Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The problem of Bigger Thomas was simply of dissatisfaction until he came into proximity with Mary Dalton which broaden his criminal trait by turning him into a murderer.

The impact of Mary Dalton in the novel cannot be overemphasized knowing that Native Son by Richard Wright is a story that narrates relationship differences in terms of race, status, and ideology; therefore the murder of Mary Dalton via suffocation made the storyline more intense and interesting.

"I've been to England, France, and Mexico, but I don't know how people live ten blocks from me" said Mary in page 101. Her statement was a prove of huge class differences in the novel.

In an environment where the white is superior to the black and any complain of black violating the white is a very huge offense. In such environment Bigger was made the chauffeur of Mary Dalton who at a point got drunk. In an attempt to help her to her bed without anybody knowing he touched her but Mrs. Dalton came into the scene and things got ugly.

Mary Dalton, a white is Jan's lover; they were both communists who doesn't believe in the division between the rich and the poor. One can also consider Mary to be a fun lover; in spite of restrictions, she pretended going to the university the night Bigger drove her:
'"I'm not going to the University", she said at last. "But you can forget that. I want you to drive me to the Loop. But if anyone should ask you, then I went to the University, see, Bigger?"'

Mary Dalton related with her father's employee regardless of boundary and such indirectly led to her death and the resulting development of the protagonist's character.

"Richard Wright was born near Natchez Mississippi, in 1908. As a child he lived in Memphis, Tennessee, then in an orphanage, and with various relatives. He left home at fifteen and returned to Memphis for two years to work before headed to Chicago."

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