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Gwen finally came clean with Jack and Jennifer, Abigail left Chad, Tripp faced off with Charlie, while Maggie told Bonnie off, and Gabi tried to win Jake back.

Our TV Fanatics Jack and Christine are joined by Andy and DoolFan4Life from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Gwen's story, Maggie's lack of forgiveness, Lauren Koslow's 25 years as Kate Roberts, and if Charlie can or should be redeemed on Days of Our Lives.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Do you believe that Gwen is Jack's daughter? If Jack is telling the truth about not knowing anything about Gwen, who would you like to see uncover the truth?

Andy: I really hope she's NOT actually Jack's daughter, as I'm not a fan of the long lost child trope that is overplayed on this show. It's fine that she believes she is his daughter, and it makes her revenge plot more believable, but I hope there is more to the story.

Whatever the truth is, it would be interesting if Gabi uncovered it and actually worked with Abigail and Chad against a common enemy rather than be petty and use it against them.

DoolFan4Life: This is tough, I really don't want Gwen to be jacks daughter cuz I cringe thinking of her as a permanent addition to the show, but I feel like she will be or made to believe she is until the writers realize she sucks and come up with a tampered DNA test explanation.

I believe Jack is telling the truth, but who knows if he was Stefano's pawn, and that's why he doesn't remember.

As far as uncovering the truth, I'm still not sure I care enough, but maybe Abby or Anna as she seems to be the brains of the town.

Jack: I'm not sure. She may be, but the story is so crazy and full of holes I can't tell if Gwen is lying or the writers just haven't thought of obvious things (e.g., why didn't her mom get a child support order instead of taking hush money?)

If I could pick ANYBODY to uncover the truth,  I'd have JJ come back to town. He'd be furious that the woman he thought would be his girlfriend turned out to be an evil potential half-sister and begin his investigation by going to England and visiting his old boarding school to check whether she was a student there when he was.

Wouldn't it be something if she was seeking revenge way back then, and she was the one who got him started on drugs after Jack supposedly died, only he didn't realize it was the same person because she was using a different name and looks different as an adult?

Anyway, that's who should be investigating this, but maybe Abe and Jack can bond over having pop-up daughters and investigate together since JJ isn't on canvas.

Christine: I believe Gwen could be Jack's daughter, and I'm okay with that. Jack has always been an outsider, and Gwen could be an extension of that.

Either way, Gwen definitely believes Jack is her father, which explains her hatred of him and Abigail.

As for uncovering the truth, it should be Jennifer. She's an investigative reporter and has a vested interest in finding out if her husband is lying, has a daughter he never knew he had, or is being played. I'd love to see Jennifer look at it all logically, such as following the money trail for those payments and figure out the truth.

Is Maggie right to still hold a grudge against Bonnie?

Andy: Maggie has every right to never want anything to do with Bonnie, after everything she's done with Adrienne, Mickey, Lucas, and that ridiculous Southern accent.

Bonnie may be trying to be a better person, but it's asking a lot for Maggie to be okay with having this woman in her home and around her family. Bonnie can be a better person anywhere else in the world. Salem is not the place to move on with her life!

DoolFan4Life: I don't think it's an issue of right or wrong because it's how she feels, so only she can decide what's right. However, she's forgiven a lot worse people for a lot worse things, Xander, Eric, Victor, etc.

It seems Bonnie is trying, but Maggie just doesn't have the interest. I think Bonnie instead of Adrienne is silly, so I won't focus too much on it. 

 This was SO out of character for Maggie. I can understand her being upset, but she was acting so much like Victor does with all of Brady's girlfriends that I could hear her voice in my head telling Victor to cut out the behavior she was currently engaging in!

Christine: Yes! Bonnie has always hated Maggie and has messed with both of her husbands. Maggie is a good person, but she's human, and she doesn't have to forgive Bonnie.

If Justin wants to spend time with Bonnie, so be it, but he can do it somewhere other than Maggie's living room.

Tripp and Charlie finally met, and Tripp expressed empathy for his brother. Do you think Charlie is redeemable? Do you want him to be?

Andy: At one point, I may have thought Charlie had a small chance to be redeemed depending on learning the full truth of what happened with Allie (at least in the context of a show that forgives a serial killer).

But after that, letting Tripp take the fall, everything he did to his own mother, and not taking accountability for any of it... it's going to be hard to redeem all that in the near-term. Maybe they should just make him go full villain and stay that way.

DoolFan4Life: No, I don't think he's redeemable anymore than Ben is. I don't really want him to be redeemed either because it just irks me how everyone gets away with rape as if it's no big deal on this show.

Charlie is a good, bad guy much like Ben, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Otherwise, you end up with an ex serial killer moping around Salem crying over Ciara over and over.... boring.

Jack: I like the actor, and I'm disappointed that Days again went the route of "nice guy turns out to be a violent criminal."

