Thursday, 4 May 2017

The violence and all forms of crimes perpetrated at night by the white against the black in the poem titled "Night Fall In Soweto" are the things that preoccupied Oswald Mtshali.

With the use of simile, the poet referrred to nightfall as a "dreaded disease". The agents of the nightfall acrocities are shown "lurking in the shadow" and "clasping a dagger" awaiting their victims.

From the first person point of view, the readers of the poem are told that the poem speaker is one of the victim:
"I am the victim"
"I am the prey"
"I am slaughtered"

Urgency for survival made Oswald Mtshali seek means of escape. He put his worries in form of rhetorical questions "Where am I safe?" "Where am I safe?".

His feelings of fear are shown with the words like "quake" "tremble" "beast" "disease" "prey". His fear made him undermine his abode with the use of litotes by referring to it as "matchbox house".



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