Tuesday, 10 November 2015

About Poet:- Poet is an African from Ghana nothing more, nothing less.
Poem Category:- Animal Poem
Subject Matter:- Repulsion
Versification:- 2 stanzas
Prosody:- No specific rhyme or rhythm
Style:- Simple language to be easily understood. Descriptive with first person plural pronoun.
Major Poetic Device:- Imagery, Symbolism
Setting:- Urban setting
Theme:- Power, Pride, Value, Beauty-in-disguise
Flow:- Climax flow of event
Plot:- 1st stanza describes the vulture. 2nd stanza describes how the vulture enjoyed what the city dwellers couldn't enjoy.

(1) Value, pride and power: These are exemplified in the poem as "In easy fight/ Enjoy the plains/ ...possess/ The visitations of the moon"

(2) Beauty-In-Disguise: What the people thought was ugly was an image of beautiful justice. It possessed "Lawyer's rig/ And hammer beak,"

(3) Repulsion: The overall poem spoke of the repulsiveness the vulture faced in the city because it was ugly, rural and feeds on dead animals which the poet referred to as "filthy meat"

According the plot of the poem, the first stanza of the poem describes the vulture as "Bald pat/ Scrawny neck/ Lawyer's beak" and reveals that it is not only ugly, it is also hated because it eats filthy meat. The second stanza shows how the hated animal enjoys where it is not wanted. It shows the pride and power it possesses over those that hated it by taking "...easy flight/ enjoy the plains"

Checking for further explanation in the poem: line 15, "visitation of the moon" the silent advantages of the moon. It looks down on earth in the same way as the vulture looks down.
Line 16-17 "Peace of the wilderness" Peace which can only be found in a place uninhabited by man.
Line 8 "filthy meat" the filthy means untouchable and decay animal.


Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying high)


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