But if serial killer Ben can be redeemed and is now giving Allie support and advice about how to handle the next step in her rape case, Charlie can be too.

I would not be surprised if he goes to Bayview for a bit and comes back ready to resume with Claire now that he's sane, but no one believes he is because it's not like we haven't done that twice before in the last year.

Christine: I loved how reasonable and empathetic Tripp was with Charlie, but that doesn't mean Charlie needs to be redeemed.

It's nice to think that broken people who do despicable things can change, but it's not always realistic, and Days has far too many murderers and rapist eventually becoming good guys. It can be tough to watch. 

Should Philip be staying with Chloe while the mob is after him? Did Brady have the right to tell Chloe she should stay away from Philip?

Andy: I think it's irresponsible for Philip to drag Chloe into this ridiculous mess and put her in danger, and Brady is right to be concerned. Although I did like Chloe standing up for herself and calling out Brady for always trying to save women.

This is definitely the beginnings of a love square, and Chloe should probably be more worried about Kristen than the mob.

DoolFan4Life: Probably not as he's putting her at risk and Parker already lost a parent, but I can understand he has nowhere to go, and she offered.

Brady has the right to an opinion but nothing else after that. He endangered Chloe by putting her on Kristin's radar, which is more lethal than any mob.

Brady has a lot of nerve expecting her to just submit to him as if he can control any aspect of her life. It's nice that he cares, but it's more that he's controlling, and I'm just going to say it.....what a pig!

Jack: There are no words for how much I hate this story. I'd much rather a realistic gambling addiction story where Brady starts out judging Philip but eventually, they bond over both being recovering addicts.

Instead, we have Brady/Chloe/Philip AGAIN with Kristen thrown in the mix along with violent mob bosses. Ugh.

No, Philip staying with Chloe is a bad idea, even if she killed a drug cartel lord during the last mob story. But Chloe is right that she's an adult and can make her own choices, and her standing up to Brady about his overprotective behavior is the only part of this story worth watching.

Christine: Philip staying with Chloe is just wrong. It puts her in danger because Philip is too scared to tell his daddy he's screwed up again.

Brady was right to voice his concern, but then he went too far. Brady has issues when the women he cares about disagree with him, and Chloe calling him out on his savior complex was the best thing about this convoluted storyline.

Lauren Koslow has played Kate Roberts for 25 years! Do you love Kate or hate her? Do you have any favorite Kate moments?

Andy: I love Kate. I haven't known Days of Our Lives without her. I like that she's a gray character, and she often does questionable or straight-up villainous things but with generally good intentions.

Her cancer storyline sticks out in my mind and the many rivalries with her children's partners. I liked her paired with Roman and wish they'd revisit that relationship.

DoolFan4Life: I don't hate Kate, but I don't love her either. I always thought she'd have more potential as a strong female character, but it's lather, rinse, repeat with her.

Same stories, failed attempted murders, sleep with everyone, and overbearing mother..... now and again, you get a good scene where you temporarily root for her, but most of the time, she's a love to hate kind of character for me. I like the actress, but I'd just like to see Kate evolve a bit.

My favorite Kate moments are ones she'd share with Sami when they teamed up to take over Dimera. I loved the alliance, and I enjoyed watching them grow to respect and actually love one another. Kate and Sami were a great team.

Jack: I never used to like Kate. I found her annoying. But now I've come to appreciate her. I love her dry wit and her loyalty to her children and grandchildren, even though she is just as bad as Sami about putting her nose in people's business.

She is one classy diva! I absolutely love it when she and Lucas butt heads and he tries to put her in her place.

Also, before Gabi was rewritten as completely unlikeable, her friendship with Kate was enjoyable. I remember when Gabi was arrested for killing Nick and Kate told her, "I'm not sorry you killed him. I'm just sorry you got caught."

That was a far cry from the Kate, who was judging Gabi for being a murderer, and the Gabi, who was judging Kate for throwing Nick in the river we saw on Friday!

Christine: I've grown to love Kate over the years. She's strong, independent, and fiercely protects her family, whether they like it or not.

I also loved it when she and Sami teamed up and when she helped Gabi dispose of Nick. I'm even enjoying her current relationship with Jake. Kate Roberts is a gorgeous, smart, older woman who takes no crap from anyone, and she's fun to watch.

Which storyline are you enjoying the least right now on Days of Our Lives?

Andy: Overall, the Philip mob storyline has made his return disappointing. I hope that gets wrapped up quickly and the character starts being written more like the Philip I remember.

I'm also not really enjoying the twin kidnapping just because it's so overdone. But at least the motive behind it makes sense, and it's given Lani and Eli some better material to work with.

DoolFan4Life: I least enjoy anything with Gwen. I've never found it so hard to try and care about a story, but she literally sucked the interest out of any of it.

Jack: Did I mention how much I hate this Philip vs. the mob nonsense?

