Friday, 4 March 2016

Examine death as a limitation to human existence in the poem "Crossing The Bar" by Alfred Tennyson and "The Pulley" by George Herbert.

The Pulley is a poem about God and the making of man. God made man and granted him everything needed for his living the earth including pleasure but used death as a deadline to his existence.

Crossing The Bar is a poem about the warning as regards the reactions of the loved ones when the poet in question, finally embark on the journey from earth to heaven; through the vessel of death to be with God.

In both poems, God and death are present; and death was shown to messenger of God, the Supreme.
In the poem Crossing The Bar, "the bar" symbolized death while the whole of stanza 1 of The Pulley revealed the mortality in man since placing all riche
s in man is a means of contracting them to a span because man will grow old and die.

The crystal clear difference between the view of both poets shows that while The Pulley was making claim that God created death to put end to man, Crossing The Bar was revealing through which death leads man to God.

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