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Native Son by Richard Wright is a prose whose setting is considered to be in Chicago among other settings such as the one-room abode of Mrs. Thomas, The Dalton's rich abode, The Theatre, ....

In the novel "Native Son", Richard Wright embraced verbosity in his attempt to detail the events in the poem; well though he made use of ironies, allusion, and foreshadowing among other recipes that spiced the novel.

The themes in the prose are interrelated; where one theme leads to another. The first and the motivating theme of the novel is the theme of ideological variance. The Thomas family and the Dalton are the symbols of different ideologies; where the Thomas belonged to the poor African-American side of the story while the Dalton belonged to the wealthy high class of
the story. Another theme is that of racial prejudices which was as result of class differences among the characters in the novel. Bigger Thomas' fear and cruelty are product of his inferiority as a black and low class guy.

Besides Bigger Thomas, other characters in the prose are Mrs Thomas (Bigger's mother) Buddy (Bigger's brother) Vera (Bigger's sister) Jack, Gus, Doc, Mr & Mrs Dalton, Mary Dalton, Jan (Mary's boyfriend) Max (Bigger's defender) David Buckley, etc.

Who is Bigger?
He is the protagonist in Native Son by Richard Wright. As a young guy of twenty years old, his intents to question circumstances surrounding him, his family and his country put him in regrettable troubles. Bigger is considered arrogant; engaging in disagreement with his mother, mingling with wayward groups, etc.
He came in contact with Mary Dalton (a fun-loving lady) as a chauffeur; the job he remorsefully accepted. This job and his relationship with Mary set the foundation of his atrocious activities and tragedy. He mistakenly murdered Mary and became fugitive.

Who is Max?
He is one of the people left on Bigger's side. He volunteered to defend him in the course of his trials. He's tenacious and convinced that racial oppression, poverty and social inferiority pushed Bigger into many of his atrocities.
Max proved competence in his chosen field by motivating and counseling Bigger Thomas as to revive the human in him. He also supported and emphasized on the communist aspects of the novel.


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