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Here are the themes of the poem, "The Pulley" by George Herbert:
(1) The limitation in human existence
(2) The blessings bestowed man through creation
(3) The problems associated to riches
(4) The vanity of possessions in presence of loneliness

The following are the figuratives within the poem:
(1) Rhyme pattern of ABABA CDCDC, etc.
(2) Personification in line 19-20 "If goodne
ss lead him not, yet weariness/May toss him to my breast"
(3) Allusion to the creation story in the scripture
(4) Alliteration in "made man" in line 1, "repining restlessness" in line 17
(5) Assonance in "weary that at least" in line 18, "lead him not, yet weariness" in line 19.
(6) Repetitions are "God" "rest" "Nature" "riches" "said he"

Structure of the Poem can be considered a classical one where stanza, end rhyme pattern and rhythm are very important but the poem does not hold a specific rhythm. Out of the four(4) stanzas of the poem, the first and the last lines of each stanza are of equal length (trimeter) but the second, third, and fourth are not clearly equal in each stanza.

The poem: "The Pulley" by George Herbert has a to total of twenty(20) lines divided into five(5) lines per stanza; each line with end rhyme pattern of ABABA, CDCDC, etc. The first stanza was about the reason why God endowed man during creation, the second stanza showed all the endowments, the third stanza was about the reason God gave man a companion, the last stanza was about how all the blessings and possessions given will lead man back to God's bosom.

The Pulley is a poem that revealed that when God created man, he created him blessings like strength, beauty, wisdom, honour, pleasure but place man under a contract that will put him and his possessions to an end at certain short peroid of time:
"'Let us" said he "pour on him all we can"
Let the world's riches which despersed lie
Contract into a span"
Poem further narrates that when when God realised that man's treasures are meaningless in his loneliness, he provided him companion in association with his riches which would bring him regrets and weariness and the two will make his life come to an end.

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