allow him to orchestrate the attacks on the community centers.

I'm not expecting them to explain how he went from setting loose an arsonist and a shotgun-wielding bank robber to arming Mickey K. with a freakin' lightning gun, but I'll applaud a guy for upping his game.

Also not expecting an explanation as to how Mickey K. repeatedly made such a fast escape as to appear to disappear. But it was weirdly fast.

As it is, that lightning gun tech feels like something we'll be coming back to since Luke's now packing a powerful zap.

(Oh, and does anyone have any idea why a lightning gun that runs on a battery would cause the electricity in the vicinity to flicker?)

One rule of hero shows is heroes should never make promises. I physically cringed when Ryan swore she'd never let Angelique be hurt. Way to invite disaster.

The only positive is that the False Face Society abducted her for the Snakebite recipe so they do need to keep her alive.

Now, again with the "logic", if the men Angelique named were dead, how could the Crows be sure they were the commissioner's killers? Why would they have released her if they didn't have new killers to convict?

How terrible is Crows' security that the False Face Society knows the witness protection team's route to the "safe house"?

This was a narrative designed to leave us hanging by the sheer number of things we DON'T know by the time the credits roll.

We don't know what's become of Angelique and how Ryan will react.

We don't know how far Jacob's addiction will take him down the rabbit hole. (See what I did there?)

We don't know what other programming Enigma's put into Julia's subconscious.

I'm sorry, Daddy. As much as I want to forgive you, forgetting's easier.


We don't know how Alice will proceed next with her plan.

Did anyone else feel the reporter in the opening scene was a little light on brains to set up her mic in the middle of a drug ring takedown?

And how many flirtations are going to cross Ryan's path next week? Seems like she's been hit with some Poison Ivy-esque lust concoction the way interested parties keep showing up at her bar.

In any case, stay tuned and/or watch Batwoman online for more developments.

In the meanwhile, hit the comments section with your thoughts and questions.

source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2021/04/batwoman-season-2-episode-10-review-time-off-for-good-behavior/

An intriguing new character, a solved curse, and a reformed demon are all in a day's work for the Charmed Ones.

Charmed (2018) Season 3 continued to dig deeper into its season-long mystery of ancient tablets, magical allergies, and chaos with Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 9 while also staying true to its heartwarming roots.

It was an emotionally charged hour as Macy was still reeling from the events of Charmed (2018) Season 3 Episode 8, Jordan struggled with his curse, and the aforementioned new character sought acceptance.

It would have been strange if Macy wasn't still dealing with the Shea Group incident's aftermath, so we're glad it's being addressed.

Unfortunately, Macy's trauma isn't uncommon, but that doesn't mean that the emotions surrounding it aren't complicated. She doesn't know how to feel or how to move forward.

All she knows is that she is angry. And if there was anyone who could empathize with her, it's Jordan.

Macy: You went out with this girl for how long?
Jordan: Too long.
Macy: How did you not know you deserve better?
Jordan: Ah, water off a duck's back.
Macy: Water off a duck's back? Don't you ever get angry?
Jordan: Only when people sucker punch me in the nose when I'm giving them boxing lessons.
Macy: Well, that was one time.

Harry wanted to be there for Macy, but he didn't know how to understand what she was going through. He's a White man who will never be able to get what it's like to walk in Macy's shoes.

Jordan, on the other hand, can relate to Macy on a level that Harry never could. And a beautiful friendship is born.

Macy and Jordan are an unlikely pair since they haven't shared many scenes. But we have to wonder why they haven't because they share a natural chemistry that begs the two of them to be friends.

At first, Macy couldn't understand why Jordan was so chill all the time despite the awful things that happened to him. It was especially frustrating to her since she was so angry herself.

Macy: The burden you're carrying is too big.
Jordan: For both of us.

As their time in the magical realm progressed, Macy realized that he was a lot like her. And that they deserved so much better than the cards they have been dealt in life.

Their scenes on this episode were wonderful for character growth and produced some of the best lines. They were subtle yet emotional in execution and will no doubt have a lasting effect on both characters.

Macy still has a long road ahead of her in terms of recovery and moving forward, but her story on "No Hablo Brujería" was a start.

It also helps that Harry's journey with Abby helped him understand that he will never understand Macy's pain. He wishes that he could, but he can't.

His acknowledgment of that fact proves why he and Macy are so good for one another.

They can spend the entirety of an episode apart and then come together at the end to reflect and share what they have learned.

