Friday, 7 July 2017

Analysis of Sonnet 3 by William Shakespeare has been privileged to analyze Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare to a reasonable detail. It is another fun to discuss Sonnet 3 from personal perspective. William Shakespeare was an English playwright, poet, and actor who lived between 1564 and 1616.
Line 1-2 advised the unmarried man to look straight into the mirror and assure himself the time has come to start a family. Line 3-4 if you sieve not this moment and provide yourself a heir, you have cheated the world. Line 5-6, is there any wife that will see delight in locking her womb to deny the husband of becoming father? Line 7-8 or is there any man that will disregard posterity because he loves to live alone and die alone? Line 9-10 you are your mother’s mirror and through your offspring she can enjoy the memories of being a nursing mother. Line 11-12 and through your offspring, you will be privileged to see this time again while in old age. Line 13-14 as you continue to live, remember not to die single else your legacy dies with you.
The major message in this poem deals with life, death, family and legacy_ Life goes on via the procreation process of birth and death being the normal chain of life. From the context of the poem, Shakespeare believed time is precious and must be grabbed at the right moment else will be gone forever.
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