When I think of school trips on TV, nothing will ever match up to Sex Education Season 3 Episode 5.

There were big moments for the core characters and their relationships, a terrifying but comedic incident with a sock full of poo being hurled out of a bus window, and so much more.

It was a perfect hour that successfully moved many of the plots in new and intriguing directions.

We have to start with Maeve and Otis because the universe has seemingly been pulling them apart … until now.

Otis being upset about Isaac’s manipulation was warranted. Had Isaac not deleted the voicemail, Maeve and Otis could be in a flourishing relationship by this point.

Maeve was visibly touched by the true context of the voicemail, and even though they shared a kiss, it won’t be plain sailing for them.

Maeve might have forgiven Isaac and embarked on a relationship with him, but she’s going to struggle with the notion that she cheated on him by kissing Otis.

It’s a complicated state of affairs, but this might give Maeve some much-needed perspective.

Boy: Did you hear about Ruby?
Girl: I know, can you imagine getting dumped by Otis Milburn?

Rushing into a relationship with anyone is not a good idea, but when there are this many red flags, something’s got to give.

Isaac will be shocked to learn Maeve told Otis, and the rivalry between the two boys will probably reach a boiling point in the coming episodes.

Otis needs to tell Isaac what he thinks of him because Isaac robbed him of a relationship with Maeve, and it’s not like Isaac has had any sort of comeuppance.

He perfectly orchestrated a way to get back into Maeve’s life through her mother, and I suspect he’s going to fly off the handle if he hears about the kiss.

Then again, he did come clean to Maeve much quicker than I thought he would, but it’s still hard to trust him in any given scenario.

Maeve needs to learn to swallow her pride once in a while. Aimee’s mother paying for the school trip was a lovely gesture that should have resonated with Maeve.

Maeve thinking Anna made the payment seemed out of the left-field, but I’m starting to get the feeling Maeve is looking at Anna as a mother figure in some aspects.

Anna has been the warm female parental figure she needed in her life when she was yearning for her mother. Anna doesn’t have any obligation to help Maeve in any way, but you can tell she feels bad for the teenager and wants to help.

Adam: I, uh, didn't steal your boyfriend.
Rahim: That's exactly what you did.

Hopefully, Aimee and Maeve can patch their friendship up before long because they truly are one of the constants of the series.

Witnessing them arguing was not nice and ultimately hurt them both.

The scene with Rahim in the toilet, Cal and Jackson high, and the car windscreen being smacked with the turd in the sock was hilarious.

It was flawlessly executed and the cast delivered in the acting department.

Cal and Jackson started the season not knowing each other, but it’s visibly clear they understand each other, so I’m intrigued to see where their relationship goes.

Jackson seems all-in, while Cal seems more reserved, clearly not wanting to have their feelings hurt.

Adam helping Rahim was a true shocker. Rahim has been insufferable, but Adam knew how the whole school would turn on his nemesis should the truth come out.

Adam was a bully initially, but he’s slowly realizing that actions have consequences and that it’s always best to think about the scenario at hand.

Kyle: I really liked AImee, you know?
Steve: Oh, really?
Kyle: She was really nice and a total fuck machine. You're a really lucky guy.
Steve: That was so inappropriate.

In this instance, it was far more believable Adam did the deed, and he understood as much. This also helped build a bridge between the two enemies, and maybe they won’t be as competitive in the future.

Let’s hope Hope doesn’t find out about Adam because that will not go down well at the school.

Jean and Hope’s run-in at the hospital was a nice way of showing the differing views of these two women.

Hope is all about pro-abstinence, but Jean is quite the opposite. It was good to see the two women speak about how they felt about certain subjects, but the wider purpose of these scenes was to show that Hope was struggling to conceive.

This was clearly a way for the writers to delve deeper into the character of Hope without giving too much away. She does have all the makings of a villain, but there appears to be more going on with the character than we first realized.

Hopefully, she can find a way to reverse some of her damage to the school and the students.

Jean going off on the gynecologist was on-brand. The dude was rude, dismissive, and tried to make her feel like crap for having a child later in life.

You don’t cross Jean Milburn and expect to get away with it.