Neither Harry nor Macy are dependent on the other, but they complement one another so well. We just hope they solve their allergy problem soon because they deserve the luxury of closeness.

A major development of the hour was Jordan's curse finally being lifted. It was a bit of a surprise, but not unwelcome in the slightest.

Jordan is a character with whom we haven't spent too much time, so it can sometimes be difficult to connect to him. But that isn't the case now.

Other people don't tell us who we are, Josefina, unless we let them.


We literally took a walk down memory lane with Jordan, and, unfortunately, they weren't happy memories.

His girlfriend walking all over him in high school is one thing, but seeing him interact with his translator who died in Afghanistan is a whole other kind of pain.

That, coupled with a curse he never deserved, makes us feel for him in a way we never did before. Jordan truly is an interesting, complex character who we can't wait to see more of, especially now that his curse is gone.

We met a new member of the Charmed Ones' family, Josefina, and we couldn't be more excited at her presence on the show.

Marisol's past has always been a bit of a mystery, so it's satisfying to get more insight into the family's history.

Maggie: ...call your family. Ask them for help!
Josefina: I can't! They kicked me out. It's why I came looking for The Book of Shadows. They were totally fine with my transition, but when I suggested I would get my witch powers, well, "only biological women can have powers," they said. So I taught myself as much as I could, potion-wise, with no help from my mother or Abuelita.

Marisol ran off with The Book of Shadows when she was younger, leaving her family in her wake. Of course, we can't dismiss Marisol or her intentions as irrational or inconsiderate since the circumstances are relatively unknown.

What we do know is that Josefina left her family as well. Though, she didn't have a choice.

As a transgender woman, Josefina's family rejected the notion that she could gain her witch powers. As a result, she was kicked out and forced to learn everything she knows about magic on her own.

It's heartbreaking, to say the least, but if there is a group of people who are understanding and welcoming to all, it's the Charmed Ones.

Macy, Mel, and Maggie are the perfect people to help Josefina manifest and harness her powers. It's the ideal situation for all involved.

Josefina will learn more about magic, and the sisters will learn more about their family. Plus, we are sure that the four of them will form an unbreakable bond in the process.

As fans of this show, all of us should be excited at the prospect of more familial love.

Amid all the family drama and emotional scenes, Harry and Abby tracked down a lead regarding the ancient tablet.

Unfortunately, the result appeared to release even more chaos onto their world, but progress is progress. Plus, their journey reinforced the notion that logic and emotion go hand-in-hand. One without the other does not work.

This tied into Harry's struggle with understanding Macy, but it also was relevant in Abby's ongoing story that started on the last episode.

Abby: I'd be delighted to help with your ancient demon translation, dear Harold. But first a drink. You must try this whiskey. Very rare. Picked it up at a charity auction.
Harry: "Dear Harold," "delighted to help," "charity auction"? Who are you? And what have you done with Abigael the Abonimable?
Abby: She's turning over a new leaf.

It seems as though Abby is serious about her road to redemption. And at least she's going about it the right way.

Time will only tell if Abby is successful. However, we hope that she can redeem herself because we love a good character development story.

What did you think, Charmed Fanatics?

Were you happy to see Macy and Jordan bonding? How do you feel about Jordan breaking free from his curse? Do you love Josefina already?

And is Abby redeemable?

Let me know in the comments, and do not forget that you can watch Charmed (2018) online right here via TV Fanatic!

Charmed (2018) airs Sundays at 9/8c on The CW.

source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2021/04/charmed-2018-season-3-episode-9-review-no-hablo-brujeria/

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Physics Question Test 1

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  3. A wire 1.0m long and with cross-sectional area 2.0 x 10-7 m2 has a resistance of 0.1Ω. Calculate the electrical conductivity of the wire.

