we Be Humble By Adebayo Faleti (Translator Samuel C. Enunwa) ~ Naija Poets
faleit adebayo naijapoets

Whether riches you possess
Your riches feed not the whole universe.
Whether great knowledge is yours,
It can't be as of Solomon.
Maybe prestige is yous
The prestige of yours alone
Can never sew pride to the universe whole.
Humility is the virtue of prestige;
When God places you high,
Trample not the souls below.
With prudence, the wise one beats the peers
Many You do exist in this universe
And riches are not monopoly
Knowledge has more than one ally
You have riches
You have wealth
You have them to share with humans on earth.
Which vegetable hates to be loved?
Spinach is just privileged
To be the lover of all vegetarians on earth.
Land favors the crawling vegs
To cover a mass of land
Yam alon
e makes no pounded yam
Okra soup isn't the only soup
There are better soup that draw_
And soup they are as well.
Sweet vegetable soup exist_
And soup they are as well.
Melon soup exist_
And soup they are as well.
And okra alone makes no soup
When melon adds to okra, they taste beautiful.
You're not the only soup
Not only you exist.
Oh, you okra soup! Be humble
You're not the only soup
Be humble.

Copyright (c) Adebayo Faleti. Translated by
Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo in sky of progress)
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