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Poetry belongs to the class of literature that comprises poems. In poetry, composition in verse or language exhibiting conscious attention to patterns is very Paramount. It can also be regarded as a poet's literary production.

Poetry has some elements that makes it unique, and they are as follows:-

(1) COUPLET: This is a poem comprising of two lines. This lines in a couplet do have the same rhythm and end rhyme.

(2) ENJAMBMENT: This occurs when a poet allows expressions of an ideas to flow from one line to another.

(3) MOOD: This is the frame of mind of the poet as reflected in the poem. It's a portrayer of the poet's feeling in his work.

(4) MONOMETER: A poem written in just one line.

(5) METER: This is the regular and rhythmic arrangement of syllables according to a particular pattern.

(6) RHYME: Similarity in sounds is what
we refer to as rhymes

(7) RHYMING COUPLET: This is a pair of lines that ends with words that rhyme.

(8) RHYME SCHEME: This is an arrangement in which rhyme occurs at the end of lines in a poem. This schemes are usualy identified with the use of alphabets. In this arrangement, similar sounds are labeled with the same letter.

(9) RHYTHM: Tthis refers to regular series of sounds or movements.

(10) REFRAIN: A short simple part of a song or poem that is repeated many times.

(11) STANZA: This refers to a group of lines within a poem in a repeated pattern.

(12) POET: This is a poem writer or an originator of a particular poem or poetry.

(13) TONE: This describes the attitude of the poet i.e his desposition to the subject of the poem.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)
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