  4. A. 5.0 x 107 Ω-1 m-1
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  5. A voltmeter is a device that

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  7. Which of the following actions will not increase the sensitivity of a moving coil galvanometer

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  14. A. Slow down neutrons
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  15. Nuclear fission is preferred to nuclear fusion in the generation of energy because

  16. A. The by-product of fusion are very dangerous
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    B. Long sight
    C. astigmatism

  19. Which of the following devices converts heat energy to electrical energy

  20. A. thermocouple
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General Literature Questions

This aims to test how well you've learned your literature and literary devices.
  1. A question asked in a poem or drama which does not demand an answer before it makes an impact is

  2. Paradoxical question
    Heeding question
    Rhetorical question

  3. This question is intentionally left blank.

  4. Paradox

  5. A deliberately negative understatement in expressing the opposite of the meaning is

  6. Litotes

  7. Lines of regular recurrence in a poem constites

  8. theme

  9. Pick the odd item out of the options listed below

  10. Epic

  11. A literary device that creates a mental picture of a situation is

  12. Flashback

  13. The paragraph in a prose can be compared to ________ in poetry

  14. Line

  15. Literary works are classified into ________

  16. Cantos

  17. A couplet is formed by

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    Two lines of poetry
    Two rhymed lines of poetry

  19. A speech in a play which a character speaks his or her thoughts alone is ______

  20. Aside

  21. A dirge is a poem sung

  22. At a birthday
    At a funeral
    To make folks happy

  23. This question is intentionally left blank.

  24. Proverb

  25. A story which explains a natural phenomenon is

  26. Legend

  27. The term used to depict the freedom of a poet with language

  28. Poetic device
    Poetic diction
    Poetic licence

  29. A short witty saying is called

  30. Epitaph

English Language JAMB Question Test

Choose The Opposite In Meaning To The Words In Bracket
  1. It is surprising that this politician has now turned (renegade)

  2. A. militant
    B. corrupt
    C. loyal

  3. We intend to make the reception a (diurnal) event

  4. A. nightly
    B. weekly
    C. short

  5. The Permanent Secretary left his job (under a cloud)

  6. A. on a cloudy day
    B. with a clear record
    C. in disgrace

  7. Hypertension is a (debilitating) disease that everyone should prevent

  8. A. mortal
    B. enervating
    C. energizing

  9. The string was (taut)

  10. A. loose
    B. firm
    C. stretched

  11. Despite his laxity in other matters, Ojo's father drew (the line at) trauncy

  12. A. favoured
    B. rejected
    C. emphasized

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  14. A. overrated
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  15. The diminuitive figure bounces over the track with (unfathomable) lightness

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  17. Common sense requires that one should be (decorous) at formal gatherings

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  20. A. disagree
    B. respect each other
    C. be of one mind

Commerce OBJ Practice

Test how well you still remember your Commerce topics.
  1. Compulsory dissolution of a business can arise from

  2. an agreement by the owners
    a declaration by a court of law
    the termination of its life

  3. Governments impose import duties for the following reasons EXCEPT

  4. to raise revenue for other services
    to act as a retaliatory measure against other government
    to discourage the redistribution of income at home

  5. A demonstration of social responsibility by a business is the payment of

  6. Premium on insurance
    Interests on loans
    Taxes to government

  7. The production process that combines two or more raw materials into one end product is

  8. Merging

  9. Commerce is defined as the study of how

  10. man utilizes the resources in his physical environment
    Raw materials are changed into finished goods
    man produces, distributes and consumes his goods and services

  11. The type of activity which turns processed raw materials to consumer and industrial goods is

  12. Extraction

  13. Which of these take place when firms producing at different stages in the same industry combine

  14. Cartel
    Vertical integration

  15. Tne of the main aims of the ECOWAS is to

  16. foster interchange of goods and services among member
    have one currency
    have common political system

  17. The last link in distribution is the

  18. consumer

  19. When a cheque has special crossing it should be

  20. Paid into a named account
    cashed over the counter
    Paid to the drawee

  21. Which of the following towns was important to the trans-saharan traders

  22. enugu

  23. The body controlling the installation an maintenance of phone in Nigeria is

  24. NICON

  25. Retail outlets which sells from specialized vans are

  26. Mobile shop
    multiple shop

  27. A holding company assumes the control of it subsidiary through

  28. majority shareholding
    becoming the principal custom
    paying all the debts

  29. A cheque made payable to bearer

  30. can only be paid into an account
    is not regarded as a negotiable instrument
    can be negotiated for cash by any holder


Test Your Memory of Economics
  1. A government that wants to get more revenue will increase the tax on commodities with a

  2. low price elasticity of demand
    Building society
    low income elasticity of demand

  3. Which of the following is involved in the money market

  4. Stock exchange
    Commercial banks
    Building society

  5. Demand pull inflation can aptly be described as

  6. Persistent rise in prices due to increase in expenditure
    Reduction in government expenditure
    Inflation induced by rising costs of production

