Sunday, 11 October 2015

Professor Remi Raji is a Nigerian poet, he works as a lecturer at University of Ibadan and he's the author of Web Of Remembrance in which this poem is among.

(1) Rebellion:- There are expressions of resistance and resilience through the poem. The poet saw himself as victim of the dangers in his environment but was not ready to resign to fate. "... I shall not flee" in line 1 "... I will not die" in line 10.

(2) Danger:- Brutality and deceitfulness in high places are described in the poem where drum of silence deafen the land. The poet continued:
"Let new maps be born
Let the puzzles of state multiply...
Let numerous lies flower in your brain
Let the wind sneeze in toxic waves I shall not fret."

(1) Anaphora:- Virtually most of the lines begin with "Let"
(2) Repetition:- The following words or phrases are repeated in the poem "I shall not" "Let the skies" "Let the land" "Let the skies cry in crimson rage I shall not flee"
(3) Alliteration:- "cry in crimson" "Let the land" "wind sneeze in toxic waves" "veteran virgin"
(4) Allusion:- "Resolute like Oranmiyan's vault" Yoruba mythical story
(5) Simile:- "like Oranmiyan's vault" "Like a veteran virgin"
(6) Others are irony, oxymoron, metaphor, euphemism, onomatopeia.

The poem speaks of bad ruling and chaotic situations like bloodshedding, bombing, political misdirecting, etc. The poet proved his displease with optimistic affirmations towards the menace.


Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings)


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