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Anytime I think of myself as an angel,
Poetry comes to me easily.
Libraries bring me poetry,
And anytime I open the scriptures
Hardly finish the verses to derail to poetry.

Studying brings me more inadvertent inspirations
So I study and play with parodies
I practice more forms of poetry
I read history journals
I read science journals
I read anthing far from literature
And sure like miracles
I see inspirations come

Anytime I view the greens
With the eyes of botanist,
I see inspirations come.

Anytime I view the furs
With the eyes of zoologist,
I see insp
irations come.

Anytime I view the skies and siblings
With the eyes of astronomer,
I see inspirations come.

As poverty and riches inspire souls
To bake expressions of their hearts
Into an iced poetic cake;
So is loving or divorce.

Bereavements make me compose elegies.
Protests and placards and plane crashes
And people maiming people
Make me compose poetry.

Poetic inspirations are in travelling,
Poetic inspirations are on internet,
Poetic inspirations are in novels,
Poetic inspirations are in music,
Poetic inspirations are in dictionaries;
Poetic inspirations force themselves into scenes
Where truths are acknowledged

For poetry begins in delight and ends
In wisdom according to words
Of great Robert Frost.

READ: Birches by Robert Frost

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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