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Analysis Of Music By Charles Baudelaire

The Poet:-
Charles Baudelaire is a French author and poet who lived forty six years on earth between 1821 and 1867. One among his notable poetry works is Les Fleurs Du Mal (The Flowers Of Evil)
This poem gives a detailed experience of sailing; it talks about the foggy experience on the sea, the endless view of the sea, the waves waging war against the ship, the continuous sound of the ropes against the rigged mast of the ship, the calmness of the seas (which metaphorical was likened to a mirror). At the opening of the poem, the poet likened himself to a ship and likened music to a sailing experience on the sea. Music lifts the poet the same way the sea lifts the ship.
The themes evident in the poem are (i) the memorable experience of sailing (ii) the beautiful impacts of music.
Structurally, it must be said that the poem has a sea setting though the title and introduction depict music. it is a four stanza poem where the first line rhymes with the third line to portray an end rhyming scheme of ABAB ABAB. The first stanza contains four lines, the second stanza contains four lines, the third stanza contains three lines and fourth stanza contains three lines.
To summarize by each stanza, the stanza 1 says of how music is like sailing a ship, the stanza 2 further says of the poet push through music like
a ship pushing through waves. In stanza 3, the passion heightened but stanza 4 described how the passion finally wanes gradually like a ship moving on a calm sea.
The poetic devices are simile in line 1 "Music doth uplift me like a sea". Alliteration in line 2 "my planet pale". Imagery (of sight) in line 3 "through dark fogs and heaven's infinity". Personification in line 5 "With breast advanced, drinking the winds that flee". Metonymy in line 11 "Cradled by gentle winds" which means to be rocked like a baby.

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry (the Leo with wings flying)

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