  7. In order to develop the banking habit of rural dwellers the traditional money lenders should be

  8. Subsidized

  9. All rates of interest in a country are influenced by the

  10. Mortgage rate
    Wage rate
    Bank rate

  11. Exchange control is a weapon used in regulating

  12. Barter trade
    Stock exchange
    Internal trade

  13. When the marginal product is negative the total product will be

  14. Constant
    At a maximum

  15. Physical productivity is affected by all the underlisted factors except the

  16. Quantity of input
    State of technology
    Price of output

  17. If a commodity has a high marginal utility its market price will be

  18. Stable

  19. Price fluctuation is a feature of

  20. Common market
    Imperfect market

  21. Which of the following statements is not a feature of a monopoly

  22. Seller is allowed to fix his own price
    Buyers and sellers are price takers
    New entrances are restricted

  23. The following are advantages of sole proprietorship except

  24. Quick and easy decision-making
    Keeping its business affairs private
    Assurance of raising huge capital for expansion

  25. Which of the following controls a limited liability company

  26. The managing director
    Tax payers
    The board of directors

  27. The main advantage of large scale production is that

  28. Decision-making is quick
    The quantity of the product increases
    Unit cost of production falls

  29. Gold diamond iron ore and limestone are collectively referred to as

  30. Mineral resources
    Artificial resources
    Human resources

  31. Points outside a production possibility curve indicate

  32. Unattainable production levels
    Attainable production levels
    Optimum production levels

  33. The introduction of tariffs and quotas

  34. Reduce the prices of imports
    Increase the demand for locally made goods
    Reduce the prices of locally made goods

  35. Which of the following is the main outcome of a trade Union's interference with the wage rate

  36. Lowered but more employment opportunities are created
    Lowered but employment level remains unchanged
    Increased and employment levels are unchanged

  37. The demand for money is described as a

  38. Competitive demand
    Joint demand
    Derived demand

  39. Which of the following best explains what to produce

  40. How much goods are to be produced
    The combination of resources to be used
    Which goods and services to be produced

  41. Post harvest losses in west African countries can be reduced if

  42. Better storage facilities could be provided
    Erosion is controlled
    More irrigation schemes could be provided

  43. Which of the following will enhance productivity in an economy

  44. The use of obsolete capital
    Technological change
    An increase in the labour force

Government OBJ Practice

  1. A constitution that has special rules for its amendment is said to

  2. Written

  3. Which of the following statement best describes an unwritten constitution

  4. The legislature is always unicameral
    The body of the rules and laws cannot all be found in a single document
    The source of the constitution is supreme court verdicts

  5. The process by which people vote to elect their representatives is called

  6. Electoral system

  7. Apart from making laws, the legislature has the important function of

  8. Implementing executive decisions
    Appointing the civil servants
    Checking the executive power

  9. Which of the following is a demerit of bicameral legislature

  10. The scope for political participation is limited
    Passing of bills into acts is delayed
    No safeguard for the minority groups

  11. One form of delegated legislation is

  12. Case laws
    Statutory instruments

  13. A system of government in which one level of government exercises an overwhelming authority over o

  14. Confederal

  15. A major weakness of a ine-party system is that

  16. It encourages the emergence of dictators
    It ensures freedom of political choice
    It negates the principle of one man one vote

  17. A multiparty system often leads to the formation of

  18. Coalition government
    Dual government
    Dictatorial government

  19. Under a two-party system, the opposition party is as important as the ruling party

  20. It has equal number of supporters as the ruling party
    It is as strong as the ruling party
    It is the alternative government

