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Top 4 Poetry Communities Naijapoets Recommend

Naijapoets is an analysis website analyzing African and Non-African poems for the ease of poetry understanding. Before it got to this, naijapoets strengthened its poetry passion with the help of some reliable poetry communities such as poemhunter, poetrypoem, poetrysoup, allpoetry, etc.

#1. Poemhunter :-
Is so outstanding and in terms of poetry databases, I always have this feeling that poemhunter archives the largest number of poem on internet; though my feeling might not be prove-solid because of names like poets.org, poetryfoundation.org, just to mention two.

The website is one among the leading poetry communities online with well over a million poems and infinite count of daily membership.

The poemhunter website features:
1. Poem of the Day
2. Top 500 poets
3. Top 500 poems
4. Free Member Poem Submission
The web address is poemhunter.com

#2. PoetryPoem:-
Is a poetry community that enables poetry lovers and poets the platform to perform their passion. The website claims 101,000 poets that published over 800,000 poems.

Authors using PoetryPoem must not post other people's work without the copyright holder's permission. Sponsors can mail PoetryPoem at:
Poetrypoem Monique, P.O.Box 4103 Martinsburg, WV 25402.

The poetrypoem website features:
1. Free Poetry Contest
2. Poetry Prime Poets
3. Free Poetry Publishing
4. Top 100 Poems
The web address is poetrypoem.com

#3. PoetrySoup:-
Owned by Arczis Web Technologies Inc. is another poetry community so similar as allpoetry. Poetrysoup is maintained through third party advertising and donation. It only accepts poems written by the poets that submits them. All Poems submitted are published as the poet’s original work and under the poet's copyright.

The poetrysoup website features:
1. Poetry Contest
2. Premium Membership
3. Free Membership
4. Free Verse Poem
The web address is poetrysoup.com

#4. Allpoetry:-
Is a poetry community owned by Kevin Watt having way over 20,000 poets both with free and paid memberships. Users are meant to enjoy the site based on their devotion to the site in terms of financial support.

Allpoetry does not run adsense like most poetry community websites do, so it makes it more favorable for expert and amateur authors to promote their poetry through in-depth critiques and other similar forms of promotional mediums for publishers.

The allpoetry website features:
1. Awards and Contests
2. Poetry Community
3. Writing Group
4. Learning Tools
The web address is allpoetry.com


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