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******Toast (for Adesolape)******

my love for you is like the moon's
in its fullest smile above
the supple sea and skin of earth
my love is the rainbow's true grin
beyond iced dessert of empty passion
and when waters of doubt
well up in your wavering eyes
when your heart is a halo of hesitant lights
Queen of my heart, I shall come
possessed like the glorious knight
quivering songs against your secret fears
at once I'll be your king and spade
and all thoughts of you robed
in garnished syllables of golden words.

Copyright © Prof. Remi Raji


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This 14-line poem is truly a prove that all 14-line poem are not sonnets. It conta
ins words that are made to woo and the title of the poem relates perfectly. Remi Raji dedicated the love poem to a certain lady by the name "Adesolape".

The poet, based on observation, is a great lover of metaphors and imageries; all his poems are more of metaphors and imageries. It opens the poem with simile in line one "my love for you is like the moon's" another simile surfaced in line ten "possessed like the glorious knight".
Imageries used by the poet are "fullest smile" "supple sea" "wavering eyes" "secret fear" "garnished syllables of gold".
Alliteration in line three, six, eight. Metaphor in line three, five, eight, nine. Allusion in twelve "king and spade" refrence to a card game.

The poem is a straight single stanza poem with no spefic rhyme scheme. It has a theme of love and carries expressions from the first person point of view.


Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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