  21. Who among the following was dismissed from the Action Group at the Jos Congress of 1962

  22. Anthony Enahoro
    Ladoke Akintola
    Dauda Adegbenro

  23. If the receiving state does not approve a diplomat on account of his past activities, he is

  24. A doyen of diplomatic corps
    An extraordinary ambassador
    A persona-non-grata

  25. Nigeria's idea of Africa as the centrepiece of her foreign policy includes all the following excep

  26. Support for Apartheid policy in South Africa
    Promotion of African Unity
    Settling of disputes in Africa

  27. The organ of Organization of African Unity (OAU) responsible for appointment of Secretary General

  28. Appointment committee
    Liberation committee
    Assembly of the Heads of State and Government

  29. Which of the following is an organ of the United Nations Organization (UNO)

  30. Assembly of Heads of State
    Council of Ministers
    The Security Council

  31. The first agent of political socialization is the

  32. School
    Mass media

  33. Baron Montesquieu was noted for the theory of

  34. Rule of law
    Separation of power
    Delegated legislation

  35. Political sovereignty in the state resides with the

  36. Executive
    National assembly

  37. A political system in which there is only one source of authority in a state is

  38. Confederal

  39. Which of the following best describes an absolute monarch

  40. He wields the supreme power in a state
    He is elected by an electoral college
    He has a fixed tenure of office

  41. Judicial independence means that the courts are independent of the

  42. Civil service and the bar
    Executive and the legislature
    Legislature and the Ministry of Justice

  43. A citizen expresses loyalty to his nation by

  44. Participating in sports
    Supporting political parties
    Singing the national anthem when required

  45. A citizen can participate in the politics of his country by

  46. Acquiring university education
    Attending international meetings
    Contesting for an elective post

  47. The office of the ombudsman is created to act as

  48. Spy for government
    An agency to redress maladministration
    Regulator of government activities

  49. A constitution that has special rules for its amendment is said to be

  50. Written

Civic Education OBJ Practice

Test how far you have learned your Civic Education Topics...
  1. Nigeria is a

  2. 1999

  3. Franchise means the right to

  4. Contest for political post
    Join association

  5. Citizens who are legally qualified to vote form

  6. The electorates
    The constituency
    The executive council

  7. Who amongst the following personalities has never been INEC chairman

  8. Dr. Abel Guobadia
    Prof. Humphrey Nwosu
    Prof. Attahiru Jega

  9. One of the ways to ensure free and fair election is to

  10. Allow parties to campaign on election day
    Guarantee the security of electoral materials
    Appoint a politician as the chairman of the electoral commission

  11. One of the aims of citizenship education is to produce students with

  12. High sense of patriotism
    Creative skills
    Manipulative skills

  13. Victims of human trafficking are usually compelled to engage in

  14. Lucrative employment
    Visiting tourist sites
    Forced labour

  15. Negative behavior includes the following except

  16. Ostentation living
    Living within our means

  17. Inflation of figures, bad town planning and prohibitive religious beliefs are

  18. Modern day behavior pattern
    Problem of road construction pattern
    Bad behavioral patterns

  19. Civic education is the study of

  20. Activities of government
    Animals in the community
    Primary and secondary schools

  21. Which of the following is not a factor that promotes good values in the society

  22. Dishonesty

  23. Standards, rules and criteria that influence and determine how individual behave in the society is

  24. Attitude

  25. Nigeria is a

  26. Colonial state

  27. Which of the following is not a characteristic of federalism

  28. Two houses of legislature
    Power sharing between central, state and local government
    Power resides at the central government

  29. Who among the following is associated with the concept of the rule of law

  30. Jean Bodin
    Baron Montesquieu

  31. Consumer responsibilities indicates

  32. Franchise
    Making noise in the market
    Things ought to be done by the consumer

  33. Among other things, a consumer's right is

  34. Right to respect the environment
    Right to speak out
    Right to consumer education

  35. Which one is not a pillar of democracy

  36. Democratic institution
    Fraudulent election

  37. Two-party system is one among the features of the following

  38. 1999 Constitution
    1989 Constitution
    1979 Constitution

  39. The origin of democracy is traceable to or associated with

  40. Egyptians
    Roman Empire
    Ancient Greeks

Bookkeeping Account Obj

  1. When a shareholder fails to pay the calls requested from him this situation leads to

  2. right issues
    forfeiture of share
    bonus share

  3. Which of the following is not a petty cash book item

  4. purchase of machinery
    purchase of stamp
    purchase of milk

  5. Into how many major types can general purpose computer be classified

  6. three

  7. A sale of goods to Audu was not posted. This is an error of

  8. principle

  9. The total share capital which a company would be allowed to issue is known as

  10. authorized share capital
    working capital
    fixed capital

  11. Which of the following is not a unit of the computer

  12. console

  13. Computer programmes are

  14. micro processor

  15. A statement that measures the performance of a business over a period of time is the

  16. profit and loss account
    balance sheet
    bank statement

  17. Which of the following is the basis of accounting in public service

  18. cash

  19. An expense is said to be revenue in nature if it

  20. reduces the capital of the business
    adds or contributes to the operating income of the business
    adds to or improves the value of fixed assets

  21. Which of the following is not correct

  22. credit purchases are entered on the debit side of the customers personal account
    returns inwards are entered on the credit side of the supplier's personal account
    returns outwards are entered on the debit side of the supplier's account