Doctor: Everything looks normal. You don't want to know the sex. Have you changed your mind?
Jean: No thanks. I'd rather wait.
Doctor: Many older mothers make that choice. They want to focus on getting through the pregnancy safely. Now, you are aware there's a higher chance of miscarriage, genetic abnormalities, fetal growth --
Jean: Yes, I've been reminded of the risks many times. Thank you. I didn't go into this lightly.
Doctor: Yes, modern science is allowing women like yourself to have babies older and older now.
Jean: You don't sound as if you approve.
Doctor: Well, it's easy to forget that being an elderly parent can have a negative impact on your children's lives.
Jean: Do you have children, doctor?
Doctor: Yes, two.
Jean: And do you think having a kingsize arsehole for a father had a negative impact on their lives, too? I want to talk to your superior.

The run-in with one of Jean’s former conquests cast even more doubt on the relationship between Jean and Jakob.

Everything is working against them, and now that Jakob has admitted he doesn’t trust Jean, it will cause a lot of animosity between them.

It would be great if they could work things out, but it now seems very unlikely.

What are your thoughts on the trip?

Are you surprised about Jean and Jakob’s latest drama?

Are you happy Otis and Maeve kissed?

Hit the comments.

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Is Hope Mikaelson dying?

That's the question on our minds after the first trailer for Legacies Season 4.

The clip features several ominous warnings that could foretell a dark fate for Klaus and Hayley's daughter.

“I think Hope’s gonna die,” MG shares in the clip.

That's not all:

Even Cleo has a stern warning for the possibly soon-to-be Tribrid.

“You should have left when you had the chance.”

If you watch Legacies online, you know Hope has been like a ticking time bomb after realizing she might need to die to save everyone.

As fans of The Vampire Diaries/The Originals lore know, Hope can activate her vampire side, becoming a full-blown tribrid if she dies.

This is a development fans have been asking for since the beginning of the series, and with us entering Season 4, well, it looks like we're going to see her unlocking her full potential.

Little is actually known about Legacies Season 4, aside from the fact that it will begin with four holdovers from the third season.

As frustrating as it seems, it's nice to know these episodes should be bursting at the seams with drama.

Then, the initial episodes of Season 4 should be the setup for the next batch of twists and turns.

Many things were prophecized on the show, and it seems like we might be about to get some answers to the most burning questions.

"If you're looking at what the sphinx said in the macro, I'd argue it's the question of the first three seasons," showrunner Brett Matthews told Entertainment Weekly earlier this year.

"He told what is the story of the three seasons and is it fated to end this way or, as our characters so often do, is there something they can do to overcome it? That question lies at the heart of these first three seasons for sure."

It all sounds so very ominous, right?

Have a look at the trailer below, and be sure to return to TV Fanatic for full reviews of Legacies when it returns on October 14.

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As HBO begins releasing more materials for Succession Season 3, our anticipation is growing.

The latest trailer also includes our first look at new guest stars and finally offers some of the signature comedy fans have come to love.

This is going to be good!

As the entire Roy dynasty begins to crumble (and Kendall (Jeremy Strong) is the top trending topic, even inching out tater tots, everything we love about this effed-up family is heightened.

This time around, the Roys are dragging some new people into their nightmare, played by Alexander Skarsgard, Adrien Brody, and Hope Davis.

We've got Brody's Josh Aronson as a billionaire activist who seems blown away by the Roy family antics. "I thought my family was fucked up. This is next level," Josh says incredulously.

He's going to need to be on his A-game, as the billionaire activist is a key player as the battle for ownership of Waystar intensifies.

Logan's (Brian Cox) death is on the table more than once, as Kendall says, "I can kill him," and Skarsgard's Lukas Matsson hypothetically discusses with Roman (Kieran Culkin) his father's death.

Davis will be playing Sandi Furness, the daughter of one of Logan's long-time rivals, Sandy Furness (Larry Pine).

We see her with Kendall in the Waystar boardroom discussing the company's future, a conversation in which Logan is peering through the glass wall -- if looks could kill!

But it's those we love the most that are highlighted in all their glory.

Kendall is walking the red carpet, Roman is as deliciously Romanesque as ever, and Greg (Nicholas Braun) and Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) are exactly where we'd expect them to be, with Greg whining and Tom taking advantage of him.

Check out the latest trailer now.

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Two weeks after the stunning announcement that Law & Order: SVU was saying goodbye to Demore Barnes, the star is speaking out.

Barnes took to Instagram to break his silence on the matter, and much like the fans, the decision took him by surprise.

