Saturday, 8 October 2016

This poem by Glynn Burridge is of a sailing experience (a very stormy sailing experience). 

Though short (8 lines) but descriptive with the byproduct of careful imageries. The poem persona shows the relationship between sky and sea; meaning a cloudy sky can cause a stormy sea. The ship contending the storm was described as old made with woods from a long forgotten forest. The sky was described as dark and cloudy with a hovering bird called a phantom. The sea was described to be stormy, wicked and angry almost drowning the ship.

In the poem, one see the ship, the ocean, the sky, the hovering bird; all with the used image of sight and sound ("old sailing beauty" in line 1, "Yaws dizzily in her century-old duel with a drunken sea" in line 2, "wind-tormented waves and a leaden sky", "in pained falsetto", "riotous rendez-vous", etc.

The poem speaker not only view the sea as animate; metaphorically, the sea was also compared to a lion "the roar of a pitiless ocean"

Words to also reckon with in the poem are:
(1) Stuka= One of the very old fighter jet.
(2) rendez-vous= a French word meaning appointment and has now become an English language.
(3) Falsetto= A false singing voice in any human, usually airy and lacking a purity of vowels.
According to the poet's profile on social network sites, Glynn Burridge is an English poet born in Taunton, Somerset in England.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)


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