  23. When discount is allowed the accounting entry is debit discount allowed and credit

  24. expenses account
    debtors account
    suspense account

  25. When partners maintain fixed capital accounts the correct entries for a partner's share of profit

  26. debit profit and loss account credit current account,
    debit profit and loss appropriation account credit capital account
    debit current account credit capital account

  27. The excess of current assets over current liabilities is

  28. working capital
    loan capital
    preference capital

  29. Goodwill is taken into account in partnership when

  30. a partner becomes dominant
    a new partner is admitted
    the business is making huge profit

  31. The excess of current assets over current liabilities is

  32. preference capital
    working capital
    loan capital

  33. A class of preference shares in which dividend rights are carried forward is

  34. cumulative

  35. When both debit and credit entries in respect of a transaction are made in the same ledger account

  36. this is a folio entry
    this is a ledger entry
    this is a centra entry

  37. A business operates on a markup of 25%. If cost of goods sold is #800000. What is the profit

  38. #40000

  39. If #280000 capital turns #485000 at year end and year drawings was #15000; find year profit

  40. #190000

English Language OBJ Practice

The below English language questions are fill in the gap
  1. The exercise presented us with a lot of problems but later it was all_____

  2. Plain

  3. All the cattle on Lamidi's farm _____

  4. Is tick-free
    Are tick-free
    Is ticks-free

  5. _______ been no official reaction to your request yet

  6. There's

  7. Kunle was annoyed for arriving late ______

  8. Also Kemi's rather insolent manner
    Also that Kemi's insolent manner
    And Kemi's rather insolent manner also

  9. Those men helped Dupe and _______

  10. Myself

  11. You can stay here _______ as you are quiet

  12. As long
    So long
    In as much

  13. The Emir and conqueror of the enemy territories _________ next week

  14. Arrives
    Are to arrive

  15. He was ________ by the trickster

  16. Assisted

  17. ______ woman was attacked by a group of bandits

  18. A 90-years old
    A 90-year-old
    A 90 year-old

  19. He was angry with me ________ being treated nonchalantly

  20. For

  21. The teacher with his wife ______ here

  22. Was
    Were to be

  23. ______ he would have been convicted

  24. If he could do this
    If he had done this
    If he did this

  25. What saved her was that she _______ to the side of the boat

  26. Had clinged

  27. When we visited him, he offered us a variety of _______

  28. Hot

  29. The exercise will be easily accomplished by the team if members _______ their ______

  30. Poor/resources together

  31. I have decided to ________ drinking alcohol for health reasons

  32. Abandon
    Give up

  33. I would like to ________ my father to Kaduna

  34. Accompany

  35. One ________ be too careful these days; times are uncertain and walls have ears

  36. Can't
    Need not

  37. I shall never be so tired _______ to write to you

  38. Such that I will be unable
    As not to be able
    That I shan't be able

  39. As you have been here before ________ lead the way

  40. You would better
    It is you who will
    You'd better

  41. My brother got married to a woman with ______

  42. Gorgeous

  43. The thief we caught yesterday was ________ manner

  44. Disguised

  45. The carpenter asked for ten packets of ________ nails

  46. Fifteen centimetres'

  47. The President refused to shake ______ with the visiting Prime Minister

  48. Hand
    His hand

  49. The trader companied that he ________ robbed

  50. Had been
    Has been
    Is being

Geography OBJ

  1. "Houses are far apart from one another. They are commonly connected by foot path" this description refers to.

  2. Despersed settlement
    Ribbon settlement
    Urban settlement

  3. An area is said to be overpopulated if

  4. It has more people than its developed physical and human resources can support
    There is not enough food to cater for the population
    There is rural urban migration