"I know you’re sad and surprised — I am, too,” the actor who played Deputy Chief Christian Garland shared with fans.

“I don’t totally know why this has happened,” the star continued in the video.

Barnes said that he was “so very proud to have played the first Black deputy chief in SVU history.”

The star went on to thank his colleagues for the time he spent on the show, with a special thanks to Mariska Hargitay for “spearheading my shift to series regular” last season.

Barnes joined the cast during Law & Order: SVU Season 21 alongside Jamie Gray Hyder as Kat Tamin.

Both were upped to series regular the following season, but fans were taken by surprise when it was announced they would both be exiting on next week's season premiere.

Hyder spoke out about the decision earlier this month.

"It is with a heavy heart that I confirm Kat's departure from the squad room," Hyder shared on social media.

"The decision was made above my pay grade, and wouldn't have been my choice," the star continued.

"But hey - that's show biz for ya."

"To anyone who felt represented by any part of Kat's being or mission," the emotional post continued.

"Please know that you will always have representation in me."

"Thanks to the SVUniverse for welcoming me with open arms," the star said of the fandom.

"It's been an experience that I have grown from greatly and will never forget."

Neither NBC nor SVU execs have shed light on the matter, but we'll keep you up to speed!

It's unfortunate that fans built a connection with these characters only for them to be ousted before their storylines reach a natural endpoint.

What are your thoughts on the decision?

Will you miss either of the stars, or do you think it was time to switch things up?

Hit the comments.

SVU returns Thursday, September 23, with the first part of its season premiere.

Remember, you can watch Law & Order: SVU online right here via TV Fanatic to get up to speed.

source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2021/09/law-and-order-svus-demore-barnes-speaks-out-following-sudden-exi/

Otis may be one of the most frustrating characters, but he's one of the most honest.

Sex Education Season 3 Episode 4 could have gone in many different directions, depending on how Otis reacted to Ruby's declaration of love.

Otis has been conditioned by his mother to be honest about his feelings, and for the most part, he's stuck to that since the beginning of the series.

He could have easily returned the "I love you" to Ruby, but it was admirable that he was open with her about his feelings.

Could he get to say "love" at one point? Yes, but he was concerned about throwing the word out there without truly meaning it.

It's easy to understand why Ruby was so adamant about saying it. She had strong feelings for Otis after giving him the introduction to his father.

Ruby liked the trajectory of the relationship, even if it scared Otis. It's a shame these two are over so soon, but it's clear they want very different things in life.

Ruby has been softened up considerably throughout the first half of Sex Education Season 3, but I suspect she'll be back to her former self as a coping mechanism to the end of the relationship.

If Otis and Maeve don't work out, I wouldn't be annoyed if these two reunited. Their connection burned bright, and it made for a nice change of pace.

The show desperately wants to make Otis and Maeve work out. We're supposed to root for them, but a part of me is conflicted because they work much better as friends.

They clearly took the "hate is safer than love" approach after the events of Sex Education Season 2, but they have no reason to be avoiding one another now.

Otis did some questionable things to Maeve when she was most vulnerable, but deep down, they longed for each other.

Maureen: You okay?
Jean: Jakob is building a treehouse.
Maureen: Pardon?
Jean: He's building a treehouse for the baby, which is really lovely, right?

Isaac continues to be a big hurdle, and Maeve blindly trusting him after what he did is concerning. Even though Isaac's sorry, it makes me wonder what else he's capable of.

We're digging deeper into why he deleted the message and didn't tell Maeve Otis stopped by, but there's still so much about this young man we don't know.

The series is developing him to throw in conflict for Maeve and Otis, and I'm not sure I care about the character. It's hard to care for characters that have done treacherous things.

Maybe my opinion will change as the series progresses, but for now, Maeve is making a mistake in trusting him again.

It's possible their relationship could go from strength to strength, but the series will always make viewers question what if things were easier for Maeve and Otis.

After being thrown out of the sex lessons, their chat solidified the fact that they are still pining for one another.

Speaking of those so-called sex lessons, what the hell was Hope thinking?

She wants to make her mark on the school and be the person associated with bringing the school back to its former glory, but her actions are truly heinous.

Hope started as a decent enough character, but the way she treated Cal has made her one of the biggest villains in the show's history.

Hope would be wise to realize that these teenagers can and will take what is happening out of the school and make it common knowledge.

