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Professor Remi Raji wrote this poem in marking of World AIDS day which is on the 1st December. The whole five unequal stanza poem aims to warm or caution against unsafe and unprotected love making which "night" in the poem symbolizes. The first stanza of the poem describes how someone can become a victim of AIDS through kiss and switching off the light to engage in an unsafe intercourse. The second stanza speaks of where someone can become a victim of unsafe love making. In stanza three, Prof. Remi Raji used few rhetorical questions to describe the negative effects of unsafe lusty intercourse which are death and orphanage. The stanza four reveals who the victim can be; the person without doesn't place regards to all AIDS orientation and the person who doesn't have self control over lusting and the person who is an absurd infidel. The stanza five is a two line repetition, telling the readers of the poem that it is a very strong warning.

Judging by the title of the poem, believes that structure of the poem is motivated by the famous poem of Dylan Thomas (1914-1953) titled: "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night". If you so wish, you can view the naijapoets Analysis Of Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night By Dylan Thomas

Remi Raji wrote this poem with a tone of admonition through a second person point of view. The diction is very easy except for the many use of metaphors and similes. Few of the poetic devices found in the poem are repetition "Do not go..." Similes in lines 4, 20, 26. Allusion in line 18. Allitera
tion in line 11, personification in lines 19-21, oxymoron in line 4, symbolism in line 2. Ejambment, metaphors, imageries, etc.

<b>The Poem:-</b>
Do not go
violent into that night
do not kiss the winds
of grave pleasures
like rabid moths
do not smother the lanterns
of fatal desires.

Do not go
where alphabets of death wait
to sign
sentences of sorrow
do not go violent
into that tunnel of passions.

Do you hear the chorus
of orphans bereaved by the blood
do you hear them cry
about the hurricane
and the Passover in the dark?
Do not...
the mark of the virus slits the streets
like defiant swords
the virus is eager

the virus is eager
waiting upon the wings
of lyrical groins
the worm wastes like tender toxins.

do not go violent like the fever
do not go violent into that night.

Copyright © by Prof. Remi Raji.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)


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