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Analysis of Five Ways To Kill A Man by Edwin Brock

(1) Introduction:- In terms of the message from the poem, Five Ways To Kill A Man by Edwin Brock shares similarity with the following classics: The World Is Much For Us by William Wordsworth, and Report To Wordsworth by Boey Kim Cheng. I will personally categorize the poem under life and living considering the varied setting of the poem which moved from archaic to the present era of ours.

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(2) Background:- Five Ways To Kill A Man is a poem written by Edwin Brock (1927 - 1997) an English poet. The five stanza poem shows the following themes_ human wickedness, modern day atmospheric and ecological danger. Not only that the diction can easily be understood, it also embodies the common poetic devices such as metaphor, alliteration, personification, and the use of allusion to the Bible story of crucifixion.

(3) Vital Sources:- There are other external links that can also be of help;

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(4) Overview:- The poet attempts to show his displease about many unspeakable acts of humans inhumanity to other humans. With the instrument of allusion, he showed the sympathetic Jesus Christ's crucifixion. he also revealed the epic wars of horses, swords and arrows. Followed by the modern destructive war which entailed the use of bomber jets. 

Brock was so keen about those insane act by arranging them one after the other in a timely order of occurrences. The five different ways to kill a man (as the title itself suggested), from the poet's perspective, four of the ways being cumbersome while the last one seems the easiest. He presented the five ways in the following forms: (1) Allusion to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. (2) The act of war with horses and swords. (3) The use of bombs and fighter jets for mass destruction. (4) The simplest way is to live in this modern era of immense environmental pollution.

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