Hope desperately wants the students to think sex is a bad thing, and that's not healthy. I'm now counting down the days until she is taken down.

Also problematic is the way she's playing Viv and Jackson against one another. These two had a strong bond earlier in the season, but Hope's meddling ways are going to drive a bigger wedge between them.

Asking Viv to report any drama from the school trip is a bit much, especially when two teachers are chaperoning. Hope has these rules for the students, but she doesn't follow any code of practice.

She wants results, and she doesn't care who she hurts in the process.

The persistent arguing between Eric and Adam is starting to fall flat, but all of their arguments feel naturally nestled into the story.

Their relationship kicked off in secret, so taking it public was always going to be difficult. Adam continues to struggle with how other people perceive him, and I don't think he's ever going to be able to shake that unless he has it out with his father.

Speaking of his father, did anyone else feel bad for him when he thought Maureen wanted him back?

Michael is a casualty of his upbringing. He had an overbearing father and brother who always treated him like the black sheep. That had a psychological impact on him.

Maureen might be able to get on board with Michael if he is more open about his feelings and not feeling like he has to conform to these archetypes of males.

I doubt Maureen would take him back in a romantic sense, but she would at least be civil if it meant he had a relationship with his son.

There is so much unresolved tension between the father and son that needs to be addressed.

This was the weakest installment of the season to date, but it was still decent.

What are your thoughts on Hope's actions?

Were you surprised Otis refused to say he loved Ruby?

Hit the comments below.

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Joe and Love are in for another thrilling ride.

Netflix dropped the official trailer for YOU Season 3, and it looks like another twist-filled affair.

We get to see Joe telling his baby son that he's changed him, which can mean a lot of different things.

We also get to see Joe stalking another woman, which does not sit well with Love.

The pair bicker like it's going out of fashion before conceding that they should go to therapy.

Always a show to throw in some satire, the therapist tells the pair of them that they are not capable of murder.

Yeah, tell that to the bodies starting to pile up.

The trip to the suburbs was supposed to be a new start for this couple, but somewhere along the way, they've realized the relationship is no longer working.

Love confronts Joe about his lack of care for her, and well, things get very heated.

We also get to see what looks to be a group of people searching for a missing person, which probably means these two are up to no good.

"In Season 3, Joe and Love, now married and raising their baby, have moved to the balmy Northern California enclave of Madre Linda, where they’re surrounded by privileged tech entrepreneurs, judgmental mommy bloggers and Insta-famous biohackers," reads the logline. 

"Joe is committed to his new role as a husband and dad, but fears Love’s lethal impulsiveness."

"And then there’s his heart. Could the woman he’s been searching for all this time live right next door? Breaking out of a cage in a basement is one thing."

"But the prison of a picture-perfect marriage to a woman who’s wise to your tricks? Well, that’ll prove a much more complicated escape."

The cast of YOU Season 3 includes Penn Badgley (Joe Goldberg), Victoria Pedretti (Love Quinn-Goldberg), Saffron Burrows (Dottie Quinn), Tati Gabrielle (Marianne), Dylan Arnold (Theo), and Shalita Grant (Sherry).

Also on the cast this season is Travis Van Winkle (Cary), Scott Speedman (Matthew), Michaela McManus (Natalie), Shannon Chan-Kent (Kiki), Ben Menhl (Dante), Chris O’Shea (Andrew), and Christopher Sean (Brandon).

Check out the explosive trailer below and chime in with your thoughts.

YOU Season 3 premieres October 15, only on Netflix.

source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2021/09/you-season-3-trailer-fatherhood-changes-joe-new-victims-and-more/

Before Ted Lasso Season 2 aired, I had a wish list.

One of those wishes was for the show to get more experimental -- do an installment completely unlike any before.

Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 9 granted this wish in the best way possible!

This episode is all about Beard. However, it's not the usual Ted Lasso, only following Beard instead of Ted. It goes the extra mile and creates a story that could belong to an entirely different show.

One of the great things here is how strong the point of view is.

Jeremy: Have you ever been to Vegas?
Baz: What's Ted like behind closed doors?
Paul: How do you cope knowing the universe is infinite but your consciousness ends at the same time?
Beard: I've been to Vegas many times. One night is good. Two nights is perfect. Three nights is too many. Ted is a man, just a man. And as for the fragility of life, I'm so glad someone finally asked because, yeah, I got a few thoughts.

