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Superstition by Minji Karibo is one way an old but never aging poem. It's ability to reveal one of the cultural injections most Africans with rural background carry, makes the poem always refreshing in the heart of every readers (with or without a rural African upbringing).

From the poem, it is shown that information is passed from generation to generation irrespective of maybe such information is true. It is left to the people to figure out the genuiness of the information.

The poem lacks a static rhyme patt
ern even though, some forms of rhyming existed in the poem and the language of the poem is simple with repetition of words.
The poem has the theme of culture, moral and obedience, etc.

I know
That when a grumbling old woman
Is the first thing I meet in the morning
I must rush back to bed
And cover my head.
That wandering sheep on a sultry afternoon
Are really men come from their dark graves
To walk in light
In mortal sight.
That when my left hand or eyelid twitches
Or when an owl hoots from a nearby tree
I should need pluck
It means bad luck.
That drink spilled goes to ancestral spirits,
That witches dance in clumps of bananas;
That crumbs must be left in pots and plates
Until the morn
For babes unborn.
That it's wrong to stand in doorways at dusk
For the ghosts must pass_ they have right of way!
That when a hidden root trips me over
Fault's not in my foot.
It's an evil root.
That if I sleep with feet towards the door
I'll not long be fit
I know it_ Yes I know it!

Copyright (c) Minji Karibo.


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