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This post is actually for Jamb candidates writing Literature in English in the forth coming Exam...
I was able to dig into some books and atleast i've revisions of poems and the recommended Books.This is just my first token of help...

Ambassadors of poverty
Written by Philip Umeh.

Poetic analysis
The poem is a long narrative and comprehensive Poem. it tells of corruption ravaging our society, caused by our actions, individually or collectively.
The poem makes us understand that we are all reponsible for the problems we face.

"ambassadors of poverty are
all of us whose in-actions
steal our collective joy..."

Ambassadors are agents and representatives of government in foriegn lands. The poem illustrates ambassadors as any group of persons serving others, not for the good of the people but for their own interests. in the poem, they are seen as enemies of the economy. because the funds taken away into foriegn accounts, aids in the development the foriegn country while the local economy suffers.

"Who boost the economy o the colonial order
to impoverish brothers and siss at home"

The second stanza examines those who sit in offices for their own interests. They are the "Barons of Incompetence". The rest stanzas harp on political thugs, coupists and all other economic saboteurs, working against the interest of the economy. and our inability to fight against evil makes us partakers. The poems however tries to make us understand that whether we are actively involved in the degrading of our country or not, we all are ambassadors of Poverty.

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