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20 Places To Find Inspiration To Write Poem

Anytime I think of myself as an angel,
Poetry comes to me easily.
Libraries bring me poetry,
And anytime I open the scriptures
Hardly finish the verses to derail to poetry.

Studying brings me more inadvertent inspirations
So I study and play with parodies
I practice more forms of poetry
I read history journals
I read science journals
I read anthing far from literature
And sure like miracles
I see inspirations come

Anytime I view the greens
With the eyes of botanist,
I see inspirations come.

Anytime I view the furs
With the eyes of zoologist,
I see insp

Analysis Of Ambush By Gbemisola Adeoti

This article will speak of the poet, the themes, the mood, the figures of speech, etc.

This article is suitable for; (a) All lovers of poetry (b) All lovers of Literature-In-English (c) Students for WASSE/WAEC, NECO, GCE, A-LEVEL, IJAMB examination (d) Students of English Language And Literature In Universities, Polythenics, Colleges of Educations, etc.

Ambush is a poem written by Gbemisola Adeoti, a teacher, poet, editor, author, etc. He is a Nigerian belonging to Yoruba ethnic group. A member of Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA). Gbemisola Adeoti works as a lecturer at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

Ambush has four themes: (1) the theme of hopelessness (2) the theme of helplessness (3) the theme of danger (4) the theme of deceit.
Hopelessness in a nation full of hardworking people appeared in the language of the poem speaker. With the use of symbolism, whale s

What Is Freedom In Letter To Martha 17 By Dennis Brutus

Letter To Martha 17 written by Dennis Brutus is a great poem that revealed that one never misses a good thing till it departs. The poem speaker found importance in things that never amounted to anything.

The major theme of the poem is freedom. Because of imprisonment, the poem spea

How Can You Explain Nostalgia In Birches By Robert Frost

Nostalgic feeling partially surfaced in the poem Birches by Robert Frost in line 23 to 24, "I should prefer to have some boy bend them/ As he went out and in to fetch the cows_"
partially making reference to the nature of his own background as a rural boy who played alone swinging the birch trees remembering how the pleasure used to be "riding them down over and over again/ Until he took the stiffness out

The Serving Girl By Gladys Casely-Hayford

The tone of the poem is sweet and that of praise. The tone glorified the beauty of "The Serving Girl" since ladies eyes are part of the factors that determine their beauty. The tone of the poem also praised the deligence and carefulness of the serving girl.

The setting of the poem is rural. What do I mean by setting? A setting of a poem is the time, place, circustances surrounding the scenario(s) of a poem. Looking at the poem, it is vivid that where the serving girl performed her service was local because the palm wine she served was from a "sleeping palm tree"(line 6) and she served the "food" of her customers or guests

Breaths By Birago Diop

image is from urbansamurai website

Listen more often to things rather than beings.
Hear the fire's voice,
Hear the voice of the water.
In the wind hear the sobbing of the trees,
It is our forefathers breathing.

The dead are not gone for ever.
They are in the paling shadows,
And in the da

Analysis Of Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer's Day

As we cherish and praise William Shakespeare for his sonnet 18, let's not forget Giacomo da Lentini, also known as Jacopo (il) Notaro, an Italian poet of the 13th century, who invented sonnet.

Like most of the 154 Shakespearian sonnets, sonnet 18 was also speaking of love. That is why the theme of love, the theme of immunity and the theme of immortality can be found in the poem.

Some new generation pupils might find it hard to understand the language of the poem because it's archaic. We refer to it as the Elizabethan English; except for those familiar with the old king James Version of the Holy Bible.

The language of this sonnet is said to be the simplest in comparison with other Shakespearean sonnets. The tone is calm with an optimistic mood of assurance.

Let's look at the themes:
The Theme Of Love:
Shakespeare revealed his love through the image of beauty, simplicity and certainty. He compared his lover to "...a summer's day?/ thou art more lovely and more

Analysis Of The Poem Passion Flower By Christopher Okigbo

  • According the article of St. John D. Parsons, "Christopher Okigbo originally wrote Passion Flower as a continuation of his poem "Sacrifice" in the series called Heavengate.

    [View The Poem Passion Flower by Christopher Okigbo]

    The passion flower is so named because its parts are said to resemble ceetain aspect of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, e.g. the corona represents the crown of thorns, the pistil and stamens the nails of the cross, and the sepals and petals the apostles. The passion refers to the sufferings of Christ between the night of the Last Supper and his death.