Even among a cast of quirky characters, Beard stands out as one of the strangest, which is meant as a compliment. Like The Janitor from Scrubs, Beard is the character who is just shy of being too unreal for the show's universe.

Beard's strangeness is embraced and dives into new territory.

The surreal elements and the rooftop chase sequence, for instance, wouldn't happen on a regular Ted Lasso episode.

This felt more cinematic than usual. It was impressive to pay homage to so many different film genres, like noir and action-thriller, and made it all come together to create a cohesive story. 

Somehow, it also felt very literary. It didn't take long to see similarities to James Joyce's Ulysses. 

Like Ulysses, "Beard After Hours" is a modern-day retelling of the Odyssey, which successfully translated the experience of reading a stream of consciousness novel for TV.

There's someone in my life now who -- maybe it's chemicals, maybe it's pheromones -- I wanna be with her all her all the time. Is that love or do I just have a problem?


There's some of Dante's The Divine Comedy mixed in as well.

Like Odysseus and Dante before him, Beard must descend into the underworld before he can reunite with the woman he loves, and it was a brilliant choice to make James Tartt personify hell.

The sequence of Beard running into Tartt and his cronies and trying to fight his way out was harrowing.

The brutal fight choreography and commentary from Beard's hallucinations amped up the tension and horror. The sad cover of "Blue Moon" provided the right soundtrack.

The blue moon symbolism may come across as heavy-handed, but it works for me.

I liked how it came to represent Beard's inability to escape the Man City game. Plus, it was fitting for blue moon symbolism to occur on a rare event episode.

Similarly, the religious iconography at the church/club could be viewed as heavy-handed, but again it works. 

Beard finding Jane was fittingly treated much like Dante reuniting with Beatrice.

Given the nature of Beard and Jane's relationship, it might seem odd to treat their reunion as something celebratory. However, in context, it worked because it wasn't about Beard and Jane.

Are you there God, it's me, Margaret's little boy, long time listener, first time caller.


It was about Beard's moment of grace. Was it heavenly? Yes, it was.

Brendan Hunt's performance was a tour de force. He was asked to do so much: impersonate an Oxford professor, jump off a building, and wear sequined pants. He nailed it all.

The line between the Ted Lasso moments that make you cry and the ones that make you laugh have never been so blurred.

When Beard was confessing at the church, the words were hilarious, but Hunt sold the hell out of Beard's brokenness.

Perhaps the most impressive feat is the preservation of Beard's "riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma" quality.

Beard is like the mailman. He always delivers and looks great in shorts.


We know more about Beard now than before, but we don't have a corner piece of the Beard puzzle the way we were with Ted on Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 8. We may never receive any such revelation, which is OK because a large part of Beard's appeal is his almost unreal nature.

Another positive is the focus on the pub regulars: Baz, Jeremy, and Paul.

They're like the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of the Ted Lasso universe, so it feels right for them to have bigger roles with a perspective flip.

Although they stopped hating Ted long ago, it was refreshing to see them sympathetic towards Beard. Surprisingly, they handled the Man City loss better than anyone else.

The scene of them living out their football fantasies on Nelson Road is adorable.

Queen's "We Are The Champions" has long been associated with sports. However, using it to celebrate the fans' moment in the sun instead of a Richmond victory made the use of it here innovative.

Should Ted Lasso tread into these waters again?

The show should continue experimenting and pushing the envelope but in new directions-- maybe through flashbacks or animation or told from Dani Rojas' perspective.

As tempting as a Beard After Hours sequel sounds, I wouldn't want anything diminishing the greatness of this wonderfully strange, blue moon of an episode.

Over to you, TV Fanatics!

Do you want a followup?

What are other ways for Ted Lasso to shake up the formula?

Hit the comments below

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Is it just me, or is Sex Education killing it this season?

Sex Education Season 3 Episode 3 continued to explore Ruby and Otis, Eric and Adam, and more of the show's dynamic pairings, and the writers are throwing it out of the park.

There had to be more to Ruby, and we finally got the deep-dive I've wanted since they got together.

Ruby is desperate to keep up this ruse that she's this rich girl from an affluent family, but deep down, her family is going through what other families go through daily.

There was an element of mystery when Otis was allowed to go to her house. Still, Ruby understood that the relationship would be held back by her inability to be open and honest with her boyfriend.

