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Analysis Of The Cathedral By Kofi Awoonor

Awoonor's displease is obvious from the first line of the poem with the phrase "dirty patch". A patch is meant to cover a damage but "dirty" used by the poet suggests that the "patch" is inaccurate or inappropriate. After a very calm and solemn comparison, Awoonor hits the nail in the head to disapprove of the site of the edifice; "A huge senseless cathedral of doom" (line 9).
The poem explained what it used to be before a certain cathedral was erected to take the place of a very
big tree, with the help of imagery, appearance and benefits of the tree were made vivid.

The Cathedral Kofi awoonor
On this dirty patch
a tree once stood
shedding incense on the infant corn:
its boughs stretched across a heaven
brightened by the last fires of a tribe.
They sent surveyors and builders
who cut that tree
planting in its place
A huge senseless cathedral of doom.
©copyright: Kofi Awoonor

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Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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