I also don't like the repeated Raynor stealing the babies story, especially when we could have had a more realistic drama about Lani and Eli trying to adjust to parenthood while Abe, Valerie, and Julie constantly bombarded them with their opinions of how things should be done.

Finally, Li Shin caring what a tabloid magazine says about Chad/Gwen?

Where was he when the same tabloid exposed EJ's affair with Abigail? And for that matter, why hire Gabi EVER if he's concerned about sexual exploits hurting his company's reputation?

Christine: Philip's mob storyline is just boring, and turning it into a Philip/Chloe/Brady/Kristen love quadrangle isn't helping. Philip hasn't been well written in years, and although I desperately wanted him to return to Salem, this story is such a dud that I wouldn't mind if he left for a while.

Also, why is Gabi so desperate to get Jake back? She and Jake had barely gotten started when she left Salem.

Having her first priority be rekindling their barely-there romance comes off as needy and pathetic.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from this week's Days of Our Lives?

Andy: As much as I'm not crazy about the outcome, I was happy to finally see Gwen's motive fully revealed and thought the scenes with her/Jack/Jennifer and Abigail/Chad were well done and held my interest.

I also loved when Anna tripped Gwen in the square!

And as a Gabi fan, I'm glad she's back but not thrilled about the desperation and pettiness. I like Gabi and Kate as a team. I don't want to see them pitted against each other, especially over a man.

DoolFan4Life: All scenes involving Anna were fab this week. She's quick to pick up on everything that everyone failed to see for months, and her scenes are enjoyable.

I loved that Anna reminded us that messing with a Dimera is a big mistake. I really hope the writers remember this as well because so far, it's lost all meaning.

An old fashion Dimera punishment could be the saving grace to all the months of suffering we did watching Gwen chew her nails like a disgusting cow.

Jack: Even though I dislike Gwen, I thought the reveal of her as potentially Jack's daughter was well-done.

I also can't stop laughing at some of Anna's lines. She and Tony add a lot to the show, and I hope they stick around for a while.

Christine: As much as I'm not a fan of Gwen, I felt her fury and pain as she told Jack and Jennifer her story. I'm not sure where this is going, but I'm finally enjoying this story.

Also, I was proud of Abigail for not running back to Chad. No matter what Gwen did, Chad still chose to believe this stranger over his wife, which speaks to how broken their marriage really is. I'm glad Abigail wants to face that instead of sweeping it under the rug and blaming it all on Gwen.

Not it's your turn, TV Fanatics! Hit that big, blue, SHOW COMMENTS button down below to tell us how you feel about this week's Days of Our Lives. And don't forget to check out Jack Ori's Days of Our Lives review here at TV Fanatic.

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Minor Premise plays out like a trippy dissection of the human psyche.

Writer/Director/Producer Eric Schultz admits to intrigue in this area, and with this film, he ensures many others will become equally as intrigued.

If you're a fan of sci-fi and issues surrounding the human state and why we are who we are, then you have to check out Minor Premise.

Science and the possibilities of understanding that lies just beyond our grasp make great topics for science fiction movies.

Sathya Sridharan takes the lead in Minor Premise as Ethan, a brilliant scientist battling demons that have led to him experimenting on himself. Ethan is the beating heart of this film, and if he's not in every scene, it's pretty darn close.

That means that if the weight of the film's success behind the scenes falls onto the triple threat that Schultz brings with his writing, directing, and producing, then the on-screen magic rides on Sridharan.

Sridharan is an unlikely leading man, but he is mesmerizing to watch as Ethan battles the self-destruction he brought onto himself and valiantly tries to overcome.

Ethan's scientific focus is on the memory, and with a contraption of his own design, he has mapped memories that can be shared with others, as if they are watching those memories in a movie.

But the more often he undergoes his own treatment to map and share more unique memories, the less stable Ethan becomes. He doesn't recognize it at first, but with each memory, he's slicing off a piece of himself into its own entity.

Ethan discovers that your memories are cataloged with the specific part of your psyche that was lit as the memory was created.

When Ethan begins losing time, he reaches out to the person he trusts most in the world, his ex-girlfriend Alli (Paton Ashbrook). Together, they search for answers to Ethan's blackouts, how they relate to his experiments, and how they can put Ethan's pieces back together again.

Writing that, it sounds a bit like Humpty Dumpty. It makes sense, too. Ethan takes a big swing, but when he goes too far, he breaks into all of the individual pieces that once made the whole man he was. Just like all the king's horses and all the king's men, Alli works tirelessly with Ethan to put him back together again.

In the meantime, Ethan is acting as many parts of himself broken specified by particular impulses. It's not just his id, ego, and super-ego at play, but nine areas, including anxiety, anger, libido, primitive, and euphoria, to name a few.

While this film is meticulously researched and uses real scientific facts and methods to guide the film's conjecture, I'm not that scientifically inclined, so you're getting the layman's version here.