    In line 3, Lacrimae Christi is a Latin meaning "the tears of Christ". "dumb bell" in line 6 referred to the practice in the Roman Catholic Church where bell are not rung between Maundy Thursday and the first Mass on Easter Sunday. Messiah in line 8 pointed at the expected King and Savior (Jesus Christ). "after the argument in heaven" which appeared in line 9 of the poem was looking at the shaking of the powers of heaven referred to in The Gospel According to St. Luke, Chapter 21, verse 26, prior to the coming of the Son of Man, described in verse 27.

    Lumen mundi is also a latin, meaning the Light of the World ( Jesus Christ). "Penitence"(line 11) meant sorrow for faults or sins. "palm grove"(line 14) meant the place of sacrifice. In line 15, "vegetable offering" the fruits of the earth that are being sacrificed, that is, palm oil, kola nuts, alligator pepper and eggs of white hens. "five fingers of chalk" in line 16-17 referred to the sacrificial chalk which is sold in "fingers". The prodigal uses five of these for his sacrifice because his own personal symbol is the pentagon (see the poem Sacrifice):

    'on palm beam imprinted
    my pentagon_'"

    Christopher Okigbo before killed in 1967 in Biafra war, was a Secretary, a Latin teacher, a librarian, a West African representative of Cambridge University Press. He was a graduate of University of Ibadan and was born in 1932 in Anambra state.

    READ MORE CLASSIC POEM [Post Mortem by Wole Soyinka]

    Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
    (the Leo with wings flying to skying)
  • Themes of Piano and Drums by Gabriel Okara

    Gabriel Okara, the writer of "Piano and Drum" was born in Bayelsa state, Nigeria in 1921. A novelist and a poet; he was once a civil servant. His poem "Piano and Drums" was well beautified with imagery and symbolism.

    The themes of the poem can be divided into three: (1) Childhood reminiscence and its effect (2) Complexity of the present and future (3) Dilemma.

      Childhood reminiscence and its effect

    Since the poem is about the poet's experience with two different cultures or lifestyles, the poet used the experience of his village background to depict African culture which he grew up with, while comparing it to his present civilized way of living.
    The poem speaker was reminded of his/her "primal youth and the beginning" through the quietness of the early to morning river and the echoing forest. While at the riverside, the poem speaker could "hear jungle drums telegraphing/the mystic rhythm..." (Line 2 & 3) and other things like panther, leopard, hunters crouching

    Figure of Speech Questions and Answers

    [mlw_quizmaster quiz=4]

    Figures of speech can never be ignored in a very well crafted literature. No matter the case, these are mostly found in both written and oral literature:-
    (1) SIMILE; a direct comparison between two things of different nature or class but with similarity in attribute. The comparison is made by using "as" or "like".
    (2) PERSONIFICATION; is the representation of an object or ideal with a human quality.
    (3) METAPHOR; an indirect comparison between two things having no common ground for comparison.
    (4) ALLITERATION; a repetitive use of the same consonant sound at the beginning of two or more words on the same line.

    Homecoming By Lenrie Peters

    The present reigned supreme
    Like the shallow floods over the gutters
    Over the raw paths where we had been,
    The house with the shutters.

    Too strange the sudden change
    Of the times we buried when we left
    The times before we had properly arranged
    The memories that we kept.

    Our sapless roots have fed
    The wind-swept seedlings of another age.
    Luxuriant weeds

    The Tether Will Suffer The Wear And The Tear

    akoli penoukou naijapoets

    NOTE: "The tether will suffer the wear and the tear" is a handsome funny poem written by Akoli Penoukou; a Togolese teacher, poet and businessman born 1953. Akoli has been a motivator and mentor to many adults and youths (both home and abroad) with writings and way of life_ not excluding his alluring smile. It wouldn't be a hyperbole to say Akoli Penoukou is cu

    Connotation And Denotation Of Futility By Wilfred Owen

    Futility happens to be a poem written by Wilfred Owen, English poet and soldier who was born in March 18, 1893 at Oswestry, Shropshire England but died in November 4, 1918 at Sambre Oise Canal France. Owen was said to have started poetry at the age of 17, today, he's still remembered for his beautiful war poems like "Anthem Of Doomed Youth" "Dulce et Decorum est". This post is to look at the denotation and connotation of the poem Futility.

    The poem of two stanzas revealed in the first stanza where the poem speaker request
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