Wednesday, 1 July 2015

I've learned that knowing "what matters most", seldom happens until it's too late.

That success isn't measured in dollars or assets, but in the company you keep and how much you laugh each day.

That if you can't stay lovers, you should at least stay friends - and if you can't, it was probably never?true love to begin with.

That the best friends are the old ones. They knew you then and still see the "real you" now, even when you're pretending to be someone else.

That a hug from my son can cancel out any bad day, and a hug from my mother is still the fastest way to dry a tear.

I've learned that accepting yourself for who and what you really are, is far more exhausting then upholding an image, but in the end the only rewarding option.

That no matter how much living you did or didn't do when you were young, one day you'll still look back and realize it all went by far too quickly.

That few things in life last forever, and the things that do are usually the ones you never expected to.

That one door closing doesn't always lead to an open window, nor is one man's trash always another man's treasure - but if you don't try to find something positive in every situation, you'll be left with nothing but resentment.

I've learned it's what you did for others and not your profession,??that people will remember when you're gone.

And mostly I've learned that life is full of surprises. Some that make you laugh, many that make you cry and a few that will change who you are forever. And you will many times be left with the decision of having to let go of something you want, in order to get what you really need in your life.

But while life many never be all the things you thought it would be, it is in the end, no more and no less then what you make of it - and its success or demise lies only in you and the decisions you make everyday.

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