The mystery starts with Ethan's blackouts, but Alli and Ethan tag team videos so they can interact with all of the different sides to determine what part of Ethan is conscious at any time, how helpful they'll be to resolving Ethan's fractured state, and how to unlock the key and recombine the parts again.

Driving home Ethan's erratic state is his basement laboratory. It looks damp, cold, and often unsanitary. It's the rudiments of a scientific lab from someone who has become so single-minded on results that they've lost touch with many aspects of not only their well-being but the health of their lab, as well.

Sridharan's got the role of a lifetime here. While many of us often hide our basest impulses, Ethan is fully engaged, requiring Sridharan to run the emotional gamut.

A lot of that plays out in short, chaotic bursts, but when you imagine how much work went into finding just the right cuts that made it into the film, it amounts to an emotionally and physically exhausting performance from Sridharan, and it really makes its mark.

Minor Premise is a film that sticks with you long after your done watching. The next time you imagine yourself lashing out in anger but rein yourself in before making a colossal mistake, you'll recall Ethan's nine sections acting without that balance.

I have no idea if brain damage from disease or injury could put any one section of the brain in limbo or permanently out of one's control, but the concept of such consequences is fascinating.

The discussion escalates when you consider that your memories are inescapably intertwined with particular impulses (I'm not sure that's the right word) and manipulated by your brain to form the recollection, which may or may not be representative of the actual event.

Maybe it's just me, but any movie that can drive me into typing that last paragraph with as much excitement as it took me to do it earns my respect.

Minor Premise rests on a select number of individuals' hefty talent, and it succeeds across the board. It's entertaining and thought-provoking and packs one helluva punch. You'll be scratching your head for days, and you won't shake the feeling for even longer.

Minor Premise is available On Demand across all of the major platforms.

source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2021/01/minor-premise-movie-review-a-trippy-mind-f-star-number-k/

The CW continues rolling out its returning series, and Charmed is back, baby!

Snowpiercer returns to TNT, and Syfy releases what might be the funniest small-town alien mystery ever told with Resident Alien.

Find out what else we recommend this week below, and check back here nightly for a whole bunch of reviews!

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Wednesday continues his search for war gods, and he makes a rather perilous decision to visit his wife. Yep, that's happening!

And as if Laura's life wasn't odd enough, now that she's turned to dust, she's got a lot of other demons to sort through.

8/7c Batwoman (The CW)

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Everyone's got a mission, and Gotham's caught in the crossfire once again.

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9/8c Charmed (The CW)

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For the first time, the Charmed ones face a clear and present danger in the Faction, but will they manage to stay charmed and kicking at the end of the episode?

Monday, January 25

9/8c 9-1-1 Lone Star (FOX)

Tommy Vega has already made a hell of an impression and is an instant fan-favorite, but she's still having difficulty adjusting to the job and being away from her twin girls.

In the meantime, the 126 have their work cut out for them racing to save lives from, get this, LAVA, after a volcanic eruption.

And if that hasn't piqued your interest, then just wait until you see our crew have to save a woman trapped in her food truck from SCORPIONS!

9/8c Snowpiercer (TNT)

All aboard for a thrilling return to the world of Wilford and the survivors of the Snowpiercer revolution.

With a third season renewal already in the bag, settle in to discover how Layton deals with handling Snowpiercer's new government in the face of Mr. Wilford's miraculous return from the dead. And in the form of Sean Freakin' Bean, no less!

Speaking of a return from the dead, Melanie was outside, not knowing her daughter had also survived The Freeze when we last left them. How will THAT news hit her?

Tuesday, January 26

9/8c Prodigal Son (FOX)

Can Malcolm go a single day without facing some form of trauma? Heck no! The team's latest case takes Malcolm to his alma mater, where the headmaster was murdered, and the school looks like a house of horrors, so obviously, some bad things happened there.

The suspect list is long, the kids are creepy, and returning to the place drudges up some traumatic memories for Malcolm.

Meanwhile, our favorite serial-killer dad in a cardigan sweater is hell-bent on escaping Claremont with the help of Friar Pete, and he may succeed. Let's be real, this is one exodus we're secretly looking forward to happening, and we're definitely rooting for Martin.

Wednesday, January 24

10/9c Chicago PD (NBC)

After a brief hiatus, Chicago PD leaps into action with a twisted case that involves the murder of a cop.

We’ll also get some clarity on those personal cliffhangers!

Will Burgess decide to give parenthood another try? What does the kiss mean for Halstead and Upton's relationship? Tune in to find out!

10/9c For Life (ABC)

Buckle your seatbelts, For Life Fanatics. No, the series hasn't opted to skirt around the pandemic.

On the first installment of the season, Aaron enlists the help of Safiyah when he learns the rapid rates that COVID-19 is spreading throughout the prison. And he isn't Aaron if he's not willing to help out.

Meanwhile, with Aaron, her daughter, and her newborn grandson, Marie has to decide if she's willing to put herself and her family at risk by going all-in working at the hospital and treating COVID patients.

