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Naijapoets Hola At Derby Poetry Events

Derby Performance Poets Events
Naijapoets is a fan of poetry and things related poetry that why we've dimmed it fit to share this so you shouldn't be missing out on these awesome upcoming performance poetry.

"Derby Performance Poets
First Thursday of the month 7.30-9.30pm Our popular performance poetry evenings are designed for anybody interested in writing, performing or listening to live poetry...

Thursday 4 May - Children/Children’s verse
"Childrens’ Verse always appeals, just remember how it feels"

Thursday 1 June - Books (Derby Book Festival)
"Favourite Books and Characters put into verse"

Thursday July -  Beer/Pubs (Derby Beer Festival)

"40th Summer Beer Festival this year - food and drink, lots of cheer!"

Cube Events Poetry Nights
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