Monday, 7 December 2015

The previous post on The Pulley by George Herbert, outlined few different themes in the poem. This post is going to consider just two of those themes by comparing them with the expression that says "Is God Omnipotent In The Pulley By George Herbert?"

To begin with, omnipotence is the quality of having unlimited power or control. Let's compare the theme one, "limitations on human existence" with God's omnipotence, it will be clearly seen that God who placed limitations on the lives of human beings could have made human beings immortal, if he so pleased.

Because God doesn't take directives or instructions from anyone, he acts at his own will. Even the following lines from the poem doesnt mean God needs a consultant before making decisions:
“‘Let us” said he “pour on him all we can”
Let the world’s riches which despersed lie
Contract into a span”

The second theme of the poem, where all that humans possessed were bestowed by God. Such kind gesture from God to human is also a prove that God is far powerful than humans and God's power is omnipotent. Check the link should in case you would like to view all the themes in The Pulley by George Herbert

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