Saturday, 8 July 2017

Alone by James Joyce
This is a simple 8 line poem sending the message of nightly beauty in her calmness and the importance of having a companion. It sets at night near a lake, Joyce divided the poem into 2 equal stanzas of 4 lines each and well arranged with intersecting rhyme scheme_ the first stranza described the appearance of the lake as caused by the clouded moon. While in the second stanza, the emotion of the poet was revealed as of “...delight/ A swoon of shame.”
  • “The noon’s greygolden meshes make (the moon is referred to as greygolden)
  • “All night a veil” (means the community was covered with darkness as veil)
  • “The shorelamps in the sleeping lake” (lake which the poet personified has a light reflection from its shore and a plant trailing in)
  • “And all my soul is a delight” (‘soul’ is a metonymy in place of body and ‘delight’ for romantic feeling)
  • “A swoon of shame” (the line has alliteration with the “s” sound. ‘swoon’ = infatuation, ‘shame’ = unworthy)
  • James Joyce was an Irish novelist and poet who lived between 1882 and 1941.
Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

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