Learning that Ruby has constantly been talking about Otis to her parents highlights that she's more invested in this relationship than anyone anticipated.

They truly are opposites, and I suspect Otis will struggle with this perception of Ruby's perfect life being blown to smithereens.

Navigating this relationship has been complicated, to say the least. Otis thought Ruby only wanted him for casual sex, but she's now saying she loves him.

Otis definitely likes Ruby, but love is a strong word, and him not reciprocating those feelings could result in this relationship is over.

As a bump in the road for Maeve and Otis, this is has been a surprisingly well-layered relationship that has allowed Ruby to be developed in a way that didn't feel possible.

It's nice that she's not a new character and has actually been on the series since the beginning. Had the show led with Otis dating a new girl at school, it wouldn't have landed as well as this.

Ruby will probably go on the defensive now that Otis did not say he loved her back. It seems Otis is the only person she truly opened up to, and she's put a lot of stock into the relationship.

The relationship seemed to be about casual sex initially, and it's turning into something else, and it will all come down to whether Otis can make peace with the direction of it.

Otis giving Jeffrey advice was comical. The visual of Cynthia and Jeffrey having sex so hard that a caravan crushed their kitten was something I won't forget any time soon.

It's genius that the show can still find ways to allow Otis to give new advice, and in this instance, Jeffrey had to help Cynthia work through their grief. Maybe then they'll be able to work on their relationship.

Much like Ruby, Cynthia and Jeffrey have been on the show's periphery from the beginning, so allowing them a storyline that nestled well with some of the others made for good TV.

The double date was complicated, but at least Adam finally understands how to communicate with his boyfriend. They've had their missteps throughout Sex Education Season 3, but for the most part, they are starting to function better as a couple, thanks to the communication.

I figured Eric would be annoyed by Adam saying he isn't ready to be a couple in public, but Eric is starting to understand that Adam has been making many strides. You can't rush someone feeling comfortable with themselves, but hopefully, they will navigate this together.

Rahim asking for his poems back came out of nowhere, and quite frankly, I forgot Eric and Rahim were even a couple. The chemistry between Eric and Adam overshadows the other couples on the show, but the drama surrounding the poems had better not give them needless drama.

Maeve forgiving Isaac so soon is probably one of the biggest eye-roll moments of the entire series. I can't shake the feeling that Isaac knew he would get back in Maeve's good books if he got her mother to stick around, so it feels like yet another manipulation from him.

Isaac may be sorry, but he still has a lot of explaining to do, and I wish Maeve would realize that he can't be trusted. Unfortunately, Maeve wanted a better relationship with her mother, and Isaac was instrumental in making it happen.

Erin's frustration with her daughter has been horrifying to watch because, when you think about it, Maeve wouldn't have called the police if she didn't think her sister was truly in danger.

There's a lot we don't know about this mother-daughter relationship. Maeve will recall her upbringing and how her mother was never there for her, and she doesn't want her sister to go through something similar.

Hope saying the internship would be funded seemed more like a way to get the Maeve in line. Hope wants the school to leave the "Sex School" characterization behind, but she's going too far in her attempts to stop the students from expressing themselves.

The only good thing about this storyline is that it's allowing the show to address topics that many other shows would not. There will be a rebellion in the school before long, and Hope will only have herself to blame.

As for the blended family arc, it continues to be a delight. All of their lives have been upended by this pregnancy, and Ola's reservations about believing the new living situation will last make sense.

Ola has witnessed her family being torn apart, and she doesn't want her father to be hurt again. Ola's issue is that the relationship could implode, and she and her father would have nowhere to live.

A relationship has to be built on solid foundations, and Jean and Jakob struggle to agree on the simplest of things.

That's all I got, Sex Education Fanatics!

What did you think of Otis and Ruby getting closer?

Are you surprised Ruby said she loves Otis?

What are your thoughts on Hope's reign of terror?

Hit the comments.

Sex Education continues on Netflix. Watch the entire series.

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How did it all end for the Nine-Nine?

On Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 Episode 10, the entire team came together to speak about the highs and lows of working together.

In a wild turn of events, one member of the team found themselves in a new and exciting job that changed everything.

Meanwhile, Jake and Amy had to contend with their biggest hurdle yet.

Who returned?

Use the video above to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine online right here via TV Fanatic.

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The key to any relationship is communication.