10/9 Resident Alien (Syfy)

Wednesdays at 10 are kind of crowded, but I'm going to beg you to take a look at Resident Alien on Syfy.

It's one of the funniest things to his television in ages, but there's also an underlying mystery that keeps the show zipping along.

The cast is incredible, bringing their best to the production. And Corey Reynolds from The Closer is funny as hell! Who knew?

Join me weekly as we cover this gem. And we'll have a few interviews to get it started, too! Check out the first seven minutes now.

Thursday, January 28

8/7c Walker (The CW)

It looks like Walker is having a hard time getting back into the swing of things. He's not focusing on family, and his job is suffering, too.

Also eating him alive is the very thing he ran away from -- Emily's death. He still wants answers.

Check out the trailer for the second episode of this new show on The CW.

9/8c Legacies (The CW)

After a meandering premiere, Legacies Season 3 Episode 2 kicks into high gear as the Super Squad battles to save one of their own from a devastating death.

Loyalties are tested, but who will still be alive when the latest threat comes to pass?

Check out the latest trailer to find out!

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Diana's magic is coming alive!

On A Discovery of Witches Season 2 Episode 3, Diana continues her sessions with Goody and Susanna and friends to great effect, but her training has to take a backseat again as she's about to make a long journey with Matthew.

The history of science professor also found herself face to face with Queen Elizabeth, once a dream that frightened Diana more than she imagined.

The scale of the production for A Discovery of Witches Season 2 doesn't seem too involved when you consider the size of the cast, but when you see what it accomplishes bringing history and magic to life, you realize what a thoughtful and skilled endeavor it is.

Seeing this story burst to life on screen is a marvel, and this episode offered many scenes that popped.

Matthew and Diana traveled back in time to find the Book of Life aka Ashmole 782 and to release Diana's magic so that she would fully grasp her potential.

Matthew believes that Diana is the key to understanding everything about creatures and how they were created. By the time Diana begins weaving her first spell, gingerly plucking at elemental threads to create something unique to her, it's easy to understand why she's so important.

Even the tests that the witches use for other recruits don't suit Diana, not because she's not disciplined enough to work through them but because she's working with powers at a level that is rarely seen.

Goody: Regard the room with your witch's sight and tell me what you see.
Diana: Threads of light.
Goody: That is the warp and weft of all life in the cosmos made visible.

I could feel Diana's frustration as the elemental threads began dancing around her, and she couldn't grasp a single one of them. It was overwhelming to see so much at one time. It wasn't as simple as picking the brightest element because they all shone so bright to her.

Diana: The others probably don't even believe that I am a weaver.
Goody: They've never met your like before. Nor have I. Most witches only have one element in their blood, and they only see the threads of those elements, so it's easy for them to choose between them, but you saw them all.

It took Goody a bit to process it, and in that time, Diana pouted, wishing that she wasn't taking so long to understand her magic. Goody continues to caution Diana to have patience, as she knows that every fiber of a witch's being is needed to hone their craft.

The others continued working with Diana until she got a flair for the threads, and she began weaving right before their eyes. Those scenes were quite impressive. The threads were varying thicknesses and danced between those creating them and Diana as she plucked them.

When she got to the third knot of her first elemental spell, she set free a tree that would usher people between dimensions or worlds. That spell wasn't even complete, but it was fantastic!

And I have to ask. How does she know what she's doing? I can't remember from the book if it was explained to Diana what she had to be thinking when she was weaving or how to use each element within her spells.

It didn't seem like she had any specific direction to her thread choices other than her happiness to have manipulated them. So how did she weave something as significant as the dimension traveling spell, and what would have happened if she had tied the fourth knot?

If she was so transformed with three knots, shouldn't she get a little more information about what comes next before she tied a fourth?

She's going to have to take a breather from weaving for her journey with Matthew, but the more she follows her instincts, the clearer she will be with her magic.

She feels it, and although Goody and Matthew both wanted her to stay behind for her lessons, there is more to magic than learning, and Diana knows it.

Word has gotten around that Matthew is married, and he's managed to annoy a good number of people by keeping that special news in the dark. Add to it that he and Diana seem to be on the hunt for something they are also keeping secret, and it's ruffling a few feathers.

The first ruffled feathers come from Lord Burghley and William Cecil, and Father Hubbard. Even if he's had to kill a person or two to keep things under control, he's been dealing with them rather effectively.

But when Queen Elizabeth calls, you don't have any choice but to address the situation. She's concerned that Matthew is a traitor. She's concerned that by marrying, he will no longer abide by her wishes. She's got a lot of thoughts swimming through her head.

Diana: I never thought I'd be so desperate not to meet Queen Elizabeth.
Matthew: Queen Elizabeth trusts me implicitly. Even Cecil cannot change that. Overnight.

