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Naijapoets.com shows some ten facts about the poem title: "In Time Of Silver Rain" by Langston Hughes:-
(1) "In Time Of Silver Rain" is a non-african poem
(2) The poem is written by Langston Hughes
(3) The poem is lacking in it stanza craft.
(4) "In Time Of Silver Rain" has a four stanza division
(5) "In Time Of Silver Rain" has more of repetition and personification as far as poetic devices are concerned
(6) Fertility, Mortality, Season are few of the themes in the poem.
(7) It is a good
example of nature poem
(8) The poem's language is 21st century in nature
(9) It is a free verse.
(10) The setting is biological.

The poem title: "In Time Of Silver Rain" by Langston Hughes is written to show how life is dependent on season (spring or rainy season). Just like the risen dead bones in the Bible story, all the dead or unborn plants and animals regarded life in spring time according to the context of the poem.
Langston Hughes was an African- American poet and activist loved not alone by his fellow African-American, but by all lovers of good poetry. Langston Hughes who was born in Missouri, lived 65 years on earth between 1st of February, 1902 and 22nd of May, 1967. He was also known for his poem "Let America Be America Again" and "The Negro Speaks Of Rivers".

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
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