Friday, 30 September 2016

The poem opens with the poet telling us about an ash-tree outside a house with terrible whips. The poem is all about the evil of anger, and how destructive it can be. The wind was tamed by the whips from the tree as a ship showing the painful days of childhood.

"Outside the house an ash-tree hung its terrible whips
And at night when the wind arose, the lash of the tree shrieked and slashed the wind, as a ship's
Weird rigging in a storm shrieks hideously"

In line 5, the poet tells us about two voices within the house disturbing the peace of the night. In anger, the voices arise rendering causes upon each other in disagreement over something. The voices begin to fight, one of the voices maybe the man bruised and drowned the woman in a silence of blood.

"Within the house two voices arose in anger, a slender lash
Whistling delirious rage, and dreadful sound
Of a thick lash booming and bruising,
Until it drowned the
other voice in a silence of blood
The noise of the ash"

In the poem, the poet tries to tell us about what anger can cause in the family. The children suffer a lot when their parents are not in good terms as a result of anger. Disagreement at home between the husband and wife can lead to demoralization, lack of love, break up and death. Growing up in a home filled with anger and hate can destroy the self-esteem and life of the children. Anger can destroy the self- esteem of a child and it must dealt with for a home to stand.

Moses Chibueze Opara aka Mr. Humility
(a contemporary Nigerian poet and poetry analyst)


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