Diana, who once imagined what it would be like to meet the Queen, finds that reality doesn't give her the warm fuzzies s much as it makes her quake in her boots.

It's Diana and Matthew's love for each other and their commitment to each other, even though their marriage is quite false, that drives them to make all of the right moves for the Queen and in their many other endeavors.

Diana: I often thought about what I'd ask her if I ever met her.
Matthew: Nothing. She'll ask the questions. Keep the answers short.

Diana wisely swears loyalty to the Queen and ensures her majesty that Matthew will always answer to her first. The Queen is quite impressed, and when she discovers that they need Edward Kelly, she's willing to listen to a plan that will benefit them both.

It's ironic that Queen Elizabeth, who at this time is quite far into her reign and no longer a young woman, wants to live forever. Edward Kelly claims to know how to bring forth the Philosopher's Stone, and Elizabeth longs for its magic to give her everlasting life.

Yet the Queen also knows that Matthew is a vampire. If she wants everlasting life, why hasn't she ever hit him up for a little of what he's got? Surely, he wouldn't have denied her. But now that she's waited so long, rejuvenation woudl be just as imperative as defying death.

The Queen was hardly a comely woman in 1590. If I reached a ripe age and was offered eternal life, it might be a tough sell without the guarantee that I would be somewhat rejuvenated. I assume that's what's got Elizabeth on the hunt for the stone, but it's still ironic.

The other person quite out of sorts is Philippe de Clermont.

We finally met Gallowglass in the flesh, and I'm quite thrilled with Stephen Cree's interpretation of the character. He came at a time Matthew needed another friend since he believed he was betrayed by Kit.

Kit didn't betray him, of course, but to take his mind off of that, Gallowglass' arrival came at the most opportune time. He came with a message from Philippe, though, which was not welcome.

There is so much wrapped up with the idea that Matthew will see his father again some 70 years after he last saw him, ravaged by Nazis and close to death.

I loved how he recalled how much Philippe enjoyed writing and how it touched him seeing his father's wax seal on a letter and the handwriting he had once known and loved so well.

It frightens Matthew to see his father again, knowing what is to become of him. He doesn't want to hurt Philippe, but he's always been honest with Philippe, which is probably why Philippe is demanding a visit. It's unlike Matthew to keep something so significant as a marriage from his father.

But everything that Matthew knew about finding his mate came by way of his father, so there is a lot for him to wrap his head around when it comes to Diana and Philippe meeting, too. Let's say that their journey will deliver one of the best episodes of the second season.

While all of this was going down, Diana and Matthew had also settled into parenting, something they did so naturally that they never even took a breath to discuss what it meant to have Jack in their lives.

This relationship reminds me so much of Outlander's Jamie, Claire, and Fergus. But while I was always put off by how Claire felt about Fergus when he was younger, Diana is overjoyed at spending time with and protecting Jack.

It also warms her heart to see how Matthew and Jack together.

It has been so very long since Matthew had a young child of his own, but he was once a family man, and a good one, at that. He's far removed from that life, but he's not forgotten how to protect and soothe a child when they're fearful.

They're both going to have a hard time leaving Jack behind for the journey to see Philippe, but they arranged for Jack to have something special to remember them by. And it seems like a good time to point out that they know they're going back to the future. Was there a plan for Jack?

It seems almost cruel to allow Jack to fall in love with them as parents and for them to disappear into the future without him, leaving him alone once again. Did they think this through?

Their future is not an afterthought. Matthew wants Diana to study magic to get them home again. You could argue that he's home now, but it's clear that he's lived this life, and he's ready to get back to the one that offers an unclear way forward. It probably isn't all that fun reliving the past, after all.

Emily is dipping her toes into some magic that seems like it will wield uncertain results. Why did she look so frightened when she tried calling forth Rebecca? Who was in the smoke? I couldn't tell.

Domenico was very excited at discovering a vampire-ravaged dead body because he knows the de Clermont line was laced with blood rage, and when he saw that body, it meant only one thing. Blood rage is alive and well, and Gerbert can use it to destroy the de Clermont line once and for all.

So, yes, there is a lot ahead. What about this episode was the most exciting part for you? Don't forget that you can watch A Discovery of Witches online to relive it all from the beginning.

Please drop below and share your thoughts on this episode!

source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2021/01/a-discovery-of-witches-season-2-episode-3-review-elemental-threa/

Pop-up children are a soap staple.

A father discovering late in life that he was robbed of a son or daughter's childhood is a natural source of drama, and there's hardly a man in soapland who hasn't met a surprise child twenty to thirty years after the fact.

Many viewers guessed that was Gwen's problem when she first came to Salem, and she confirmed that on Days of Our Lives during the week of 1-18-21.

There's only one problem, besides the obvious one of this plot device being overused: Jack has no idea who this woman he supposedly fathered a child with is.

Weirdly, Gwen's backstory sounds more like Eve and Eduardo's story.

