Wednesday, 14 October 2015

One of my student asked me: "Sir, how can someone explain the absurdity of war in The Dining Table by Gbanabom Hallowell?"

How Pleasurable Is The Dining Table By Gbanabom Hallowell

How To Describe Oppressing and Suffering In The Dining Table By Gbanabom Hallowell

Judging from my own point of view, I believe her question was navigated toward the irrationality of war or act of warring.

According to the poem "The Dining Table" attacks and assaults from the war bestowed victims with much difficulties and epidemics which made revenge an impossibility.

The irrationality of the war led to homelessness causing the peaceful dwelling souls to gather and dine painfully on a hypothetical "dining table".

Destructiveness and insecurity in another case gave rise to the people's homelessness, and made them strove for survival, evacuating their bullet excavated homes to run till their "boots became suddenly too reluctant to walk" while cholera broke its spell on their cracked lips and left them wander with ill health.

Effects of War on Children in Dining Table

Discuss The Themes of Political Revolution in Dining Table

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
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