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Ifa divinity has it own poetry which can be divided into two: (1) Ese Ifa (2) Iyere Ifa. Thise divine ways and its divine form of poetry have become a form of spirituality known to the whole world and many have preached such awareness but the most famous preacher of Ifa gospel is Prof. Wande Abimbola.

Wande Abimbola, as an academician, who did not only have the fluid of Yoruba language flowing within him but also took time to acquire degree in such language; has written so many great books and articles in his love for Ifa corpus and style.

Few of his published works are as follows:

(1) Wande Abimbola "Ijinle Ohun Enu Ifa Apa Kiini" Collins, Glasgow 1968.

(2) Wande Abimbola "Ijinle Ohun Enu Ifa Apa Keji" Collins, Glasgow 1969.

(3) Wande Abimbola "Sixteen Great Poems of Ifa" UNESCO 1975.

(4) Wande Abimbola "An Exposition Of Ifa Literary Corpus" University Press Limited 1976.

(5) Wande Abimbola "Ifa Divination Poetry" NOK Publishers, NY 1977.

(6) Wande Abimbola "Awon Oju Odu Mereerindinlogun" University Press 1977.

(7) Wande Abimbola "Ifa Will Mend Our Broken World" Aim Book, Boston 1997.

(8) Wande Abimbola "Ifa As A Body Of Knowledge And As An Academic Discipline" Lagos Notes And Records 1968 pp. 30-40

(9) Wande Abimbola "Burial Of The Dead Among The Yoruba" Preceedings Of The African Studies Staff Seminar, University Of Lagos 1970 pp. 98-144

(10) Wande Abimbola "A Chapter From The Second Odu Of Ifa" Black Orpheus 1969 pp. 7-12

(11) Wande Abimbola "The Ruins Of Oyo Division" African Notes 1964

(12) Wande Abimbola "The Odu Of Ifa" African Notes 1964 pp. 6-12

(13) Wande Abimbola "The Place Of Ifa In Yoruba Traditional Religion" African Notes 1965

(14) Wande Abimbola "The Ese Of Ifa" African Notes Institute Of African Studies, University Of Ibadan 1965 pp. 12-17

(15) Wande Abimbola "Ifa Divination Poems As Source Of Historical Evidence" Lagos Notes And Records 1970 pp. 11-20

Prof. Wande Abimbola is Nigerian of Yoruba ethnic group as an indigene of Oyo state. He was born 24 December 1932. He had B.A in History, University of Ibadan, 1963. M.A in Linguistics, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois 1966. Doctorate of Philosophy in Yoruba Literature, University of Lagos 1971. He became a full professor in the year 1976.

Prof. Wande Abimbola had taught in University of Ibadan (1963-1965) University of Lagos (1966-1972) Obafemi Awolowo University (1972-1981) Indiana University, Harvard University, University of Louisville, etc.

Vice-Chancellor, Obafemi Awolowo University (1982-1990) Adviser to the Nigerian President on Traditional Matters and Cultural Affairs, Office of the Presidency, Federal Republic Of Nigeria, Abuja, Nigeria (2003-2005) Editor, Lagos Notes and Records, Bulletin of the Institute of African and Asian Studies, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings of success)
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