Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The present reigned supreme
Like the shallow floods over the gutters
Over the raw paths where we had been,
The house with the shutters.

Too strange the sudden change
Of the times we buried when we left
The times before we had properly arranged
The memories that we kept.

Our sapless roots have fed
The wind-swept seedlings of another age.
Luxuriant weeds
have grown where we led
The Virgins to the water's edge.

There at the edge of the town
Just by the burial ground
Stands the house without a shadow
Lived in by new skeletons.

That is all that is left
To greet us on the homecoming
After we have paced the world
And longed for returning.

© Lenrie Peters (1932-2009)

NOTE: A Gambian born poet, Lenrie Peters, was a great writer and even his poetry has always remained a masterpiece. One among the many is "Homecoming", a poem written with gentle tone of self-regret to reveal the theme of certainty of change. The poet was so composed while composing the poet to make sure that each of the five stanzas has four lines accompanied with sweet imageries.

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