An alive Paige would have been justified telling Eduardo off for choosing his other family over her since he literally left Eve to go back to the Hernandezes, and Gwen also implied that Jack had a steady stream of one-night stands back in the day -- something that was true of Eve during Paige's childhood.

It's true that Jack wasn't always a great guy, and in fact, he raped Kayla -- a groundbreaking story about marital rape that Days of Our Lives likes to dust off for the sole purpose of sneering at him now.

But this type of history sounds more typical of Eve than him, and I was surprised that Gwen didn't reference recent history instead, like the one-night stand with Kate or amnesiac Jack's love affair with Eve.

There were also a ton of gaps in Gwen's story that made it difficult to suspend disbelief.

The money Jack supposedly sent her mother every month wasn't enough to meet their needs, yet it was enough for her mother to move her to a different country and buy enough drugs to kill herself with besides.

Gwen was supposedly the result of a one-night stand between a waitress and a customer, yet her mother allegedly knew Jack well enough to know who he was, where he lived, and how to track him down.

She never filed for child support, instead supposedly informing Jack of their child only for him to give her hush money every month.

And most egregious of all, Gwen learned that Jack had also moved to England and sulked that he didn't try to get in touch with her but never made any effort whatsoever to get in touch with him.

And if that wasn't bad enough, it sounds as if Gwen is older than Abigail and was conceived before Jack met Jennifer, yet the way she frames her grievance, it sounds like she is younger than Abigail and Jack rejected Gwen because he already had a child. Which is it?

In any case, this could have been cleared up by Gwen going about this a different way.

There's no reason for anyone to believe her story when she's spent the past few months trying to ruin all of the Deverauxes' lives and telling them lie after lie in service of that goal.

Her story is so implausible, too, and her mother conveniently dead so that she can't corroborate any of it.

Why on Earth would Jack believe it, especially since Gwen insists she won't believe paternity test results and discouraged Jack from taking one?

Granted, DNA test results in Salem are less than secure. But still.

Gwen got offended that Jack thought she wanted money when her behavior over the past six months demonstrates that she will do anything to get what she wants, including making up a fake paternity story to get a payout.

I may not remember every detail of every one-night stand from 30 years ago, but I think I would remember if someone told me that I fathered a child.


Also, it's not likely Jack would lie about this. He confessed to the one-night stand with Kate as soon as the truth came out, so he wouldn't stand there insisting he didn't reject a daughter than he did reject. 

And anyway, he couldn't pull it off. Jennifer knows him too well and would pick up immediately on lies and half-truths.

That doesn't mean Gwen isn't absolutely convinced she's telling the truth.

She's dangerous because even though her stupid vengeance scheme didn't win her any points with the Deverauxes the first time, she's decided that Jack's refusal to go along with her delusion means she wants more revenge.

Of course, Jack and Jennifer could ask for police protection, and Chad could report her drugging Abigail to the cops too, but that would be too easy and too sensible for a soap opera.

Speaking of Chad and Abigail, it's obvious what's coming next for these two now that Gabi is back in town.

Abigail was right to want space from Chad. He didn't trust her and fell for two manipulative women's lies in a row about her.

Her strength in declaring that she loves Chad but can't trust him was refreshing.

But unfortunately, her rejection right now while he is determined to protect her from Gwen and prove he's trustworthy leaves him vulnerable to making yet another stupid decision.

And since he already told Gabi that he now knows who really drugged Abigail, it's not hard to guess the next move here.

Gabi and Chad will likely team up to get Gwen, leaving Abigail feeling jealous and insecure even though she's the one who broke up with Chad.

Plus, Gabi may try to manipulate Chad some more. After all, her opening line involved making fun of Abigail's mental illness.

Gabi's snide remarks about Abby's mental health are among her least enduring traits, along with her huge ego and generally obnoxious attitude.

It's bad enough that Gwen makes fun of "poor fragile Abigail who belongs in a padded room" without Gabi doing it too.

Even her annoying scenes with Jake and Kate were more enjoyable than her run-in with Chad. I was hoping that she'd stay out of Chad and Abigail's orbit this time around!

But thank goodness that Kate didn't seem to fall for Gabi's manipulations, at least not yet.

She had a weird look on her face when she and Jake were toasting, and it didn't help that Tony had recently filled her head with nonsense about Jake leaving her for a younger man.

But Kate managed not to have a fit of insecurity, and there was no screaming match either before or after Gabi left. So there's that.

The Tony scenes were weird too. Tony seemed more like Andre in the way he was teasing Kate and disparaging Jake.

I got the sense, though, that the point of those scenes was to celebrate Lauren Koslow's 25th anniversary on Days of Our Lives, which was the day that the flashbacks of her first-ever scene aired.

Jake: I asked for a business proposal and Gabi threw herself at me.
Gabi: I think we can agree that Jake saying I threw myself at him is an example of his huge male ego.
Kate: I think you're the one with the big ego. You think you can dump any man and then come back to town and win him back.