  5. Ports that specialize in receiving and redistributing goods to neighboring countries are

  6. River ports
    Inland ports
    Entre ports

  7. The major causes of change in population size are

  8. Birth, marriage and death
    Birth, accident and death
    Birth, death and migration

  9. The greatest problem associated with cattle rearing in west Africa is

  10. The presence of tsetse fly
    Inadequate capital
    Insufficient market

  11. Which of these African countries is noted for lumbering

  12. Uganda

  13. Which of the following is not a favor of land transport to the economic development of any country

  14. Generation of income
    Diffusion of idea and innovation
    Depopulation of urban centres

  15. One of the functions performed by rural settlements for urban settlement is the provisions

  16. Of employment
    Of manufactured goods
    Of agricultural products

  17. Which of the following is the major benefit of international trade

  18. Stabilization of price
    Free movement of people across borders
    Revenue generation

  19. Perishable goods; items of high unit value (gold, diamond) are best transported by

  20. Rail

  21. Which type of rock are quartzite, schist and mable

  22. Igneous

  23. The process of headward erosion will lead to the formation of

  24. Alluvial cones
    Pot holes
    River capture

  25. The nearest planet to the sun is the

  26. Mercury

  27. The longitude that joins longitude 180° at opposite side of the globe to form Great Circle

  28. Longitude 0°
    Longitude 170° W
    Longitude 30° E

  29. The part of the earth's crust that is covered by oceans and sea is called

  30. Ionosphere

  31. Which of the following lines of latitudes divides the earth into two hemispheres

  32. Tropic of cancer
    Antarctic circle
    The equator

  33. In which part of the atmosphere does rain clouds develop

  34. Troposphere

  35. An example of an organically formed sedimentary rock is

  36. Rock salt

  37. Sills, dykes and batholiths are examples of

  38. Extrusive volcanic landform
    Intrusive volcanic landform
    Landforms from earthquake

  39. An advantage of air transport in the world is its

  40. High patronage
    Speedy movement of goods and passengers
    Ability to carry bulky goods

Biology Question Test 1

  1. Which of the following is not a courtship behavior exhibited by animals?

  2. A. pairing
    B. Hibernation
    C. display

  3. The process whereby micro-organisms convert atmospheric nitrogen into nitrogenous compound is known as

  4. A. nitrogen fixation
    B. Putrefaction
    C. nitrogen cycle

  5. Which of the following organisms reduces nitrates in the soil to gaseous nitrogen

  6. A. nitrifying bacterium
    B. Parasitic mould
    C. Denitrifying bacterium

  7. Which of the following mineral salts is a trace element?

  8. A. hydrogen
    B. Carbon
    C. zinc

  9. A climax community is characterized by

  10. A. constant change in appearance of the habitat
    B. Gradual change in animal population
    C. A stable composition of plants and animals species

  11. Which of the following is not a characteristic of overcrowding in plant and animal community

  12. A. population outstripping available space
    B. Increase in primary production
    C. Population exceeding available food

  13. The use of predators or parasites to control pests in the farm is known as

  14. A. predator control
    B. Animal control
    C. Biological control

  15. Which of the following substances cannot control the growth of harmful microorganisms

  16. A. disinfectants
    B. Antibiotics
    C. Isotonic sugar solution

  17. Which of the following is the underlining principle in the adoption of biological control of pests

  18. A. the predator-prey relationship in the ecologically community
    B. The presence of poisonous chemicals in the farm
    C. Relationship between plants and animals

  19. The largest game reserve in Nigeria is the

  20. A. Yankari Game Reserve in Bauchi State
    B. Oban Hills Game Reserve in Cross River State
    C. Zamfara Forest Reserve in Sokoto State

History And Philosophy Question Test 1

  1. ____ is the science for practical and efficiency

  2. A. entomology
    B. technology
    C. gerontology

  3. Michael Faraday studied ____

  4. A. Electricity and magnetism
    B. Engineering and innovation
    C. Aviation and movement

  5. Thomas Edison invented ____

  6. A. telephone
    B. badminton
    C. Electric light bulb

  7. First cosmology to give rational account of all physical phenomena was devised by

  8. A. Galileo Galilee
    B. Henry the Tudor
    C. Aristotle

  9. The Sumerians develop metallurgy and the use of ____

  10. A. compass
    B. Lunar calendar
    C. calculator

  11. Sir Isaac Newton formulated the law of universal gravitation

  12. A. fallacy
    B. certain
    C. dilemma

  13. Archimedes of Syracuse (287-212 B.C.) pioneered the science of

  14. A. transportation
    B. horoscope
    C. mechanics

  15. ____ studied the chemistry of gases and and the nature of respiration and combustion

  16. A. Jack Doreen
    B. Karl Max
    C. Robert Hooke

  17. Classic learning vanished from Europe during

  18. A. Dark age
    B. Modern age
    C. Renaissance age

  19. The first periodic table of chemical elements were compiled by

  20. A. Dmitri Mendeleyev
    B. Charles Darwin
    C. Nicholas Copernicus

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