That was the message to take from Sex Education Season 3 Episode 2, which found many relationships at an impasse due to -- you guessed it -- communication.

We'll start with Eric and Adam.

Their relationship is still fresh and new for them, but Adam has been conditioned by his father to think that showing any sort of emotion is bad.

It's tragic, but it also explains why Mr. Groff is in the current predicament he's in. More on Adam's father in a little!

Adam is getting the best character arc out of Sex Education Season 3 so far because he's showing tremendous growth.

If you asked me if I thought he'd even be a part of the show after Sex Education Season 1 Episode 1, I'd have laughed in your face, but here we are, two seasons later, and he's becoming the best part of the show.

Adam getting upset about Otis throwing cold water over the relationship was needed. Otis, love him or hate him, is looking out for Eric, but Eric has chosen Adam, so his friend should be happy for him.

Obviously, Eric and Adam were going to face some hurdles before having sex, but I didn't expect Eric to be shouting "You ridiculous young man" at his boyfriend during their picnic.

The only positive is that the couple managed to overcome this bump in the road.

Adam has never asked for help with his schoolwork because his father has made him believe it's a sign of weakness.

As a result, Adam is at the bottom of all his classes. Hopefully, now that he's reached out for help, he'll be able to turn things around.

As for Mr. Groff, well, he's lost everything. If he communicated his true feelings to his wife and son more often, then maybe he'd have a family that gives a crap what happens to him.

Jason Isaacs is killing it as Peter Groff. The contrast between the brothers is night and day, and it looks like Michael's issues have stemmed from his childhood.

Michael strives for perfection like his brother, but it doesn't give him the results he thought it would.

Michael showing up at Colin's, intent on moving in for a while, was a shocker, but where else could he go?

He was a social pariah after the whole "Sex School" fiasco. It's a shame that his actions have brought him to this point of no return, but hopefully, he finds a way to making things right with his son and ex-wife.

Isaac coming clean to Maeve about deleting the voicemail and concealing that Otis came looking for her came out of nowhere.

It was the type of revelation I expected on the penultimate episode of the season, but this series is delivering A+ storytelling this season.

Isaac is a worrisome individual. If he could lie about something like that, what other skeletons does he have in the closet?

Every single person Maeve gets close to hurts her in some way, so it's a wonder she trusts anyone.

She spent so long thinking Otis was her confidante, possibly something more, but she thought he ditched her.

It's a horrible situation to be in because, without Isaac's manipulation, Maeve and Otis could be together and, well, happy.

Maybe Maeve will never be able to forgive Isaac for this betrayal of trust, but she's destined for bigger things than Moordale.

The internship in the U.S. sounds out of reach for her, but there might be a way to get funding to allow her this opportunity.

Maeve is one of the most intelligent characters on the show, but people tend to discount her because she's not as well off as everyone else.

It's a shame. She's had to scrimp and save to keep herself fed. Maeve will make something of herself, but she needs to not be too proud to accept help.

Her mother's return was inevitable, but it must cut deep that she won't have a conversation with her daughter. Maeve did what any sister would do by calling the police.

Erin was going off the deep end and taking risks, so Elsie deserved better. Anna seems nice enough, but Maeve will feel like she's betraying her mother by even being civil towards her.

Ruby is slowly becoming a better character because the show is developing her. There have been seeds strewn throughout the opening two episodes that will likely sprout into something more in the back half of the season.

Jean and Jakob's decision to co-parent will probably blow up in their faces. They have plenty of chemistry, but they can never seem to stay on each other's good side for any length of time.

The therapy might help them navigate their own relationship, but blending their families will come with many caveats.

Ola, understandably, is skeptical of what Jean could do to her father if something else happens. Jean wasn't exactly forthcoming with information about the pregnancy.

Then again, we dug deep into her psyche to explain her machinations for the decision. Becoming a parent is no easy task, but Jean recognizes that she's older than she was when she gave birth to Otis.

The series is moving along at a decent enough pace, and the growth of the characters is welcome.

What are your thoughts on Isaac telling the truth?

Do you trust him?

Does Erin have any right to be rude to Maeve?

What's your take on Adam's communication issues?

Do you think Eric needs to give him more time?

Is Hope going too far with the changes at the school?

Hit the comments.

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source https://www.tvfanatic.com/2021/09/sex-education-season-3-episode-2-review-gorgeous/


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