Anyway, Kate never used to be one of my favorite characters, but she's been growing on me lately. She is a classy diva who doesn't mind using her biting sarcasm to cut certain people (yes, you, Gabi!) down to size.

Anna is another fun character. Her comments to Gwen had me cracking up, and she's smart to boot. She saw through Gwen right away and hasn't let up since.

Take your suitcase and slither back to wherever you came from.

Anna [to Gwen]

If Jack and Jennifer don't want to go to the police about Gwen's latest threats, maybe they should team up with Anna. She'll keep Gwen in line!

Elsewhere, the least interesting story award goes to this Philip/Chloe/Brady nonsense.

Brady: You put a target on your back. You want to put one on hers too?
Chloe: I'm not your wife anymore, Brady. Back off!

Props to Chloe for standing up to Brady about his overprotective attitude, but the rest of this can go.

Chloe seems to be gravitating back toward Philip while Brady is gravitating toward Chloe. Unfortunately, we've seen this all before.

This is why Chloe and Philip need new partners rather than giving each other yet another try. The first time there was a competition between Brady and Philip for Chloe might have been fun, but this is old news at this point.

Plus, Brady is supposed to be married to Kristen, who is almost as bad as Kate at getting violent toward anyone who takes "her" man.

Sure, Kristen is in prison, but when has that ever stopped her? And I'm not in the mood for Kristen pulling out all the stops to get revenge on Chloe. Blah.

And Philip's story is dumb. Philip should be a seasoned businessman and world traveler and not be naive enough to think he can rip off the mob while Ava was incapacitated or that he can use Titan to launder money without Victor finding out somehow.

Since it's been established that Philip is a gambling addict, I wish he and Brady had bonded over their similar problems.

It would have been a far more compelling story for Brady to try to convince a reluctant Philip to seek help for his gambling addiction while Philip thinks Brady is projecting his own alcoholism onto him.

At least Sarah managed to avoid acting like a toddler this week, for the most part.

It was ridiculous that she thought Xander would sit on the info he found instead of putting a stop to Philip's money laundering activities, though. What did she expect?

And when their argument about that got interrupted by Xander being dragged to the station to talk about Raynor, Sarab didn't help anything by mentioning Xander's offhand comment about the twins but not bringing up all the reasons why it was stupid to think he was involved.

Eli really shouldn't be interviewing suspects in cases he's involved in, either. Still, the police station seems to suffer from the same staffing shortage as the hospital, leaving people to work on cases they can't be objective about all the time.

And finally, there was some movement on the Allie rape storyline.

I was so sure it was Tripp. And now it seems like it could be Charlie, in which case the father of my baby is a lunatic who tied up and drugged his own mother. So no, I'm not okay.


Now that Allie realizes Tripp wasn't the rapist, she's a mess. I wonder if she and Tripp will end up dating sooner or later. I've had that feeling for a while.

Her conversation with Ben was all sorts of random, too. I don't think the two of them have ever talked before, at least not about anything substantial.

Meanwhile, I'm glad Ben came along when he did because Claire seemed conflicted about Charlie's manipulations.

I didn't want her to fall for it, but I was also worried that Charlie might turn violent if Claire rejected him, and I didn't want another kidnapping storyline either.

Thankfully, Charlie and Tripp didn't come to blows either.

Charlie and Gwen seem to be two of a kind. Since they both came from Philly, Days of Our Lives missed an opportunity by not making them have anything to do with one another, especially given that they both fly off the handle because they believe their parent to have rejected them in favor of a half-sibling.

As for Allie, I'm glad that she finally asked Marlena to hypnotize her.

Of course, you can't remember what you did while blacked out drunk in real life because the excess alcohol interferes with the memory encoding process. But in Salem, hypnosis works for this sort of thing, so it's beyond time Allie went for it.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics!

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Days of Our Lives continues to air on NBC on weekday afternoons. Check your local listings for airtimes.

source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2021/01/days-of-our-lives-review-week-of-1-18-21-a-crazy-secret-comes-ou/

Did Eddie and her partner fake a criminal incident?

On Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 5,  a member of the public came forward to accuse the two officers after they were awarded for a big show of heroism.

Meanwhile, Frank dug deep into a decades-long history of cash payments his father had been making to an unknown recipient.

Elsewhere, Sean contended with his school locker being vandalized as a result of anti-police sentiment.

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source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2021/01/watch-blue-bloods-online-season-11-episode-5/

Did Mac, Bozer, and Riley stop the crime next door?

On MacGyver Season 5 Episode 6, the trio quarantined together, leading to them going on a wild mission that prevented them from leaving the home.

Meanwhile, Russ's romantic fling took a longer and more complicated turn when they quarantined together.

Did they decide to stay together after a few days with one another?

Use the video above to watch MacGyver online right here via TV Fanatic.

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source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2021/01/watch-macgyver-online-season-5-episode-6/

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